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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Iowa Newspaper Research - Hire me to research your Iowa Relatives in the Newspapers

I have access to the following newspapers.  If you would like to hire me to research for Birth Announcements, Marriage Announcements, Obituaries or other information please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
Ackley Enterprise Ackley Iowa 1875-1989 
Ackley Independent Ackley Iowa 1872-1874 
Ackley Phonograph Ackley Iowa 1894-1905 
Ackley World Ackley Iowa 1893-1916 
Ackley World Journal Ackley Iowa 1916-2001 
Ackley World, The Ackley Iowa 1902-1913 
Ackley World-Journal Ackley Iowa 1888-1917 
Inter-County Journal Ackley Iowa 1905-1907 
Adair News, The Adair Iowa 1972-1973 
Ainsworth Clipper, The Ainsworth Iowa 1914 
Ainsworthian, The Ainsworth Iowa 1921-1922 
Akron Register Tribune Akron Iowa 1897-2005 
Akron Tribune Akron Iowa 1896-1901 
Albia Union-Republican Albia Iowa 1984 
Albia Union-Republican, The Albia Iowa 1959 
Monroe County News Albia Iowa 1954 
Monroe County News, The Albia Iowa 1951-1971 
Alden Times Alden Iowa 1878-1947 
New Times Alden Iowa 1947 
Algona Advance Algona Iowa 1901-1908 
Algona Courier Algona Iowa 1893-1918 
Algona Pioneer Press Algona Iowa 1861-1862 
Algona Republican Algona Iowa 1872-1902 
Algona Times Algona Iowa 1871-1872 
Algona Upper Des Moines Algona Iowa 1866-2004 
Algona Upper Des Moines, The Algona Iowa 2002 
Daily Upper Des Moines Algona Iowa 1876 
Kossuth County Advance Algona Iowa 1893-1988 
Upper Des Moines, The Algona Iowa 1868-1901 
Upper Des Moines-Republican Algona Iowa 1904-1930 
Alta Vistan, The Alta Vista Iowa 1955 
Alton Democrat Alton Iowa 1885-1982 
Alton Review Alton Iowa 1883-1885 
Alton Weekly Democrat Alton Iowa 1886-1887 
Altoona Herald Mitchellville Index, The Altoona Iowa 1980-1981 
Altoona Herald, The Altoona Iowa 1890-1975 
Altoona Herald-Mitchellville Index Altoona Iowa 1984-2000 
Altoona Herald-Mitchellville Index, The Altoona Iowa 1975-1989 
Altoona Ruster, The Altoona Iowa 1890 
Herald Index Altoona Iowa 2000-2004 
Iowa Rural Letter Carrier, The Altoona Iowa 1991 
Alvord Register, The Alvord Iowa 1934 
Ames Daily Tribune Ames Iowa 1938-1978 
Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times Ames Iowa 1925-1928 
Ames Daily Tribune and Evening Times Ames Iowa 1928-1929 
Ames Daily Tribune, The Ames Iowa 1973 
Ames Daily Tribune-Times Ames Iowa 1929-1938 
Tribune Ames Iowa 2003-2007 
Tribune, The Ames Iowa 2007 
Anamosa Journal, The Anamosa Iowa 1949 
Anamosa Journal-Eureka Anamosa Iowa 1993-2001 
Evening Journal Farm Edition Anamosa Iowa 1949 
Anita Record Anita Iowa 1916-1921 
Anita Republican Anita Iowa 1893-1911 
Anita Times Anita Iowa 1883 
Anita Tribune Anita Iowa 1883-2003 
Bienville Democrat, The Arcadia Iowa 1959 
Arlington News Arlington Iowa 1896-1987 
Arlington Progressive Arlington Iowa 1967-1972 
Arlington Weekly News Arlington Iowa 1976-1977 
Atelstan Sparkplug Athelstan Iowa 1922 
Atlantic Advertiser Atlantic Iowa 1912 
Atlantic Bruces Optimist Atlantic Iowa 1910 
Atlantic Cass County Advocate Atlantic Iowa 1912-1913 
Atlantic Cass County Democrat Atlantic Iowa 1903-1906 
Atlantic Daily Democrat Atlantic Iowa 1904-1908 
Atlantic Daily Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1874-1911 
Atlantic Evening News Atlantic Iowa 1908-1911 
Atlantic Messenger Atlantic Iowa 1903-1906 
Atlantic News Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1912-2007 
Atlantic News-Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1960 
Atlantic Semi Weekly Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1900-1907 
Atlantic Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1874-1910 
Atlantic Weekly News Atlantic Iowa 1909 
Atlantic Weekly Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1893-1910 
