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Friday, November 25, 2011

1932 Northwest Missouri State Teachers College Tower Yearbook For Sale

I have the 1932 Northwest Missouri State Teachers College Tower Yearbook For Sale. If you would like to purchase this yearbook for $50.00 please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

1931 Northwest Missouri State Teachers College Yearbook For Sale

I have the 1931 Northwest Missouri Sate Teachers College Tower Yearbook For Sale. If you would like to purchase this yearbook for $50.00 please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

1930 Northwest Missouri State Teachers College Tower Yearbook For Sale

I have the 1930 Northwest Missouri Sate Teachers College Tower Yearbook For Sale.  If you would like to purchase this yearbook for $50.00 please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

The Hudson Star, Hudson Wisconsin Marriages & Obituaries 1855

This is the index to the Hudson Star Newspaper from Hudson Wisconsin from 1855.  If you would like to purchase an announcement or a copy of this book please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Mrs. Thayer
Jeremiah Maheny
W.W. chapel
Patience A. Harris
Nehemiah Northrop
Ethan A. Allen
John J. Charlston
Lavina A. Curtiss
George W. Green
Gustaves Beecher
Anna Munks
Edgar P. Delong
Ann Morgan
T.D. Bearcp
Arvillzena Bass
Michael Dashon
Oktatuk Luchene
Harriot Luchene
J. Dodge
Lorinda M. Harris
Jonathan Records
William H. Kemmes
Peter Cruses
Mrs. Benton
Alfred W. Hall
Mary B. Corr
Isaac Gray
Elizabeth Shascby
Richard L. Head
Mary C. Frost
C.T Brock
Lucina M. Wan Inwegin
W. McKinney Chasfisd???
H.F. Pratt
William Sherbon
Chester Bedwell
Capt. J.K. Lewis
Hiram A. Wright
John H. Preston
Syevia C. Webster
Joseph Blodget
Jemima Pierce
Christeen Peterson
Jacob Sanders
William F. Abbott
Mary Ann Godfrey
Seth Ayres
Jane Creach
James Howard
H.B. Lufkins
Lizzie D. Spencer
Samuel S. Wilder
H.L. Humphrey
Jennie A. Cross
James Durrieg
George D. Wright
Catharine Clinton
Mary Channell
Mr. Lewis
Dr. Williams
Catherine Teas
Frederick Teas
Sameul B. French
Virginia Bullard
William M. Otis
Lucinda Cleveland
Paul Wenderling
Samuel C. Simonds
Anna Simonds
Alexis Youle
Harrison B. Lufkin
L.D. Spencer
Ella A. Brackett
Richard P. Robinson
Helen P. Jewet
John Stokes
Charles E. Dexter
Mary Hoyt
Moses S. Gibson
Carrie T. Gillman
Sjur Neilson
William H. Semmes
Son Barlow
Edward M. Booth
Augusta Franke
Otto Franke
James Durning
H.A. Jay
Jane C. Houston
Dennis Bash
Adelia C. Allen
A.D. Gray
J.W. Stone
Caroline Shippey
Eli F. Benjamin
Barnedus P. Pitman
Amanda Clarke
J.H. Vanmeter
Mary E. Vannetch
George Hammond
William Vincent
Mira Worth
James R. Vanastine
Elizabeth Amery
Justin Butterfield
James Durning
Rufus K. Arthur
E. Dubet
A.L. Dyer
C.P. Van Meter
Maria Roxbury

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clearmont News, Clearmont Missouri Births, Marriages & Obituaries

I have the following Births, Marriages and Obituaries from the Clearmont News, Clearmont Missouri.  If you would like to purchase one of these announcements please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
Mrs. H. Johnson
Helen LIttle
Eva Caldwell
H.A. Boatman
Ringold - Wherli
Gohn - Headrick
Infant Daught Combs
Walter Davis
Donald Bryant
Long - Nichols
Daugher McGinnis
Mary Jane Thornburg
Sarah K. Nichols
Cynthia Sharp
Cynthia Wallace
George Root
Boy Abrens
Cramer - Lane
Jonathan Hart
Lucy K. Hutchinson
Charles Keeran
Sanford Dow
Naomi Bevard
Mr. Hadden
Griffey - Tibbetts
Powell - Thompson
Mitchell Reed
Hagey - Griffey
Turpon Baby
Mrs. Jane Dew
Alice Hutchison
Charlotte Waldruff
Tony Maddox & Wife

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

We want to express our sincerest thanks to all of the Veterans out there, both past and present.  Ancestorology (Ancestor Explorer) is a Veteran owned small business and we would ask that if you are someone who supports the troops and supports Veterans then please support our blog. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Digital Archive

Tomorrow I am going to St. Joe Missouri to create a digital archive of a deceased relative. My goal is to scan all of his family photo's, letters, academic records, military records and any other family papers that are available to scan. By creating this record I am hoping to preserve and share family information that would otherwise be lost to time, attics, basements, boxes, and the trash. I would encourage all of you reading this that you do the same for your family records.

 If you would like to hire me to create a digital archive of your family history email me at: ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ancestorology Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook come and join our Facebook page at:


Here you can also see our updates of our new records that we have acquired, new indexes and what we are currently working on in terms of research.   You can interract with me, ask questions, post your queries and turly make Ancestorology a part of your family history. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

William Conklin & Anna Corken marriage record, Brown County Kansas

William Conklin & Anna Corken Marriage Record, Brown County Kansas. I have this marriage record available for purchase for $5.00.  If you would like to purchase this marriage record please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Steven Sublett & Patricia Corken marriage record, Brown County KS

Steven Sublett & Patricia Corken Marriage Record, Brown County Kansas. I have this marriage record available for purchase for $5.00.  If you would like to purchase this marriage record please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Sarah N. Corken Funeral Card copy, Brown County Kansas

I have a copy of the funeral card of Sarah N. Corken of Brown County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase this item for $5.00 please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Will of Caroline P. Corken, Brown County Kansas

I have the Will of Caroline P. Corken of Brown County Kansas for purchase for $35.00. I also have an extensive family history on her family available for purchase. If you would like to purchase this Will or the Corken family history please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Will of Robert N. Corken, Brown County Kansas

I have the Will of Robert N. Corken of Brown County Kansas for purchase for $35.00. I also have an extensive family history on his family available for purchase. If you would like to purchase this Will or the Corken family history please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Sarah N. Corken probate, Brown County Kansas

I have the probate of Sarah N. Corken of Brown County Kansas for purchase.  I also have an extensive family history on her married and maiden named families.  If you would like to purchase this probate or a Null Family History or Corken family history please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Andrew Barnum & Jane Hicks marriage record, Johnson County KS

I have the marriage record of Andrew Barnum & Jane Hicks of Johnson County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase this marriage record please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Divorce Record of Carol & Arthur Rickerson, Wyandotte County Kansas

I have the Divorce record of Carol Rickerson and Arthur Rickerson of Wyandotte County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase this record please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

James L. Wilson family Deed records, Brown County Kansas

I have 3 pages of Deed records for the James L. Wilson family of Brown County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase these records please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

James L. Wilson and Pamelia Hilton Marriage Record, Brown County KS

I have the marriage record of James L. Wilson & Pamelia Hilton from Brown County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase this record please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Warren G. Wilson obituary

I have the Obituary of Warren G. Wilson of Brown County Kansas for sale.  If you would like to purchase this obituary please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

