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Sunday, September 6, 2015

George and Daney Green Family History for sale

I have the George and Daney Green family History for sale.  This is an African American family history and has information from the end of the slave era in the 1870's.  If you would like to purchase this family history please contact me.  The cost is $200.00

Some of the names mentioned are:
Daney Green
Guilford Green
George F. Green 
Samuel Russell Green and Elizabeth (Eliza) Holt, Tennessee 

Charley E. Green 
Virgil Green

I have several records on this family for sale as well as a Kinship report and a family history with much more information.  The names listed above were the beginning research for this project.  I have many more names of this family and I have added much more information to this family history and it would be a welcome addition to your genealogy library.  If you are related to this family then this would be a special treasure to you.

Email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com to purchase.