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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hudson Star, Hudson Wisconsin Marriages & Obituaries 1855

This is the index to the Hudson Star Newspaper from Hudson Wisconsin from 1855.  If you would like to purchase an announcement or a copy of this book please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Mrs. Thayer
Jeremiah Maheny
W.W. chapel
Patience A. Harris
Nehemiah Northrop
Ethan A. Allen
John J. Charlston
Lavina A. Curtiss
George W. Green
Gustaves Beecher
Anna Munks
Edgar P. Delong
Ann Morgan
T.D. Bearcp
Arvillzena Bass
Michael Dashon
Oktatuk Luchene
Harriot Luchene
J. Dodge
Lorinda M. Harris
Jonathan Records
William H. Kemmes
Peter Cruses
Mrs. Benton
Alfred W. Hall
Mary B. Corr
Isaac Gray
Elizabeth Shascby
Richard L. Head
Mary C. Frost
C.T Brock
Lucina M. Wan Inwegin
W. McKinney Chasfisd???
H.F. Pratt
William Sherbon
Chester Bedwell
Capt. J.K. Lewis
Hiram A. Wright
John H. Preston
Syevia C. Webster
Joseph Blodget
Jemima Pierce
Christeen Peterson
Jacob Sanders
William F. Abbott
Mary Ann Godfrey
Seth Ayres
Jane Creach
James Howard
H.B. Lufkins
Lizzie D. Spencer
Samuel S. Wilder
H.L. Humphrey
Jennie A. Cross
James Durrieg
George D. Wright
Catharine Clinton
Mary Channell
Mr. Lewis
Dr. Williams
Catherine Teas
Frederick Teas
Sameul B. French
Virginia Bullard
William M. Otis
Lucinda Cleveland
Paul Wenderling
Samuel C. Simonds
Anna Simonds
Alexis Youle
Harrison B. Lufkin
L.D. Spencer
Ella A. Brackett
Richard P. Robinson
Helen P. Jewet
John Stokes
Charles E. Dexter
Mary Hoyt
Moses S. Gibson
Carrie T. Gillman
Sjur Neilson
William H. Semmes
Son Barlow
Edward M. Booth
Augusta Franke
Otto Franke
James Durning
H.A. Jay
Jane C. Houston
Dennis Bash
Adelia C. Allen
A.D. Gray
J.W. Stone
Caroline Shippey
Eli F. Benjamin
Barnedus P. Pitman
Amanda Clarke
J.H. Vanmeter
Mary E. Vannetch
George Hammond
William Vincent
Mira Worth
James R. Vanastine
Elizabeth Amery
Justin Butterfield
James Durning
Rufus K. Arthur
E. Dubet
A.L. Dyer
C.P. Van Meter
Maria Roxbury

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