James L. Wilson Obituary, Brown County Kansas

I have the Obituary of James L. Wilson of Brown County Kansas for sale.  If you would like to purchase this obituary please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Will of Susanna Gregg of Clay County Missouri

I have the Will of Susanna Gregg of Clay County Missouri.  If you would like to purchase this Will please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

George Harrison & Phebe Hall Marriage record, Leavenworth County KS

I have the marriage record of George Harrison & PHebe Hall from Leavenworth County Kansas. If you would like to purchase this record or hire me to research your family in Leavenworth County Kansas please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Millie Harrison & John Parrish Marriage Record, Leavenworth County KS

I have the marriage record of Millie Harrison & John Parrish from Leavenworth County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase this record or hire me to research your family in Leavenworth County Kansas please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Ann Harrison & Jay Tuttle Marriage Record, Leavenworth County Kansas

I have the marriage record of Ann Harrison & Jay Tuttle from Leavenworth County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase this record or hire me to research your family in Leavenworth County Kansas please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

George W. Willis, Atchison County Kansas

I have the obituary of George W. Willis and the Probate of George W. Willis who died in 1873 in Atchison County Kansas.  If you would like to purchase these items for $20.00 please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

If you need someone to research for you in Atchison Kansas please hire for your genealogy research, ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

1924 Maryvillian Yearbook, Maryville Missouri

1924 Maryvillian Yearbook, Maryville Missouri index. If you would like to purchase a picture from this yearbook or a copy of this yearbook please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
C.A. Hawkins
Euel W. Lamkin
George H. Colbert
Edith A. Barnard
W.A. Rickenbrode
C.E. Wells
Nell Hudson
J.R. Brink
Mrs. A.R. Perrin
Mary Wooldrige Vogt
Louis B. Hastings
Bert Cooper
E.W. Glenn
Howard Leech
Fred Keller
Homer T. Phillips
Dora B. Smith
Burt W. Loomis
Margaret Franken
Mildred Paxton
Katherine Franken
Blanche Dow
Henry A. Foster
T.H. Cook
James R. Wallin
Beatrix Winn
Anna M. Painter
Mattie M. Dykes
Estelle Bowman
Gertrude Schottenfels
Harry A. Miller
Katherine Helwig
J.W. Hake
M.W. Wilson
W.W. Stanfield
C.C. Leeson
A.J. Cauffield
Mary L. MacLeod
H.F. Lawrence
Jean Talbot
C.E. Partch
Mary M. Fisher
Olive S. Deluce
Carrie Hopkins
Donna S. Eek
Hettie M. Anthony
Irene Teagarden
Minnie B. James
Ray J. Worley
Charles R. Gardner
Thomas H. Annett
Luther A. Richman
Anne Leonard
William S. Larson
Geneva Wilfley
Gladys Andrews

S.H. Myrant
Iva M. Williams
Issolee Byrd Wynne
Mabel Mary Cobb
Gladys Patton
Mrs. L.A. Richman
Mildred Burks
Alice McMurry
Florence McDonald
Nelle Jones
Richard Runyan
Nellie Williams
Alva Burch
Juanita Miller
Eulah Mae Pearce
Mary Jane Bailey
Ruth Cline
Eldon Steiger
Mary Irwin
Mrs. L.E. White
Paul J. Chappell
Edna Younger
Clelle Lehew
Etta May Sutterlein
C.T. Richards
Helen Tebow
Fannie Hope
Richard T. Kirby
Emma Ordnung
Leva Thelma Thompson
Hester Dickerson
Paul C. Andrews
Maud McClelland
Alberta Wilkerson
Mrs. William S. Larson
Ora Mae Condon
Mary Carpenter
Floreine Allen
Marie Burks
Birdie Besinger
Leo Halasey
Robert Birbeck
Alice Welling
Florence Alma Morris
Ruth H. Watson
Mary E. West
Charles Meyers
Augusta Quell
Hollis Hayes
Edith Collins
Fred J. Gray
Joseph A. Finley
Audren Farrar
Frances Hahn
John England
Lethel Gartin
Nellie J. Halasey
Bess Kemper
Vera Howard Partch
Mrs. E.R. Adams
Bessie J. Dinsmore
William O. DeVore
Phleta Gherring
Harold Smith
Sidney Abbott
Janice DuBois
Floyd Moore
John Curry
Rolf Raymor
Merle Selecman
Opal Hill
Ermil Coler
Esther Fordyce
Jeanette Brock
Basil Frasier
Margaret Kerr
Mildred LaFavor
Fred Kurtz
Alda Gowen
Miriam Gray
Harry Haun
Hilda Caywood
Orville Sutterlein
Helen James
Ira Young
Fannie Blacklock
Mrs. George Gorman
Lewis Werth
Leta Babb
Mary Busby
Lena Finney
Albert Wilson
Ethel Anderson
Jason Kemp
Lee Meek
Zelma Goslee
Raymond Henning
Reed Holt
Gladys Hahn
Webster C. Young
Harvey Bush
Dorothy Rowley
Ruth Strasser
Anna Dougherty
Cole Yeisley
Bessie Bonham
Ralph E. Palmer
Ethel May Gibson
Cloys Appleby
Gladys Reece
Fauna Robertson
Mrs. Roy Schrader
Ida Steph
Cleo Shnabarger
Nellie Millikan
Ray McPike
Helen Miller
Russell Allen
Ruth Houchens
Sam Evans
Charlotte Whelchel
Martha Alden
Hugh Graham
Lena Johnson
John Ashcroft
Elmer D. Harpham
Hazel Barton
John A. Demotte
Russell Culp
Anna Houston
Francis Cummins
Orpha Stewart
Gertrude Belt
Perry Eads
Glenell Colwell
Mabel Raines
Garland Miller
Lola Tuttle
Orr Wilhite

Doris Ingle
Ada Brandt
Ernest Ellis
Helen Klass
Arvol Adams
Mabel Runyan
Everett Reynolds
Esther Monk
Eva Hindman
Lula Massie
Reba Cliser
Dale Craven
Vira Fitz
Bertha Snodgrass
Lyna Helmers
Helen Cottier
Minnie Hobson
Dorthea Mapes
Aileen Vanzant
Reed Smock
Mary Ginder
Florence Puckett
Marie Logan
Grace Tebow
Duane Whitford
Winifred Thompson
Clyde Sawyers
Kathleen Young
Mabel Houston
Martha Pope
Viola Copeland
Helen Thomas
Charles Williamson
Louise Freeman
Opal Wilson
Lois Miller
Naoma Hood
Earl Peoples
Nell Castle
Hope Manchester
Alma Appleby
Stanley Aley
Helen Wyant
Ethel Wallace
Anna Mae Holt
Grace Foster
Mary Riggs
Minnie Welch
Harry Nelson
Mattie Crabtree
Mayme Green
Ruth Ramsbottam
Mary Holt
Lola McNeal
Sam England
Oma Bancroft
Arlene Inbody
Ralph Shrewsbury
Mary Carlson
Marie Ashford
Maryle Lyle Edith Weller
Ganum Findley
Fae Lefforge
Pearl Neal
Harold Stafford
Mabel Irwin
Bertha Snodgrass
Gladys New
Treva Phipps
Vera Clark
Dorothy Newsome
Ray Bloomfield
Vera McLeod
Elizabeth Reynolds
Josephine Miller
Irene Lowry
Ada Brandt
David Max
Hazel Pixler
Evelyn Raines
Simeon Wright
Lorene Hartley
Pauline Hardwick
Pauline Ringold
Helen Clark
Alice Bulla
Robert Nicholas
Helen Norman
Mary Williams
Harold Neal
Esther McElvain
Fred Nelson
Charlotta Lemon
Gertrude Horton
Velma Stanton
Veronica Berg
Hattie Jones
Vern Moore
Pearl Jones
Carlos Yehle
Grace Hayzlett
Harold McClurg
Donald Davenport
William Tompkins
Nell Gaylord
Arthur Elmore
Eugene Broyles
Conrad Blackman
Fred Jackson
Paul Robey
Esther Gile
Donald Gibson
Howell England
Thelma Curnutt
Opal Martin
Vernon Goslee
Mildred Kiser