Daily And Semi-Weekly Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1904-1905 
Daily And Weekly Telegraph Atlantic Iowa 1905-1909 
Farmers Messenger Atlantic Iowa 1907-1908 
Audubon News-Guide Audubon Iowa 1951 
Aurelia Sentinel Aurelia Iowa 1886-1999 
Journal-Herald, The Avoca Iowa 1952 
Bagley Gazette, The Bagley Iowa 1938-1984 
Bayard Advocate, The Bayard Iowa 1899-1918 
Bayard Bulletin, The Bayard Iowa 1922-1924 
Bayard News Bayard Iowa 1884-1885 
Bayard News, The Bayard Iowa 1934-1984 
News Gazette Bayard Iowa 2003-2004 
News Gazette, The Bayard Iowa 1984-2002 
North Guthrie News, The Bayard Iowa 1924-1934 
Atlas Of Taylor County Iowa Bedford Iowa 1923-1932
Bedford Argus Bedford Iowa 1875-1879 
Bedford Daily Republican Bedford Iowa 1878-1905 
Bedford Free Press Bedford Iowa 1895-1926 
Bedford Times Independent Bedford Iowa 1887 
Bedford Times Press Bedford Iowa 1912-2001 
Bedford Times Republican Bedford Iowa 1899-1980 
Bedford Times Republican And Bedford Daily Times Bedford Iowa 1893 
Bedford Times Republican And Taylor County Republican Bedford Iowa 1894-1896 
Iowa South West Bedford Iowa 1859-1900 
Plat Book Of Taylor Iowa Bedford Iowa 1894 
South West Democrat Bedford Iowa 1885-1888 
South-West Democrat Bedford Iowa 1888 
Taylor County Democrat Bedford Iowa 1893-1895 
Taylor County Herald Bedford Iowa 1932-1945 
Taylor County Republican Bedford Iowa 1878-1884 
Taylor County Republican, The Bedford Iowa 1882 
Belmond Independent Belmond Iowa 1952 
Blockton News Blockton Iowa 1898-1942 
Bode Bugle Bode Iowa 1908-1941 
Bode Republican Bode Iowa 1890 
Boon News-Republican, The Boone Iowa 1960-1965 
Boone County Republican Boone Iowa 1895 
Boone News-Republican Boone Iowa 1960 
Boone News-Republican, The Boone Iowa 1960-1965 
Boone Svenska Harold Boone Iowa 1896 
Britt News-Tribune, The Britt Iowa 1951-1955 
Brooklyn Chronicle Brooklyn Iowa 1882-1974 
Brooklyn Times Brooklyn Iowa 1890 
Brush Creek Mercury Brush Creek Iowa 1893 
Brush Creek News Brush Creek Iowa 1878-1895 
Brush Creek Stardust Brush Creek Iowa 1966 
Buffalo Center Globe Buffalo Center Iowa 1898-1900 
Buffalo Center Tribune Buffalo Center Iowa 1894-2007 
Buffalo Center Tribune, The Buffalo Center Iowa 1949-1951 
Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas Of Des Moines County Iowa Burlington Iowa 1873 
Baptismal Register - St. John's Burlington Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - St. Patrick's Burlington Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - St. Paul Burlington Iowa 2006 
Burlington Daily Hawk-Eye Burlington Iowa 1853-1933 
Burlington Daily Telegraph Burlington Iowa 1851 
Burlington Gazette Burlington Iowa 1932-1933 
Burlington Hawk Eye Burlington Iowa 1894-2009 
Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette Burlington Iowa 1951 
Burlington Hawk-Eye Burlington Iowa 1843-2008 
Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette Burlington Iowa 1946-1960 
Burlington Hawk-Eye, The Burlington Iowa 1917-1932 
Burlington Semi-Weekly Hawk-Eye Burlington Iowa 1861-1876 
Burlington Tri Weekly Hawk Eye Burlington Iowa 1854-1855 
Burlington Tri-Weekly Telegraph Burlington Iowa 1850 
Burlington Weekly Hawk Eye Burlington Iowa 1857-1882 
Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye Burlington Iowa 1870-1886 
Confirmation Register - St. John's Burlington Iowa 2006 
Confirmation Register - St. Patrick's Burlington Iowa 2006 
Confirmation Register - St. Paul Burlington Iowa 2006 
Daily Hawk Eye Gazette Burlington Iowa 1933-1938 
Daily Hawk-Eye and Telegraph Burlington Iowa 1855-1857 
Daily Hawk-Eye, The Burlington Iowa 1857 
Death Register - St. John's Burlington Iowa 2006 
Death Register - St. Patrick Burlington Iowa 2006 
Death Register - St. Paul's Burlington Iowa 2006
Hawk Eye Burlington Iowa 1991-2009 
Hawk-Eye Burlington Iowa 1843-1986 
