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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Canada Newspaper Research

I have access to the following Newspapers from Canada. If you would like to hire me to research these newspapers please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Lethbridge Daily Herald Lethbridge Alberta 1909-1923
Lethbridge Daily Herald, The Lethbridge Alberta 1908-1971
Lethbridge Herald Lethbridge Alberta 1905-2009
Lethbridge Herald, The Lethbridge Alberta 1904-2007
Lethbridge Herlad Lethbridge Alberta 2001
Lethbridge Sun Times Lethbridge Alberta 2007-2009
Prairie Post Lethbridge Alberta 2008
Northern Gazette Peace River Alberta 1932-1939
Peace River Standard Peace River Alberta 1917-1922
St Johns Daily Star_BT St Johns Newfoundland 1918
St Johns Daily Star_GS St Johns Newfoundland 1918
St Johns Evening Telegram_BT St Johns Newfoundland 1914
St Johns Evening Telegram_GS St Johns Newfoundland 1914
Medicine Hat News Medicine Alberta 2007
Medicine Hat News Medicine Hat Alberta 2003-2009
Peace River Record Peace River Alberta 1914-1983
Peace River Record Gazette Peace River Alberta 1943-1983
Baldur Gazette Baldur Manitoba 1898-2007
Baldur Gazette News Baldur Manitoba 1989-2003
Beausejour Brokenhead River Review Beausejour Manitoba 1994-1998
Beausejour Review Beausejour Manitoba 1995-2007
Brokenhead River Review Beausejour Manitoba 1998
Brandon Daily Sun Brandon Manitoba 1959-1960
Brandon Sun Brandon Manitoba 1960-2009
Brandon Sun, The Brandon Manitoba 1961-1977
Brandon Sunday Brandon Manitoba 1989-1995
Lac Du Bonnet Leader Lac Du Bonnet Manitoba 1977-2007
Neepawa Banner Neepawa Manitoba 1989-2007
Pas Herald Pas Manitoba 1961-1978
Portage La Prairie Leader Portage La Prairie Manitoba 1946-1961
Rivers Banner Rivers Manitoba 1993-2007
Rivers Gazette Rivers Manitoba 1917-1953
Rivers Gazette Reporter Rivers Manitoba 1954-1993
Roblin Review Roblin Manitoba 1917-2007
Roblin Review And Togo News Roblin Manitoba 1937-1944
Roblin Review And Western Weekly Roblin Manitoba 1963-1965
Togo News Roblin Manitoba 1917-1923
Shoal Lake Crossroads Shoal Lake Manitoba 1982-2007
Interlake Spectator Springfield Manitoba 1987-2007
Springfield Leader Springfield Manitoba 1945-1977
St Pierre South East Bulletin St Pierre Manitoba 1983-1985
Carillon News Steinbach Manitoba 1962-1964
Steinbach Carillon Steinbach Manitoba 1973-2007
Steinbach Carillon News Steinbach Manitoba 1946-1973
Interlake Spectator Stonewall Manitoba 1988
Stonewall Argus Stonewall Manitoba 1893-2006
Stonewall Argus And Teulon Times Stonewall Manitoba 1941-2007
Stonewall Gazette Stonewall Manitoba 1901
Stonewall Interlake Spectator Stonewall Manitoba 1982-2007
Daily Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 1931
Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 2010
Manitoba Evening Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 1889
Manitoba Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 1872
Manitoba Morning Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 1905
Manitoban, The Winnipeg Manitoba 1935
Winning Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 2002
Winninpeg Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 2008
Winnipeg Free Press Winnipeg Manitoba 1874-2010

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