Blanche Woodward
Oren Masters
Verne Summers
Marion Mothersaid
Verle Pearce
Fred Jackson
Lena Ferguson
Thelma Wise
J.A. Schnabel
Irene Pence
Veda Ransom
Willard Warden
Wivien Smith
Beatrice Leeper
Ruth Clayton
Dorothy White
Mabel Gee
Louise Peery
Julia Dailey
Mary Slaughter
Muriel Scott
Russel Hamilton
Ruth Miller
Catherine Holt
Louise Weller
Clyde Roberts
Pearl Wood
Ada Keltner
Leland Coler
Eula Miller
Opal Orme
Maxine Kaufman
Margaret McMurry
Louise Atwood
Lota C. Landfather
George Bare
Lois Hartman
Ned Colbert
Ruth Henderson
Lucy Meyers
Arthur Hartman
Mildred Spencer
Faye Nichols
Helen Jones
George Prime
Opal Tucker
Sam Hiner
Veronica Berg
Eleen Troxwell
Marjorie Lamar
John Tucker
Mary Leep
Marvin Winters
Elizabeth Mills
Wilda Wilson
Conrad Blackman
Sylvia Moore
Hazel Milne
Elfreda Castills
Elizabeth Sweat
Paul Stone
Blanche Florea
Nannie Waller
Anna Berry Carl Wilson
Irene Beeks
Cleta McCoy
Ruby Goodwin
Richard Baker
Helen Shewey
Catherine Remus
Madeline Noellsch
Earl Jones
Harry McDaniel
Helen Gwin
Merline Warehime
Jessup Skidmore
Hassel King
Lena Bradley
Opal Harmar
Wayland Richards
Eva Bartles
Ruth Pulley
Herman Hoyt
Charlene McHugh
J.E. Pierpoint
Eva Brown
Lavesta England
Georgia Everett
Effa Nicholas
Cleo Wyman
Ruth Lawrence
John Harvey
Glen Wakely
Earl Hollar
Forrestine Kincaid
Mae Gannon
Helen M. Ferguson
Gladys Brown
Byron Beavers
Olive Stevenson
Opal Stevenson
Thelma Shipps
Mary O'Bannion
Fred Street
Homer Needles
Lorraine Johnson
Marie McDonald
Maud Scott
Artie Parrish
Hazel Harrington
Gordon Joy
Berniece Williams
Mary Coe
Arthur Garrett
Robert Mountjoy
Chloris Kissee
Arcelle Vansickle
Ruth Atkinson
Flossie Miller
E.A. Curry
Zona Robertson
David Nicholson
Lillian Loomis
Grace Colwell
Jennie Frost
Mabel Williams
Howard Maxon
Lorene Bruckner
Myra Geyer
Loretta Jones
John King
Pauline Rodman
Margart Hosmer
Goldie Hightree
Eunice Williams
Leland Medsker
Mary Gex
Helen Qualls
Effa Poteet
Maynard Pettigrew
Ethel Lyle
Mary O. Fields
Blanche Cochran
May Rose
Alyce Allen
James Sherer
Gay Macrander
Opal Schnitker
Elsie Armstrong
L.A. Housman
Roberta Kidwell
Voria Booze
Mae Shunk
Mina Adolph
Wilson Craig
Hortense McCray
Velma Inbody
Margaret Mills
Raymond Brown
Leah Arnold
Hazel Gell
Grace Updike
Velma Jeffers
Maysel Laughlin
Ruth Florea
Lester Loomis
Dean Gillis
Cleo Holt
Helen Jones
Helen Ferguson
Julius Doffing
Paul McKenzie
Gladys Mendenhall
Mervin McNutty
Floyd Billingsley
Norma Randall
Vola Nance
Roberta Cook
Floyd Harvey
Hazel Hiatt
Dorthea Snoderly
Eula Martin Lela Fochs
Olin Wakely
Mary McLane
Ermil Alkire
Verda Waller
Guy Grace
Marie Williams
Iva Mounts
Ruth Jessup
Fred Smith
Loren Carter
Helen Bolin
Florence Williams
Ola Jackson
Thelma McReynolds
Lorena Galt
Dayrell McClure
Thelma Brown
Lucille Collins
Hallie Rhods
Francis Dorrel
Dorothy England
Donald Williams
Violet Anderson
Newell Green
Lucille Best
Hettie Woodward
Oma Bancroft
Bertram Stark
Mae Brown
Mary Curnutt
Walden LeMaster
Noble Aldrich
Hope Moore
Ruth Florea
Francis Parle
Sharlene Qualls
Iva Griffin
Thelma Reese

Martha Norris
Elsa Hilsenbeck
Hazel Carr
Charles Hereford
Dewey Swidez
Charles Carr
Thomas Lawrence
Fred Shamberger
Thelma Jackson
Lois Mae Dakan
Wilma Huntsman
Marion Clark
Lumeda Nelson
Mary Pistole
Ruth Humphreys
Mabel Erickson
Verla McGinnis
Leora Wilhoyte
Alta Argo
Anna Everett
Mary Alexander
Leora Schoonover
Golda Danner
Anetta Bird
Nina Barth
Eleanor Sawyers

1920 Maryvillian Yearbook, Maryville Missouri

1920 Maryvillian Yearbook, Maryville Missouri.  If you would like to purchase a picture from this yearbook or a copy of it please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

J.M. McDonald
L.E. Ziegler
Laura Hawkins
Bertha Northcutt
Katherine Carpenter
Harry O. Ezell
Jessie Roberts
E.C. Hall
Alicia Keeler
Martha Denny
Anna Bainum
Ruby Means
Maria Hart

Boatman, Jesse
Bookman, Ruth
Coler, Ermil
Craig, Audrey
Curfman, Helen
Dowling, Beatrice
Eads, Perry
Epperson, Laveta
Everist, Mona Marie
Garten, Helen
Gray, Doris
Hagins, Wesley
Hahn, Gladys
Halasey, Leo
Hughes, Dale
Hull, Ray
Job, Eldon
Kirch, Cleona
Kirby, Richard
McMurray, Alice
McPherron, Ora
Messick, Mabel
Miller, Paul
Moore, Inez
Moore, Vern
Nicholas, Mildred
Penisten, Martin
Pfeipfer, Esther
Price, Harry
Puckett, Florence
Pugh, Charline
Remus, Margaret
Robinson, Chilton
Rowlett, Jack
Sewell, Gladys
Sherlock, Kathryn
Smith, Aleyne
Sorrie, Margaret
Tebow, Esther
Tebow, Grace
Welling, Alice
McDermott, Eula
Condon, Ora Mae
Dietz, Margaret
Nicholas, Robert
Ditto, Alta
Hall, Wilma
Craig, Thelma
Williams, Donald
Carmicheal, Vida
Kissiner, Marie
Geist, William