Iowa State Gazette Burlington Iowa 1849 
Iowa Territorial Gazette And Burlington Advertiser Burlington Iowa 1838 
Mississippi-Posten Burlington Iowa 1898 
Plat Book Of Des Moines County Iowa Burlington Iowa 1897 
Weekly Hawk Eye And Telegraph Burlington Iowa 1855-1883 
Weekly Hawk-Eye, The Burlington Iowa 1858-1883 
Callender Times Callender Iowa 1901 
Atlas Of Carroll County Iowa Carroll Iowa 1906-1923 
Carrol Daily Times Herald Carroll Iowa 1949 
Carroll Daily Herald Carroll Iowa 1929-1941 
Carroll Daily Sentinel Carroll Iowa 1892 
Carroll Daily Times Herald Carroll Iowa 1941-2009 
Carroll Herald, The Carroll Iowa 1900-1902 
Carroll Sentinel Carroll Iowa 1884-1911 
Carroll Times And Carroll Sentinel, The Carroll Iowa 1911-1914 
Carroll Times Herald Carroll Iowa 1941-2007 
Carroll Times, The Carroll Iowa 1906-1929 
Daily Fair Bulletin Carroll Iowa 1904 
Daily Times Herald Carroll Iowa 2000-2007 
Carson Critic Carson Iowa 1890 
Cedar Falls Gazette Cedar Falls Iowa 1860-1908 
Cedar Falls Record, The Cedar Falls Iowa 1914-1918 
Globe, The Cedar Falls Iowa 1906-1909 
New Prairie Primer, The Cedar Falls Iowa 1969-1970 
Semi-Weekly Cedar Falls Gazette, The Cedar Falls Iowa 1895-1904 
Cedar Rapid Republican, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1902 
Cedar Rapids Citizen, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1963-1964 
Cedar Rapids City Directories Cedar Rapids Iowa 1876-1998 
Cedar Rapids Daily Republican Cedar Rapids Iowa 1889-1898 
Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1884-1912 
Cedar Rapids Gazette Cedar Rapids Iowa 1948-2010 
Cedar Rapids Phonebooks Cedar Rapids Iowa 1924-1993 
Cedar Rapids Press Cedar Rapids Iowa 1969-1970 
Cedar Rapids Press-American Cedar Rapids Iowa 1970 
Cedar Rapids Republican Cedar Rapids Iowa 1898-1928 
Cedar Rapids Republican, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1899-1921 
Cedar Rapids Standard Cedar Rapids Iowa 1886-1896 
Cedar Rapids Times, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1869-1887 
Cedar Rapids Tribune Cedar Rapids Iowa 1907-1956 
Cedar Rapids Weekly Gazette, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1892-1906 
Cedar Rapids Weekly Pilot Cedar Rapids Iowa 1905 
Cedar Rapids Weekly Times, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1874-1884 
Cedar Valley Times, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1857-1869 
Citizen-Times Cedar Rapids Iowa 1964-1968 
Coe Bubble Cedar Rapids Iowa 2007 
Coe College Cosmos, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1896-1973 
Coe Cosmos Cedar Rapids Iowa 1981-2008 
Coe Cosmos, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1939-1978 
Cosmos, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1890-1912 
Evening Gazette Cedar Rapids Iowa 1884-1922 
Evening Gazette, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1883-1921 
Gazette Cedar Rapids Iowa 1978-2009 
Gazette Weekly Cedar Rapids Iowa 1977-1978 
Gazette Weekly News Magazine Cedar Rapids Iowa 1978-1980 
Gazette, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 2007 
Inter-Iowa Record Cedar Rapids Iowa 1887 
Kenyon's Plat Book -of- Linn County Iowa Cedar Rapids Iowa 1930 
Killian Store, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1917 
New Cosmos, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1976-1977 
New Standard Cedar Rapids Iowa 1887 
Republican And Times Cedar Rapids Iowa 1911 
Republican And Times, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1914-1922 
Standard, The Cedar Rapids Iowa 1887 
Centenary Papers Centenary Iowa 1973 
Center Point News Center Point Iowa 1869 
Appanoose Times, The Centerville Iowa 1881-1882 
Centerville Citizen, The Centerville Iowa 1872-1881 
Centerville Iowegian Centerville Iowa 1960 
Centerville Iowegian And Citizen Centerville Iowa 1960 
Centerville Times Centerville Iowa 1881-1882 
