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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stanton Nebraska and Nodaway County MO Military Records

I have the following Military Records For Sale.  These are records from Nodaway County Missouri and Stanton Nebraska.  They are available for purchase for $20.00 each.  If you would like to purchase any of these Military Records please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com
Charles "Chester" Carter
Virgil H. Hamilton
Byron R. Logan
Jerry Everett Williams
Thomas J. Tobin
Charles W. Mitchell
Grady G. Polk
Charles Adrian Tobin
Jack D. Updike
Walter R. Boosinger
Gordon B. Neil
Earl Muders
Benjamin  Whaley David
William H. Boyer
William H. Jenkins
Charles O. Clevenger
Louis C. Burry
Merrill H. Kill
Ivan L. Walker
Theron Potter
Francis L. Caselman
Millard F. Hovde
Allen S. Muders
George H. Clevenger
Charles Alfred Zook
Robert Leo Juhl
Harold Dale Jones Jr.
Kenneth Lee Armstrong
Gerald O. Boyer
Adron M. Miller
Byron D. Dunn
Arthur T. Nicholson
Rea Noblet
Jesse W. Isgrigg
Elbert D. Grimit
Merrill I. Bond
Bernard L. Tobin
Irving G. Wolverton
Ralph E. Williams
Harold B. Wolverton
Lloyd L. Colwell
Thomas J. Tobin
Lane K. Westfall
Eldon E. Larabee

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