Aley, Stanley
Allan, Russel
Allen, Henrietta
Allen, John
Anderson, Getha
Appleby, Cloys
Appleby, Flora
Bell, Cecil
Belt, Gertrude
Bishop, Sterril
Bosch, George
Broyles, Eugene
Busby, Gladys
Campbell, Dean
Carr, Aline
Cary, Jennie Linn
Cloud, Marie
Curfman, Mary Ruth
DeArmond, Eugene
Demott, Allen
Dougherty, Vina
Dowden, Harold
Dowden, Harvey
Dowell, Donald
Eggers, Ruby
Englad, Howell
England, Naomi
Epperson, Merril
Farmer, Paul
Farrar, Audren
Farris, Tom
Ford, Merle
Foreman, Floyd
Fraser, Justine
French, Bennett
Garrett, Arthur
Gray, Leonard
Halasey, Paul
Hall, Gerald
Hall, Nellie
Hise, Ellen
Houchens, Ruth
Howard, Cecile
Howland, Dale
Hukill, Glee
Hunt, Persis
Keck, Elizabeth
Keever, Gladys
Kennedy, Martha
Kerr, Margaret
Kurtz, Frederick
Massie, Mildred
Maxon, Howard
McMurray, Wilson
McPherron, Edwin
Meek, Ellis
Miller, Ruth
Moore, Ralph
Pettigrew, Ernest
Powell, Jean
Price, Matie
Raines, Mabel
Renshaw, Helen
Robey, Paul
Robey, Russel
Rowley, Dorothy
Shinabarger, Cleo
Smith, Walter
Stiwalt, Annette
Sutterlin, Orville
Taylor, Gladys
Tebow, Robert
Wells, Esther
Wilderman, Odette

Appleby, Alma
Ashford, Marie
Blackman, Conrad
Broyles, Robert
Burris, Joe
Busby, Eugene
Busby, Mary
Craig, Opal
Curfman, Lula Mae
DeNee, Marie
Dietz, Grace
Dowden, Lila
England, Sam
Evans, Morton
Eversole, Ralph
Fargo, Mabel
Fentor, Lorena
Foster, Grace
Fritz, Vira
Froman, Forest
Garten, Raymond
Gaugh, Gorvena
Gile, Esther
Gile, Marion
Hahn, Myrtle
Hall, Lillian
Hammond, Vilas
Harrison, Catherine
Hartley, Thelma
McGinnis Lorene
Hartman, Clara
Hartness, Iva
Holt, Aline
Holt, Bernice
Holt, Mary
Hull, Veda
Hunter, Thelma
Keef, Gerald
Landfather, Lorace
Leamer, Anna
LoShaffer, Lorena
Lowry, Irene
Lyle, William
Massie, Lula
Masters, Orin
McDonald, Mary
McGinnis, Merrill
Miller, Elmer
Miller, Josephine
Neal, Madine
Neu, Gladys
Neu, Lillus
Nicholas, Laura Bell
O'Banion, Harold
Orcutt, Bernice
Petty, Earl
Phipps, Treva
Pierpoint, Blanche
Pugh, Hazel
Raines, Evelyn
Shrewsbury, Ralph
Smith, John
Spoor, Cecil
Tarpley, Sarah Ellen
Tebow, Harold
Trueblood, Cleta
Trullinger, Glen
Trullinger, Mildred
Wallace, Ethel
Wallace, Katherine
Wray, Harland
Wright, Simeon
Yehle, Carlos
Zwelling, Ella

Aley, George
Allen, Alyee
Allen, Lucy
Anderson, Blanche
Anderson, Louis
Barrow, Olivette
Belt, Carrol
Bluel, Marguerite
Bolin, Helen
Campbell, Orvilla
Cary, Alice
Coe, Mary
Colbert, Ned
Cook, Floyd
Cook, Roberta
Craig, Carl
Crawford, Mary
Curnutt, Mary
DeNeen, Pearl
Dougherty, Susie
Eckert, Mildred
England, Dorothy
Ethelbert, Wright
Evans, Minnie
Fannon, Orville
Fisher, Ruth
Foreman, Rosella
Garrett, Gertrude
Gault, Lorena
Godsey, Townsend
Graves, Joseph
Gross, Alberta
Hall, Crystal
Hall, Ralph
Hammond, Clara
Harrington, Hazel
Hartman, Arthur
Hartman, Lois
Holaday, Clarence
Holloway, Robert
Holt, Cleo
Horton, Lucile
Hosmer, Margaret
Hughes, Clarence
Hutton, Lois
Jones, LeRoy
Jones, Loretta
Kemp, Harold
King, Alsamine
Landfather, Lota Claire
Leamer, Helen
Lyle, Myrtle
Masters, Lawrence
Maul, Cecil
Maxwell, Paul
McClurg, Delora
McCord, Roy
McDonald, Eula
McMillian, Katherine
McMurry Margaret
McNeal, J.T.
Mendenhall, Gladys
Montgomery, Garland
Moore, Harold
Moore, Hope
Moore, Ivan
Moore, Sarah
Mounts, Iva
Mutz, Beulah
Neal, Zelma
Nicholas, Edna
Nicholas, Elmer
Oakerson, William
Owens, Neva
Peery, Louise
Pixler, Charline
Randall, Norma
Remus, Katherine
Ringold, Valta
Ross, Neva
Sawyers, Agnes Elinor
Seiler, Elmer
Sharp, Irene
Shell, Rhea
Shinabarger, Cordelia
Shinabarger, Rowena
Smith, Fern
Smith, Orvetta
Snoderly Dorthea
Spoor, Orvelta
Street, Fred
Taylor, Dorothy
Thompson, Mildred
Tindall, Edward
Trullinger, Laura
White, Dorothy
Williams, Donald
Wiloughby, Vodre
Woodard, Hettie May
Wray, Mildred
Yoe, Burdett