Loyal Citizen, The Centerville Iowa 1866-1867 
Weekly Citizen, The Centerville Iowa 1870-1872 
Charles City Press Charles City Iowa 1930-2007 
Cherokee Cyclone, The Cherokee Iowa 1884 
Cherokee Daily Times Cherokee Iowa 1956-1975 
Cherokee Daily Times, The Cherokee Iowa 1956 
Iowa Free Press, The Cherokee Iowa 1877-1878 
Iowa Independent, The Cherokee Iowa 1876-1877 
Goldfield Gazette Clarion Iowa 1957 
Wright County Monitor, The Clarion Iowa 1951-1968 
Clearfield Chronicle Clearfield Iowa 1959-2005 
Clearfield Enterprise Clearfield Iowa 1905-1949 
Clearfield Iowa Enterprise Clearfield Iowa 1944-1946 
Clearfield News Clearfield Iowa 1956 
Clermont Enterprise Clermont Iowa 1907 
Clinton Herald, The Clinton Iowa 1956 
Clinton Mirror, The Clinton Iowa 1896-1897 
Iowa Union Farmer, The Columbus Junction Iowa 1923-1924 
Conway Journal Conway Iowa 1905 
Conway Record Conway Iowa 1905-1907 
Coon Rapids Enterprise, The Coon Rapids Iowa 1931 
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Coralville Iowa 1999-2009 
Adams County Free Press Corning Iowa 1880-1998 
Adams County Free Press, The Corning Iowa 1983-1987 
Adams County Gazette Corning Iowa 1876 
Adams County Union Corning Iowa 1893-1896 
Adams County Union-Republican Corning Iowa 1900-1929 
Correctionville News, The Corning Iowa 1983 
Republican, The Corning Iowa 1898 
Standard Atlas Of Adams County Iowa Corning Iowa 1905 
Correctionville Argus, The Correctionville Iowa 1899-1937 
Correctionville News Correctionville Iowa 1910-1914 
Correctionville News, The Correctionville Iowa 1909-1955 
Correctionville, The Correctionville Iowa 1955 
Sioux Valley News Correctionville Iowa 1882-1909 
Sioux Valley News, The Correctionville Iowa 1897-1909 
Council Bluffs Iowa Nonpareil Council Bluffs Iowa 1890-1949 
Council Bluffs Nonpareil Council Bluffs Iowa 1936-1956 
Daily Nonpareil Council Bluffs Iowa 2003-2007 
Daily Nonpareil, The Council Bluffs Iowa 2007 
Deaf Hawkeye Council Bluffs Iowa 1919 
Times-Plain Dealer, The Cresco Iowa 1966 
Creston Gazette Creston Iowa 1898 
Standard Atlas Of Union County Iowa Creston Iowa 1896-1916 
Humboldt County Independent Dakota City Iowa 1886-1889 
Daily Davenport Gazette, The Davenport Iowa 1854-1900 
Daily Gazette, The Davenport Iowa 1817-1925 
Daily Leader Davenport Iowa 1869-1904 
Daily Times, The Davenport Iowa 1961 
Davenport Daily Gazette Davenport Iowa 1858-1879 
Davenport Daily Gazette, The Davenport Iowa 1854-1897 
Davenport Daily Leader Davenport Iowa 1858-1983 
Davenport Daily Republican Davenport Iowa 1895-1903 
Davenport Daily Tribune Davenport Iowa 1880-1902 
Davenport Democrat And Leader, The Davenport Iowa 1905-1929 
Davenport Democrat, The Davenport Iowa 1904-1929 
Davenport Gazette, The Davenport Iowa 1847-1887 
Davenport Leader, The Davenport Iowa 1893-1904 
Davenport Morning Star Davenport Iowa 1905 
Davenport Morning Tribune Davenport Iowa 1880-1892 
Davenport Tribune, The Davenport Iowa 1887-1902 
Davenport Weekly Gazette Davenport Iowa 1881-1884 
Davenport Weekly Gazette, The Davenport Iowa 1882 
Davenport Weekly Leader Davenport Iowa 1889-1904 
Davenport Weekly Republican Davenport Iowa 1896-1899 
Davenport Weekly Tribune Davenport Iowa 1887-1897 
Democrat And Leader, The Davenport Iowa 1949 
Democrat and Times Davenport Iowa 1955 
Democratic Banner Davenport Iowa 1852-1853 
Morning Democrat Davenport Iowa 1955 
Sunday Democrat And Times Davenport Iowa 1955 
Tri-City Star Davenport Iowa 1904-1905 
Western Weekly Journal of Reform, The Davenport Iowa 1818-1972 
Decorah Journal, The Decorah Iowa 1962 
Daily Iowa Capital Des Moines Iowa 1883-1901 
Des Moines Capital Des Moines Iowa 1901-1925 
Des Moines Daily Leader Des Moines Iowa 1901-1902 
Des Moines Daily News Des Moines Iowa 1896-1921 
Des Moines Gazette Des Moines Iowa 1899-1902 
Des Moines Leader Des Moines Iowa 1899-1902 
