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Friday, June 8, 2012

Holt County Missouri Research

I had a great research trip to Holt County Missouri today for a client to research the Alexander Conn family.  I managed to discover 75 pages of information and one really satisfying piece of information that will be very helpful to my client. 

The staff were very friendly and upon my arrival at the courthouse the Recorder actually let me in the door 30 minutes early to begin my research of Marriage records and Land Records.  The only problem I encountered was that I was not able to make the copies myself and the Recorders office had no dedicated copy machine in their office.  An upgrade of this type would definitely be worthwhile.  Another problem is that everything had to be looked up by hand.  There were no computerized indexes that were searchable.  The county could really benefit from having their indexes and records digitized for easier lookup.

When I went to get the Probates I found the office staff very helpful and very talkative which was nice.  The staff took an interest in what I was doing and took the time to share their own personal history with me and their life growing up in Holt County Misssouri.  They even knew the family I was there to research.

This was my 2nd research trip to Holt County Missouri.  I would definitely travel there again to work with the client and with the staff at Holt County Missouri courthouse.

I've added some pictures of the courthouse and the placquered that was out front when I pulled up of a quick history of Holt County Missouri.

Pictures are copyrighted by Robert Nicholas (c) 2012

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  1. Wow you have done a lot, you must have been exhausted, but I am sure it was all worth it.


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