The History of Nodaway County Missouri, 1882, Everyname Index

The History of Nodaway County Mo, 1882, Every name Index.  If you would like to purchase a biography from this book please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Adams, Eli D.
Aisquith, Hobart
Akers, Joseph
Albaugh, Moses
Alday, A.
Alderman, Ira K.
Alexander, James E.
Alexander, Joseph E.
Alkire, David A.
Allen, John G.
Allison, James
Anderson, F.M.
Anderson, Joseph T.
Andrews, Arthur
Andrews, Clark
Andrews, George L.
Annan, H.C.
Annan, Robert L.
Appleby, John
Armstrong, J.J.
Ashford, Jacob M.
Ashford, John
Atherton, George W.
Atherton, William M.
Austin, H.M.
Avery, Mr
Awalt, Ezekiel
Awalt, John W.
Awalt, William
Bacon, William P.
Bailey, E.M.
Bailey, William A.
Bainum, J.F.
Baker, John H.
Baker, Martin VanBuren
Bales, S.A.
Bales, William
Bangs, Joseph M.
Barber, A.C.
Barber, William H.
Barger, William P.
Baringer, Daniel
Bariteau, L.A.
Barker, Henry F.
Barmann, Frank
Barnes, S.H.
Barratt, Charles
Barron, P.J.
Baublits, Henry F.
Beal, Charles
Bear, Alfred Wesley
Behm, Peter
Bell, William D.
Bender, David
Bender, Samuel
Benedict, John P.
Bennett, Thomas
Benson, Joshua H.
Bentley, Amos B.
Bentley, Frank B.
Benton, Martin L.
Bever, Jesse
Bickett, A.L.
Bickett, Edmund G.
Bilby, John S.
Bird, Phineas
Bishop, Elijah W.
Black, Charles D.
Black, J.M.
Black, Richard M.
Blair, J.A.
Blair, John
Bleyley, A.T.
Bogart, Oliver P.
Bohart, Joseph Harlan
Bohart, William B.
Bollinger, D.D.
Bond, Uriah
Booher, Abraham
Boone, Jacob
Booze, David Mc
Bosch, John C.
Bosley, S.
Bowen, Charles E.
Bowman, Mrs Maria
Boyd, Charles
Bradbury, Nathan E.
Bradly, J.S.
Bramblet, M.C.
Bredenbeck, Wilhelm
Brewrink, J.C.
Bridgford, Henry
Briggs, C.W.
Briggs, Lorenzo Dow
Briggs, O.L.
Brittain, Wiley J.
Brogan, Joel D.
Brown, I.F.
Brown, J.B.
Brown, John
Brown, Nathan B.
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Thomas H.
Brown, W.W.
Brunson, Reuben
Bryan, James N.
Bryant, J.H.
Bryant, James
Bucher, John R.
Buck, F.A.
Bugbee, O.E.
Burch, Dennis N.
Burch, E.M.
Burch, John H.
Burkhead, N.H.
Burks, Allen J.
Burnett, H.
Burnett, Henry Clay
Burnett, R.S.
Burtch, W.E.
Bush, T.D.
Bush, William
Butherus, C.H.
Butts, Simeon
Cadwallader, J.M.
Cain, Solomon
Callaway, A.L.
Campbell, James E.
Campbell, Robert T.
Campbell, S.V.
Cardill, Isom [Cordill]
Carpenter, George
Carpenter, George P.
Carr, E.R.
Carr, J.W.
Carr, Robert
Carrall, C.A.
Carter, Joseph
Carter, William
Carter, William J.
Carver, James
Casteel, Samuel S.
Castillo, I.N.
Caudle, H.
Caudle, Jesse
Chamberlain, Joseph P.
Chamberlain, Thomas W.
Chambers, J.W.
Chaney, D.L.
Charles, Will C.
Charter, Nathan Jackson
Cherry, William P.
Chisholm, J.W.
Chrissinger, I.B.
Cissna, John W.
Clardy, John H.
Clark, E.D.
Clark, W.H.
Clawson, D.B.
Clayton, Jacob
Cliser, James
Cole, George D.
Cole, Samson
Coleman, John W.
Coleman, Robinson
Collings, Spencer
Collins, J.P.
Colvin, A.
Combs, William B.
Condon, B.E.
Conlin, Francis
Conrad, C.
Conrad, F.C.
Conrad, Frowin
Conrad, George
Cook, Bartlett Livingston
Cook, David
Cook, Fayette
Coomer, Thomas B.
Cooper, F.M.
Cordill see Cardill [sic]
Corken, Henry
Corken, Samuel
Corken, Thomas
Cowen, William
Cowley, William
Cox, Isaac
Cox, John B.
Cox, Samuel D.
Craig, Anderson
Craig, J.M.
Craig, Louis N.
Craig, S.L.
Craig, William G.
Cramer, William H.
Crawford, William E.
Crenshaw, William T.
Crinklaw, David
Crowdes, George A.
Crump, George S.
Cryder, Jonathan
Curfman, John C.
Curnutt, J.H.
Curnutt, John C.
Curnutt, Preston
Dale, Philip
Darley, Henry
David, Thomas K.
Davis, F.M.
Davis, George D.
Davis, Henry
Davis, J.
Davis, James L.
Davis, Jared J.
Davis, W.H.
Dawes, Joseph
Day, Enoch
Dean, J.W.
Deets, Henry
Deets, W.P.
Demott, Henry
Denny, William
Dicken, Austin
Dike, James P. Jr
Dilley, Marcus M.
Dimond, Daniel
Dinsmore, Francis Braddock
Diss, John S.
Dixon, William
Donlin, Edward
Donlin, John
Dooley, Sylvester V.
Doran, John
Dorst, Henry
Dougherty, Michael
Dougherty, S.S.
Dougherty, William B.
Douglass, Joseph F.
Dowell, John
Downey, Benjamin
Downing, George A.
Downing, W.
Drennan, George L.
Drumm, William H.
Duncan, William
Duncan, William
Dunlap, William S.
Dunn, B.A.
Dunn, S.M.
Duval, Edward T.
Dwight, R.
Eaton, B.G.
Eberlin, Thiebant
Eckert, Henry
Eddy, James I.
Eggleston, R.D.
Ellis, A.T.
Ellis, Thomas Cowles
Ellison, W.C.
Embree, J.V.
Emms, Joseph P.
Enis, Augustus J.
Enis, Francis A.
Ensor, Joseph
Erickson, Mathias
Evans, L.C.
Farmer, J.F.
Farrens, Perry A.
Farris, Buford
Fields, James F.
Finney, Esquire D.
Fisher, William A.
Fleming, H.C.
Florea, A.W.
Floyd, Alexander
Forcade, H.A.
Forcade, Peter
Ford, B.G.
Ford, Marshall
Frank, James S.
Frayne, William S.
Frazee, John P.
Frost, Thomas E.
Frymire, John H.
Fullinwider, John H.
Gann, Alfred C.
Garrett, W.T.
Garten, Robert
Garten, Thomas N.
Garton, John B.
Gates, James B.
Gaugh, Marcus A.
Gault, Lemuel E.
Gaunt, T.W.
Gavin, James M.
Gay, Will R.
Gaynor, Edward T.
Geiger, H.H.
George, E.
George, R.A.
George, Smith
Gerard, S.W.
Gerhart, Joseph
Gile, James W.
Giles, James
Gillespie, H.P.
Gillespie, J.W.
Gilmore, B.F.
Gittings, E.E.
Glasgow, Cyrus L.
Glaze, J.T.
Godsey, Edward S.
Goodsill, Alexander
Goodsill, N.
Goodson, B.F.
Goodson, Jesse N.
Graham, Amos
Grant, Alexander
Graves, Anthony
Graves, R.O.
Graves, W.B.
Gray, Alexander
Gray, Charles F.
Gray, James
Gray, William Jr
Grems, J.G.
Gretton, Oliver
Griffey, James
Griffin, Henry
Griffith, Washington H.
Grigsby, John J.
Groom, John
Gross, Peter
Grove, Jackson
Groves, James F.
Growney, L.J.
Grundy, J. Israel
Guthrie, Michael
Guthrie, Samuel
Guthrie, Samuel F.
Gwin, John
Hackedorn, M.R.
Haehnlein, Nicholas
Hall, Harvey D.
Hall, James T.
Ham, John
Hamill, Peter
Hamilton, George W.
Hamm, Valentine
Hammond, James
Hammond, Leroy F.
Hampton, Joseph W.
Hanna, Henry
Hardcastle, John
Hardin, W.T.
Hardisty, A.
Harman, J.W.
Harman, M.B.W.
Harmon, H.G.
Harmon, Henry
Harrigan, Daniel
Harris, William J.
Hartley, Eli
Hawk, Jacob P.
Hawk, Peter
Hawkins, E.C.P.
Hawkins, William H.
Hayes, John G.
Hays, William R.
Hayzlett, Samuel B.
Headrick, Joseph
Heald, D.
Heath, James W.
Heflin, Melvil
Henderson, James
Henebergh, William H.
Hepburn, Thomas
Herbert, W.H.
Heren, John P.
Herren, John W.
Herriff, J.H.
Hicks, Eli
Hicks, Harrison
Hilgert, M.
Hinze, L.C.
Hitchcock, Henry
Hobbs, William
Hocker, Charles D.
Holmes, Edward
Holt, J.M.
Holt, John M.
Hood, T.F.
Hook, Robert
Horn, Alexander J.
Horn, C.C.
Horn, M.P.
Hoshor, Washington
Hotaling, George H.
Houghtaling, John W.
House, D.S.
Houston, John
Houston, William
Hover, James S.
Howden, Thomas L.
Howell, William M.
Howendobler, A.M.
Huddle, Christian
Hudson, J.E.
Hudson, W.H.
Huff, J.E.
Huffman, Henry
Hughes, James T.
Hughes, John M.
Hull, E.T.
Hull, Samuel
Huls, Alexander M.
Humber, Albert A.
Hungate, Charles H.
Hunt, Alfred Henry
Hunt, Lyman
Hunt, Martin
Hunt, T.J.
Hurlbut, Edward K.
Hutchison, George W.
Hutson, Joseph
Hyslop, Charles
Impey, Charles
Impey, F.W.
Irvin, Warren B.
Jackson, James A.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, W.H.
Jackson, W.W.
James, Elmas
James, J.A.
James, Mr
James, Robert M.
Jamison, James A.
Jeffers, D.
Jensen, Adolph D.
Jewett, G.C.
Jobe, Augustus
Jobe, I.S.
Johnson, E.W.
Johnson, Eli B.
Johnson, Jefferson
Johnson, Jehu A.
Johnson, John R.
Johnson, Joseph A.
Johnson, Levi R.
Johnson, Robert P.
Johnston, Augustus
Johnston, Corwin
Johnston, Ephraim
Johnston, James
Johnston, W.E.
Johnston, William M.
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Collins
Jones, D.W.
Jones, Elihu
Jones, Fletcher
Jones, H.D.
Jones, James
Jones, Jasper N.
Jones, John J.
Jones, N.T.
Jones, William
Jones, William A.
Jones, William B.
Joy, H.H.
Joy, S.P.
Kaiser, Casper
Keene, Charles