Des Moines News, The Des Moines Iowa 1909-1921 
Des Moines Register Des Moines Iowa 1964-1977 
Des Moines Register, The Des Moines Iowa 1964-1977 
Des Moines Republican Des Moines Iowa 1872-1873 
Des Moines Tribune Des Moines Iowa 1942-1976 
Fort Des Moines Post Des Moines Iowa 1918-1919 
Grand Army Advocate Des Moines Iowa 1903 
Homestead Des Moines Iowa 1888-1910 
Homestead and Western Farm Journal Des Moines Iowa 1871 
Iowa Amvet Des Moines Iowa 1975-1980 
Iowa Farmer, The Des Moines Iowa 1912 
Iowa Homestead, The Des Moines Iowa 1910-1921 
Iowa Industrial Progress Des Moines Iowa 1887 
Iowa State Leader Des Moines Iowa 1880 
Iowa State Register Des Moines Iowa 1871 
Iowa State Register and Farmer Des Moines Iowa 1905-1912 
Iowa State Register and Farmer, The Des Moines Iowa 1907-1912 
Iowa State Register, The Des Moines Iowa 1861-1905 
Iowa State Weekly Register Des Moines Iowa 1865-1884 
Iowa Unionist Des Moines Iowa 1906-1913 
Iowa Unionist, The Des Moines Iowa 1907-1918 
Mail and Times, The Des Moines Iowa 1892-1905 
Morning News Des Moines Iowa 1902 
National Democrat Des Moines Iowa 1911-1917 
Northwest Sun Des Moines Iowa 1963 
People's Popular Monthly, The Des Moines Iowa 1909-1922 
Register And Leader, The Des Moines Iowa 1902-1903 
Spirit Of The West Des Moines Iowa 1907-1918 
State Daily Journal, The Des Moines Iowa 1874 
State Iowa Journal, The Des Moines Iowa 1874-1875 
State Journal, The Des Moines Iowa 1874 
West Des Moines Express Des Moines Iowa 1987 
Western Farmer and Patron's Helper Des Moines Iowa 1876 
Western World, The Des Moines Iowa 1918-1921 
Woman's Standard, The Des Moines Iowa 1911 
Dewitt Observer, The DeWitt Iowa 1964 
Daily Dubuque Herald Dubuque Iowa 1899 
Dubuque Daily Herald Dubuque Iowa 1862-1900 
Dubuque Daily Telegraph Dubuque Iowa 1901 
Dubuque Democratic Herald Dubuque Iowa 1862-1866 
Dubuque Herald Dubuque Iowa 1895-1899 
Dubuque Herald, The Dubuque Iowa 1860-1881 
Dubuque Sunday Herald Dubuque Iowa 1899-1900 
Dubuque Telegraph-Herald Dubuque Iowa 1901-1903 
Sunday Morning Telegraph Dubuque Iowa 1901 
Telegraph Herald Dubuque Iowa 2007 
Weekly Times Dubuque Iowa 1859-1868 
Witness, The Dubuque Iowa 1977 
Dyersville Commercial Dyerville Iowa 1953-1959 
Sioux County Independent East Orange Iowa 1878-1883 
Baptismal Register - St. Aloysius Eldon Iowa 2006 
Confirmation Register - St. Aloysius Eldon Iowa 2006 
Death Register - St. Aloysius Eldon Iowa 2006 
Matrimonial Register - St. Aloysius Eldon Iowa 2006 
Atlas Of Hardin County Iowa Eldora Iowa 1875-1918 
Eldon Forum Eldora Iowa 1979 
Eldora Enterprise Eldora Iowa 1897-1898 
Eldora Herald Eldora Iowa 1874-1931 
Eldora Herald Ledger Eldora Iowa 1931-2005 
Eldora Herald Ledger, The Eldora Iowa 1950 
Eldora Herald-Ledger Eldora Iowa 1972-1975 
Eldora Herald-Ledger, The Eldora Iowa 1938 
Eldora Ledger Eldora Iowa 1893-1981 
Eldora Reform Herald Eldora Iowa 1873-1874 
Eldora Times Citizen Eldora Iowa 1991-1992 
Eldora Weekly Ledger Eldora Iowa 1881-1892 
Elk Horn Kimballton Review Eldora Iowa 1997 
Enterprise Eldora Iowa 1893-1897 
Hardin County Index Eldora Iowa 1949-2005 
Hardin County Ledger Eldora Iowa 1912-1931 
Hardin County Times Eldora Iowa 1969-1970 
Hardin County Weekly Herald Eldora Iowa 1908 
Herald Eldora Iowa 1891-1903 
Plat Book Of Hardin County Iowa Eldora Iowa 1892-1925 
Semi Weekly Herald Eldora Iowa 1903-1910 
Semi-Weekly Herald Eldora Iowa 1907-1908 
Eldon Forum Elgin Iowa 1969 
Elgin Echo Elgin Iowa 1894-2004 
Elk Horn Danish Villages Voice Elk Horn Iowa 2008 
Elk Horn Kimballton Review Elk Horn Iowa 1997 
Clayton County Centennial Elkader Iowa 1936 
Democrat, The Emmetsburg Iowa 1893-2002 
Emmetsburg Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1893-1975 
Emmetsburg Democrat Emmetsburg Reporter Emmetsburg Iowa 1966-1967 