Keller, John
Kelly, Thomas
Kennedy, A.C.
Kennedy, John W.
Kennedy, William S.
Kennedy. S.T.
King, Jacob
Kinman, George
Kinney, Benjamin W.
Kinnison, W.W.
Kirby, M.B.
Knabb, Enoch P.
Koch, Charles D.
Koenig, Gottfried
Korell, Valentine
Kraus, George
Kuenster, G.
Lager, Joseph
Lamar, Charles J.
Lamar, John M.
Lamar, John Mills
Lamar, N.B.
Lamb, Jacob
Lamme, William S.
Landfather, Martin
Lane, L.M.
Lanning, Isaac
Lanning, John
Lanning, William V.
Larrabee, J.M.
LaTourette, Isaac V.
Lavin, Edward
Lavin, Martin
Leathers, Samuel H.
Leighty, John S.
Lemon, J.H.
Lester, O.N.
Lewis, Russell
Lieber, John
Lincoln, A.N.
Lindeman, Jacob
Lindsay, Abraham
Linebaugh, Francis M.
Linebaugh, Jacob
Lippman, Charles
Livengood, Andrew J.
Livengood, George W.
Livengood, Levi
Long, W.T.
Looker, Thomas
Louden, Jacob
Low, Henry J.
Lowe, George S.
Lowe, John
Lowrey, H.
Lucas, A.G.
Luce, H.B.
Lyle, Hugh
Lyle, W.J.
Lytle, George H.
Lytle, John W.
Malott, Augustus F.
Malott, D.
Malott, James A.
Mann, L.J.
Manning, E.M.
Markland, Edward
Marlin, Thomas L.
Martin, A.K.
Martin, C.S.
Martin, George W.
Martin, Nathan A.J.
Martin, Thomas L.
Mast, John
Mast, Noah
Matherly, W.J.
Maurer, Peter
Maurer, William H.
Mayhugh, William H.
McAtee, Eli
McAtee, Samuel
McCandliss, William A.
McCarty, John
McClanahan, Adam S.
McClaskey, J.S.
McCommon, Howard
McCoy, Hamilton
McCrea, D.V.
McCurdy, A.F.
McCurdy, John
McFarland, Samuel
McGinnis, Abinah
McGinnis, William T.
McGlothlan, William
McKay, Daniel
McKee, W.R.
McLain, W.H.
McLaughlin, William
McMulin, Henry
McNeal, Miles
McNeal, T.G.
McNellis, Patrick
McReynolds, J.E.
McVey, William
Mendenhall, J.A.
Mendenhall, John
Mendenhall, W.J.
Merrill, Abraham
Metcalf, Willis
Miller, A.C.
Miller, A.K.
Miller, E.P.
Miller, Isaac
Miller, John S.
Miller, John W.
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Joseph A.
Miller, L.
Miller, William D.
Mitchell, James
Moler, Benjamin F.
Monier, Charlie
Montgomery, R.C.
Moore, Ira
Moore, L.D.
Mooreman, Thomas Stith
Moorhead, John
Moran, Bernard
Morehouse, Albert P.
Morehouse, Francis M.
Morehouse, G.A.
Morehouse, Harvey
Morehouse, S.A.
Morehouse, Stephen
Morehouse, William
Morgan, Edgar L.
Morgan, James Woods
Morrill, D.
Morrison, Joseph B.
Morton, J.
Moss, M.
Moulton, J.J.
Mow, John S.
Mowry, C.M.
Mowry, G.D.
Munn, John
Murdoch, M.
Mustain, John D.
Muth, A.W.
Myers, Charles M.
Myers, D.C.
Nash, George
Nash, George W.
Nash, H.H.
Neal, Thomas B.
Needels, Alexander B.
Neisandorfer, P.G.
Nelson, Joseph
Nelson, Joseph R.
Newman, James B.
Nicholas, George W.
Nicholas, Joab
Nicholas, Leonard
Nicholas, William H.
Nienhuser, Henry
Nixon, John
Nobles, Morris D.
Northcutt, J.M.
Northover, D.A.
Null, George W.
O'Connor, John
Ogle, John L.
Olmstead, John Warren
O'Neal, Joseph E.
O'Neal, R.
Onstot, James S.
Orear, W.C.
Orme, James E.
Orr, Frederick A.
Oster, John
Otis, Merrill
Owens, John
Palmer, John C.
Paquin, Joseph T.
Parcher, Lyman
Parker, Jotham L.
Parrish, J.V.
Parrish, Jesse
Partridge, James M.
Paschal, P.M.
Patterson, A.H.
Patterson, L.W.
Pedigo, James A.
Penny, George W.
Peoples, J.A.
Peterson, George H.
Phillips, David
Phillips, H.F.
Phillips, L.S.
Phillips, Thomas
Phipps, John H.
Phipps, John R.
Pierpoint, Daniel C.
Pierpoint, Thomas
Pike, S.N.
Pike, William
Pistole, George W.
Pistole, James C.
Pond, Rollin C.M.
Porter, T.W.
Powell, Scylla Cartright
Power, J.W.
Prather, James B.
Pratt, E.R.
Price, Isaac
Price, Joseph
Prickett, Nathan S.
Pugh, Jacob
Puntenney, Samuel W.
Radford, C.A.
Randolph, Joseph F.
Rea, R.I.
Reaksecker, Isaac
Reddick, Elias
Reece, A.A.
Reed, A.J.
Reese, James
Reynolds, David
Rhoades, M.M.
Rhoads, Ephraim
Richards, Harry R.
Richards, William H.
Richardson, Robert F.
Riffe, Christopher C.
Riley, George
Ring, J.P.
Ripley, Herman
Rittenoure, E.
Roberts, John
Roberts, O.
Robinson, Ed
Robinson, Richard P.
Robinson, Theodore L.
Rogers, Thomas J.
Rosebraugh, William I.
Ross, B.W.
Ross, Henry H.
Roswell, Gilbert
Rush, George A.
Russell, Robert
Russell, Stephen J.
Ruth, John K.
Ryan, W.S.
Sare, Peter A.
Sargent, Amos D.
Sargent, Dana A.
Saunders, J.H.
Saunders, Richard
Saunders, Stratford
Scholze, Joseph
Scott A.M.
Scott, Edgar C.
Scott, J.L.
Scott, S.W.
Scott, Theodore J.
Severs, Daniel F.
Severs, Hugh M.
Severs, William P.
Sewell, William A.
Shades, William T.
Shaum, B.F.
Shearer, John W.
Sheldon, Enos B.
Shell, Charles F.
Shell, James F.
Shell, Solomon
Shell, William B.
Shelman, Martin
Shelton, Ed D.
Shelton, James W.
Shepherd, Jane (Mrs)
Sherbon, John
Shinabargar, William B.
Shoemaker, Thomas
Short, Charles E.
Short, Joshua W.
Shortell, Michael
Shrock, George R.
Shroyer, Charles P.
Signs, G.W.
Silvers, James R.
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, J.F.
Simmons, Julius C.
Simmons, R.M.
Sisson, Nathaniel
Skidmore, Daniel
Skidmore, Joseph
Skidmore, M.
Slanker, Hiram
Slaughter, Benjamin
Smith, Benton
Smith, C.Q.
Smith, Caleb P.
Smith, Elon
Smith, Fayette
Smith, George W.
Smith, J.A.
Smith, J.W.
Smith, James C.
Smith, James W.
Smith, Jeremiah C.
Smith, Jeremiah M.
Smith, Jerome T.
Smith, Rezin
Smith, Rufus
Smith, W.F.
Smith, William H.
Smith, William V.
Smock, James C.
Snapp, George W.
Snider, Samuel
Snively, Scott
Snodderley, John H.
Snodgrass, E.C.
Snyder, A.C.
Snyder, Frederick
South, Abraham
Spaulding, Paris H.
Spear, C.W.
Spear, Charles L.
Speck, George A.
Speidel, Jacob
Spencer, J.S.
Spire, Andrew
Spoor, William B.
Sprecher, Amos
Starks, H.F.
Stephenson, Andrew T.
Stephenson, Edward S.
Stewart, A.V.
Stewart, John A.
Stingley, Moses
Stobaugh, J.F.
Stockton, James Columbus
Stone, Joseph R.
Storch, Peter
Strain, Josiah
Stratton, N.J.
Strickland, Lemuel S.
Stringer, Samuel
Sturgeon, George W. Sr
Sturgeon, Jeptha
Sturgeon, John
Sturtevant, Francis D.
Summer, Willis
Sunderland, W.B.
Sutherland, W.H.
Swallow, Isaac N.
Swank, J.C.
Swann, James
Swearingen, Margaret
Swinford, Wilson F.
Taylor, C.W.
Taylor, E.
Taylor, William W.
Terhune, Adam
Terhune, C.W.
Terhune, John C.
Terrell, Richard
Tessier, L.
Thill, Henry
Thompson, J.B.
Thompson, John
Thompson, John S.
Thompson, Washington
Thompson, William H.
Tibbetts, E.C.
Tibbetts, John C.
Tibbetts, Joseph H.
Todd, Hugh
Todd, James
Toel, Henry
Toller, B.
Totterdale, William H.
Townsend, Edward E.
Townsend, R.K.
Townsend, S.H.
Trego, George S.
Trueblood, W.E.
Tudder, James D.
Tudder, Thomas
Turner, G.W.
Turner, H.M.
Turner, John G.
Turnure, Frank H.
Twaddell, Solon
Ulman, Albert
Ulmer, George M.
Updegraff, Joseph
VanAnsdall, Joseph
VanBuren, Edward
Vanderhoef, Orange
Vanlaningham, J.W.
Vaughn, George B.
Vaughn, T.A.
Vinsonhaler, E.A.
Vinsonhaler, George
Vogt, James
Wade, James D.
Walker, C.L.
Walker, William H.
Wallace, A.W.
Wallace, Aaron M.
Wallace, James F.
[Wallace, Joseph]
Wallace, John B.
Wallis, Miles
Wallis, William M.
Ware, H.H.
Ware, Jehu
Warnick, William
Watson, A.
Watson, Robert T.
Weathermon, Christopher
Weathermon, James W.
Weathermon, Thomas M.
Weaver, Frank S.
Weaver, R.P.
Weddle, J.W.
Welch, J.T.
Wells, Thomas
Wells, W.R.
Wheeler, Andrew
Wheeler, Washington
Whipp, B.F.
White, L. Isham
Whiteford, Mathew
Whitehead, Columbus
Wilcox, Isaac
Wilcox, Willis
Wiles, Aaron
Wiley, James A.
Wilfley, R.H.
Wilkin, William P.
Williams, Elias
Williams, John A.
Williamson, George W.
Wilson, Caleb B.
Wilson, D.C.
Wilson, J.E.
Wilson, M.H.
Wilson, Nelson
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas P.
Wilson, William G.
Wohlford, Jonathan
Wolfers, Charles A.
Wolfers, E.C.
Wood, George H.
Wood, J.S.F.
Wood, John S.
Woodard, I.B.
Woods, William
Woodward, J.H.
Wooldridge, B.
Workman, Abram D.
Worst, George
Wray, Eli
Wray, Henry
Wray, I.N.
Wray, S.K.
Wray, William W.
Yaple, Jacob
Yarnall, James A.
Yarnall, Samuel
Yehle, W.
Zaucker, Samuel