Emmetsburg Democrat Reporter Emmetsburg Iowa 1974 
Emmetsburg Democrat, The Emmetsburg Iowa 1903-1923 
Emmetsburg Reporter and Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1969-1974 
Emmetsburg Reporter Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1974 
Emmetsburg Reporter Emmetsburg Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1963 
Palo Alto Pilot, The Emmetsburg Iowa 1874-1887 
Palo Alto Reporter Emmetsburg Iowa 1875-1929 
Palo Alto Tribune Emmetsburg Iowa 1905-1937 
Palo Alto Tribune, The Emmetsburg Iowa 1909-1937 
Reporter Emmetsburg Iowa 1984 
Reporter Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1956-1962 
Reporter, The Emmetsburg Iowa 1930-2003 
Reporter-Democrat Emmetsburg Iowa 1948-1995 
Democrat Emmetsburgs Iowa 2003 
Reporter Emmetsburgs Iowa 2004 
Advocate, The Estherville Iowa 1976-1979 
Emmet County Republican Estherville Iowa 1887-1986 
Emmett County Herald Estherville Iowa 1884 
Estherville Daily News Estherville Iowa 1930-2003 
Estherville Democrat Estherville Iowa 1895-1929 
Estherville Democrat, The Estherville Iowa 1897-1906 
Estherville Enterprise Estherville Iowa 1901-1948 
Estherville News Estherville Iowa 1927-1930 
Estherville Publications Spirit Edition Estherville Iowa 1984 
Estherville Spirit Estherville Iowa 1989-2003 
Evening Tribune, The Estherville Iowa 1902 
Fairfield Daily Ledger Estherville Iowa 1957-1958 
Fairfield Ledger, The Estherville Iowa 1979 
National Broad-Axe Estherville Iowa 1882-1884 
Northern Vindicator Estherville Iowa 1868-1914 
Opera House Reporter Estherville Iowa 1916-1917 
Opera House Reporter, The Estherville Iowa 1916-1917 
Semi-weekly Northern Vindicator, The Estherville Iowa 1896-1897 
Senior Citizen Monthly Estherville Iowa 1974-1975 
Vindicator And Republican Estherville Iowa 1918-1945 
Vindicator And Republican, The Estherville Iowa 1902-1918 
Weekly Northern Vindicator, The Estherville Iowa 1897-1899 
Audubon County Journal Exira Iowa 1971 
Fairfield Daily Ledger Fairfield Iowa 1957 
Fairfield Daily Ledger, The Fairfield Iowa 1939 
Fayette County Leader Fayette Iowa 1914-1970 
Fayette County Union Fayette Iowa 1910 
Fayette Leader Fayette Iowa 1914-2004 
Fayette Reporter Fayette Iowa 1910-1912 
Iowa Postal Card Fayette Iowa 1882-1910 
Leader Press Fayette Iowa 1972-1974 
Upper Iowa Press Fayette Iowa 1974-1975 
Forest City Summit Forest City Iowa 1955 
Winnebago Republican Forest City Iowa 1908 
Forrest City Summit Forrest City Iowa 1955 
Fort Dodge Messenger And Chronicle Fort Dodge Iowa 1949 
Fort Dodge Messenger, The Fort Dodge Iowa 1899 
Fort Madison Daily Democrat Fort Madison Iowa 1994-2007 
Fort Madison Evening Democrat Fort Madison Iowa 1952 
Fort Madison News, The Fort Madison Iowa 1932 
Fredericksburg News Fredericksburg Iowa 1931-1939 
Fredericksburg News, The Fredericksburg Iowa 1898-1957 
George Lyon County News, Inc. George Iowa 2008 
Garwin Sun, The Gladbrook Iowa 1955 
Gladbrook Tama Norrn, The Gladbrook Iowa 1955 
Atlas Of Mills County Iowa Glenwood Iowa 1921 
Glenwood Opinion Glenwood Iowa 1868-1908 
Glenwood Opinion Tribune Glenwood Iowa 1961-1971 
Glenwood Opinion, The Glenwood Iowa 1865-1950 
Glenwood Opinion-tribune Glenwood Iowa 1927-1967 
Glenwood Tribune, The Glenwood Iowa 1949-1950 
Mills County Journal Glenwood Iowa 1883-1894 
Mills County Tribune Glenwood Iowa 1891-1922 
Opinion Tribune Glenwood Iowa 1971-2004 
Opinion-tribune Glenwood Iowa 1969-1987 
Opinion-tribune, The Glenwood Iowa 1981-1984 
Our Opinion Glenwood Iowa 1864 
Plat Book Mills County Iowa Glenwood Iowa 1937 
Plat Book Of Mills County Iowa Glenwood Iowa 1891 
Standard Historical Atlas Of Mills And Fremont Counties Iowa Glenwood Iowa 1910 
Glidden Graphic, The Glidden Iowa 1967-1971 
Gowrie News, The Gowrie Iowa 1970 
Globe Free Press Graettinger Iowa 1978-1979 
Graettinger Times Graettinger Iowa 1894-2003 
Globe-Free Press and The Paton Portrait and The Rippey News, The Grand Junction Iowa 1969 
Globe-Free Press The Paton Portrait and The Rippey News, The Grand Junction Iowa 1969 
Globe-Free Press, The Grand Junction Iowa 1969 
Gravity Independent Gravity Iowa 1900-1985 
Greene Recorder, The Greene Iowa 1957-1976 
Iowa Recorder, The Greene Iowa 1902-1956 
Marble Rock News, The Greene Iowa 1929-1948 
Grinnell Herald, The Grinnell Iowa 1927 
Grinnell Herald-Register Grinnell Iowa 1940-1954 
Guthrian, The Guthrie Center Iowa 1951-1972 
Guttenberg Press, The Guttenberg Iowa 1938 
Fremont Democrat Hamburg Iowa 1893-1904 
Fremont Democratic News Hamburg Iowa 1882-1887 
Hamburg Democrat Hamburg Iowa 1879-1881 
Hamburg Reporter Hamburg Iowa 1903-2006 
Hamburg Reporter, The Hamburg Iowa 1903-2002 
Hamburg Republican Hamburg Iowa 1904-1929 
Iowa State News Hamburg Iowa 1881 
Hancock Herald Hancock Iowa 1876-1903 
Harlan News-Advertiser, The Harlan Iowa 1951-1967 
Havelock Enterprise Havelock Iowa 1890-1915 
Havelock Herald Havelock Iowa 1913 
Havelock News Havelock Iowa 1908-1914 
Hawarden Independent Hawarden Iowa 1878-2003 
Hawarden Independent Ireton Examiner Hawarden Iowa 2003-2005 
Hedrick Journal Hedrick Iowa 1889-1958 
Holstein Advance, The Holstein Iowa 1981 
Hopkinton Leader, The Hopkinton Iowa 1937 
Hospers Tribune Hospers Iowa 1908-1941 
Hubbard Signal Review Hubbard Iowa 1987-2002 
South Hardin Signal Review Hubbard Iowa 1987-2002 
Hull Index Hull Iowa 1894-1913 
Sioux County Index Hull Iowa 1913-1999 
Sioux County Index Reporter Hull Iowa 1999-2003 
Sioux County Index-Reporter Hull Iowa 2008-2009 
Humboldt County Independent Humboldt Iowa 1889-1985 
Humboldt County Republican Humboldt Iowa 1889-1984 
Humboldt Daily Republican Humboldt Iowa 1892-1982 
Humboldt Independent Humboldt Iowa 1904-2004 
Humboldt Kosmos Humboldt Iowa 1874-1876 
Humboldt Republican Humboldt Iowa 1895-1994 
Humeston Advocate Humeston Iowa 1903-1904 
Humeston New Era, The Humeston Iowa 1900-1985 
New Era, The Humeston Iowa 1885-1900 
Ida County Pioneer Record Ida Grove Iowa 1951-1972 
Ida County Pioneer, The Ida Grove Iowa 1897 
Bulletin-Journal Independence Iowa 1965 
Bulletin-Journal, The Independence Iowa 1947-1966 
Independece Conservative Independence Iowa 1955 
Independence Conservative Independence Iowa 1955 
Inwood Herald Inwood Iowa 1940-1961 
Inwood West Lyon Herald Inwood Iowa 2008 
County Herald, The Iowa City Iowa 1891 
Daily Citizen, The Iowa City Iowa 1892-1901 
Daily Iowa State Press Iowa City Iowa 1894-1971 
Daily Iowan Iowa City Iowa 1955 
Daily Iowan, The Iowa City Iowa 1939-1955 
Herald Iowa City Iowa 1891-1897 
Iowa Citizen, The Iowa City Iowa 1891-1906 
Iowa City Citizen, The Iowa City Iowa 1892-1919 
Iowa City Daily Press Iowa City Iowa 1904-1915 
Iowa City Press-Citizen Iowa City Iowa 1920-1973 
Iowa City Volksfreund Iowa City Iowa 1874-1876 
Iowa PIRG Prairie Fire Iowa City Iowa 1979-1980 
Iowa Public Interest Report Iowa City Iowa 1977-1978 
Iowa Quest Iowa City Iowa 1948-1955 
Iowa State Press Iowa City Iowa 1903 
Moose News Iowa City Iowa 1960-1965 
Public Interest Update Iowa City Iowa 1977 
Bulletin Journal Iowa Falls Iowa 1970 
Hardin County Citizen Iowa Falls Iowa 1921-1983 
Hardin County Index Iowa Falls Iowa 1988 
Hardin County Times Iowa Falls Iowa 1948-1991 
Iowa Falls Citizen Iowa Falls Iowa 1933-1991 
Iowa Falls Citizen And Hardin County Times Iowa Falls Iowa 1955 
Iowa Falls Citizen Hardin County Times Iowa Falls Iowa 1955 
Iowa Falls Sentinel Iowa Falls Iowa 1867-1926 
Iowa Falls Times Citizen Iowa Falls Iowa 1991-1992 
Times Citizen Iowa Falls Iowa 1991-2006 
Ireton Clipper Ireton Iowa 1891-1892 
Ireton Examiner Ireton Iowa 1989-2003 
Ireton Ledger Ireton Iowa 1911-1942 
Ireton Weekly Ledger Ireton Iowa 1904-1906 
Jefferson Bee Jefferson Iowa 1903-1964 
Jefferson Herald Jefferson Iowa 1952-1973 