Burlington Junction Post, July 27, 1901, Burlington Junction Missouri

The Burlington Junction Post, July 27, 1901 Newspaper Index.  I have indexed the entire front page of this newspaper.  If you would like to purchase an article in this index please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
B.O. John
W.T. Casey
P.J. Perkins
J.F. Robertson
E.T. McDowell
Benton Pitts
Wesley Jones
J.H. Nicholas
Arthur Rickard
J. Jones
James Sunderland
James Pidcock
John Forbes
Ed. Hornbuckle
E.W. Norris
Bessie Keller
T.Z. Spencer
W.F. Branson
Gordon Morehouse
Dr. Laney
Bert Kester
C.V Bevard
Elmer Orr
Lovina Abbott
D.A. Abbott
Robert Corken
R. Irwin
J.B. Doran
J.A. Barr
M.J. Halferty
George Westfall
N. Sisson
Jerry Jones
Carroll Perkins
Thomas Graves
Dan Hamblin
Laura Casey
Lizzie Ditto
J.D. Mendenhall
W.H. Walker
F.M. Compton
George McKnight
Harley Miller
Orville Hann
Joseph Maltby
J.H. Bryant
Amy Staples
R.N. barber
Will Chamberlain
John Dawson
John Hagey
Chester Dilley
S.R. Rowley

First Christian Church Cemetery Index, Kearney Missouri

First Christian Church Cemetery Index, Kearney Missouri.  This is the complete index to this cemetery.  If you would like to purchase a copy of a tombstone from this cemetery please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Jack Adams
Joel Estes
John, Joel, Diadem, Sarah Estes
Rachel Estes
Rachel Estes, wife of Joel
William & Malinda Estes
Picture of the 1st Christian Church

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Burlington Junction Post, August 3, 1901 Index

Burlington Junction Post August 3, 1901, Burlington Junction Missouri.  This is a complete index to this paper.  If you would like to purchase a copy of an article please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
J.H. Nicholas
Frank Owens
Mr. Earhart
Geroge Lorance
Mary White
Leonard Houston
J.F. Robertson
Ethel Lutz
Claude Howell
E.T. McDowell
Barton Pitts
J.H. Gebbeken
Bess Nicholas
Jehu & Foster
C.E. Purnell
jesse Robertson
Mr. Halferty
Eunice Colwell
Maurice Mulvania
Joab Nicholas
A. Monk
Lulu Potts
P.W. Jenkins
George McKnight
T.J. Tobin
John Boyer
A.A. Hackett
A.C. Giece
W.B. Carter
A.B. Huff
M.W. Staples
W.H. Houston
Corken Bros
Spot Cash Store ad

Freeman’s Journal and Chillicothe Advertiser & The Scioto Gazette Marriages and Obituaries, 1820-1822

Freeman’s Journal and Chillicothe Advertiser & The Scioto Gazette Marriages and Obituaries, 1820-1822.  If you would like to purchase an announcement from this book please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
Mary Plyle
Mary Monett
James McCutchen
Mrs. Bradford
Wiliam Harper
John Paulding
Peggy Dow
John Plyley
Mary S. Waddle
Samuel Moore
Sarah Blackston
Adam Holler
Ann Rikebaugh
Zebgugs Dow
Lydia Bartlet
George Motter
Mary Knowles
Aaron Heckrout
Maria Kilby
Warner Barnes
Jemima Miller
Richard Long
Elizabeth Fitch
Eliza Williams
James Wright
John Ferrke
Margaret Inglish
John A. Ruffner
Nancy Keys
John Reeves
Samuel Clifford
Elizabeth Ott
Samuel Pollhouse
Polly Fitzgerrald
Nathan Reeves
Elizabeth Lefevre
Elizabeth Marcy
James Montgomery
Leonara Sanders
Joseph M. Amsden
Sarah O'Neal
Richard Johnson
Milberry Greave
Catharine Patton
John L. Harper
Emma Abrams
Robert Creighton
James Simpson
Benjamin Austin
Hezekiah Elliott
Juliet McMasters
Dunah Bartlett
Mary Crain
William Monett
Mary Hood
Edward Fitzgerald
Ann Creighton
Isaac Claypool
Samuel Jones
Mathew Patton
John Andrews
Henna Parish
Eliza Harvey
John G. Macan
Thomas Bradford
Sophia Russell
Cornelius Springer
Mary Ann McDowell
Daniel Boroff
Janet Fitzgerald
Clarina Woodbridge
John Hellings
David Gwynne
Alice Claypoole
John Work
John Lee
Ann Gifford
John Miller
Ann Harhalsey
John Crumpton
Elizabeth Porter
David D. Munns
Sarah Orrison
John McDowell
Mary W. Jefferson
Thomas Steel
Nathan Thompson
Edward P. Pratt
Catharine L. Watson
Harvey D. Evans
Elizabeth P. Watson
John Walker
David L. Guier
Luther Edson
James Justice
Eliza Moore
Nathan T. Smith
Mary Ann Lawyer
Nathan R. Smith
Joseph McCane
Martha Blythe
Daniel Boone
Eliza W. Reeves - 3 Items
Samuel Clarke
Jane McConnel
Mrs. Renick
Elihu Miller
Mary Welsh
Nancy Moore
Adam Ross
Margaret Hiner
William Johnston
Elizabeth Ross
William Scott
John McDougal
Aaron Dailey
Keziah Jones
Matthew Tagart
Miss Kilburn
James Dunlap
Andrew Sarien
Charity Teters
Enoch Jones
Hannah Jones
Shaylen Ives
Eliza Stevens
Lewis Mark
Jane Macomb
James Reeves
Julie Renick
William C. Shenok
William Jackson
Polly Reeves
Herman Bunn
Anna Comer
Davis Rine
Mary Peck
Samuel Atkinson
Jonathan F. Woodside
Eleanor Bailey
Punar G. Plyley
Sarah Henry
Mary Calhoun
Nimrod Hathaway
Jane O'Neill
Philip B. Doddridge
Matilda Willis
Melinda Nichols
Samuel Williams
Margaret Troutner
John Ary
Nancy Shackleford
David Ritchie
Nancy Gassaway
Eleazer P. Kendrick
Mary C. Baird
George Tallman
Jane Douglas
Ann Stay Lewis
Elizabeth Peebles
Charles Bateman
Hannah Dawson
Jonathan Jacobs
Anthony Fink
Mary Spurck
Phebe Ellsworth
Jessup N. Couch
Joseph Harness
Samuel Prokerine
Sarah Donovan
Rosannah Higbee
James Veal
Robert Carlisle
John Hartman
Josiah Lyons
Margaret McAnow
Cornelius Sturtevant
Axos Nelson Ellsworth
John Craig
Priscilla Morgan
William Campbell
Robert Eastburn
John Cisna
Mr. Kellogg
William D. Clarie
Austin Buchanan
Jonathan Anderson
John McLandburgh
William Jones
John A. Ellis
Adam Ott
Elizabeth Hough
Edmond Jones
Ann Finley
Judiah Ellsworth
James Vuckers
Isabella Anderson
Owen Dailey
John Sisk
Verlinder Purdim
Margery Beard
Prudence Clifford
Brya Latham
Juliana Sternet
William S. Murphey
Lucinda S. Sternet
Gaston Bresbach
Polly Johnston
Michael Orr
Samuel J. Potter
William A. Trimble
Joseph J. Martin
Christopher Hanaman
Rebecca Malone
William Simpson
Catharine VanGundy
Burrough Westlake
Minerva Wells
Samuel Porter
Eleanor Cissna
Sarah Bowdle
John Inglish
Henrietta Fleharty
Thomas Writtier
David Johnston
Elizabeth Platter
Auzimus Rowe
Rachel McNeal
Eleanor Wright
David Collins
James Foster
Nancy Bowyer
Thomas Hardy
James H. Baird
Levi Atkinson
Nancy Lavies
Ashbil Merrill
Susannah Sigler
John Tweed
Keziah Hinson
George Jimison
Samuel II Timmons
Winder James
Malinda Johnston
Ivy Harness
Henry High
Nathan Hersey
Elizabeth Pollock
John W.
W.H. Thrall
Nancy Graham
Mr. Shriver
William Robinson
Archibald M. Clean
Cyrus W. Trimble
Jesse Purdam
Mary McAdow
Amaziah Davisson
James Waddle
Alice Ann Gwynne
Fredonia Richardson
John Timmons
Deborah Kelly
Robert Gregg
Martha Evans
James Brown

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