Jewell Record Jewell Iowa 1886-1975 
Jewell Record News Jewell Iowa 1975-2004 
Jewell Record, The Jewell Iowa 1938 
Bull's Eye Johnston Iowa 2004-2007 
Johnston Advance Johnston Iowa 1986-1996 
Johnston News Johnston Iowa 1996-1997 
Johnston Northern Polk County News Johnston Iowa 1976-1983 
Johnston Press Citizen Johnston Iowa 1998-2006 
North Northwest Johnston Iowa 1996 
North Polk News Johnston Iowa 1970 
Northern Polk County News Johnston Iowa 1970-1976 
Jasper County Reporter, The Kellogg Iowa 1877 
Kellogg Enterprise, The Kellogg Iowa 1886-1974 
Kellogg Weekly Enterprise, The Kellogg Iowa 1906-1912 
The Kellogg Tribune Kellogg Iowa 1904-1909 
Baptismal Register - St. Francis De Sales Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - St. Joseph's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - St. Mary's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - St. Peter's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Confirmation Register - St. Francis De Sales Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Confirmation Register - St. Mary's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Confirmation Register - St. Peter's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Daily Gate City Keokuk Iowa 1981-2007 
Death Register - St. Francis De Sales Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Death Register - St. Mary's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Death Register - St. Peter's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Keokuk Dispatch Keokuk Iowa 1850 
Keokuk Weekly Dispatch Keokuk Iowa 1819-1850 
Matrimonial Register - St. Francis De Sales Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Matrimonial Register - St. Mary's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Matrimonial Register - St. Paul's Keokuk Iowa 1848-1849 
Matrimonial Register - St. Peter's Keokuk Iowa 2006 
Keosauqua Republican, The Keosauqua Iowa 1935 
Keota Eagle Keota Iowa 1876-1935 
Knoxville Journal, The Knoxville Iowa 1855-1955 
La Porte City Progress La Porte City Iowa 1871-1893 
La Porte City Progress-Review La Porte City Iowa 1938-1940 
La Porte City Review La Porte City Iowa 1882-1885 
Progress Review La Porte City Iowa 1894-1985 
Weekly Telegrapher, The La Porte City Iowa 1887-1889 
Lake City Graphic Lake City Iowa 1956-1975 
Lake Park News Lake Park Iowa 1977-1998 
Lake Park News, The Lake Park Iowa 1916-1984 
Laurens 100 Chronicle of First 100 Years Laurens Iowa 1881 
Laurens Leader Laurens Iowa 1993-1994 
Laurens Sun Laurens Iowa 1885-2009 
Pocahontas County Sun Laurens Iowa 1887-1918 
Vital Records Laurens Iowa 1872-2005 
Amateur Star, The Le Grand Iowa 1847-1878 
Le Grand Herald, The Le Grand Iowa 1870-1871 
Le Grand News Le Grand Iowa 1879 
Le Grand Record Le Grand Iowa 1885-1898 
Le Grand Reporter Le Grand Iowa 1909-1943 
Le Mars Daily Sentinel Le Mars Iowa 1958-2008 
Le Mars Globe-Post Le Mars Iowa 1953-1959 
Logan Herald-Observer Le Mars Iowa 1954 
Daily Liberal Lemars Iowa 1881-1882 
Evening Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1885 
Floyd Valley Farmers News Lemars Iowa 1954-1957 
Floyd Valley News Lemars Iowa 1962-1964 
Iowa Liberal Lemars Iowa 1876-1969 
Le Mars Daily Liberal Lemars Iowa 1881-1882 
Le Mars Daily Liberal Globe-Post Lemars Iowa 1969 
Le Mars Daily Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1884-1980 
Le Mars Globe Lemars Iowa 1893 
Le Mars Globe-Post Lemars Iowa 1891-1969 
Le Mars Leader Lemars Iowa 1887 
Le Mars Semi-Weekly Globe Lemars Iowa 1887-1891 
Le Mars Semi-Weekly Post Lemars Iowa 1899-1902 
Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1885-1952 
Le Mars Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1876-1969 
Le Mars Sun Lemars Iowa 1889-1890 
Le Mars Weekly Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1883-1955 
Le Mars Weekly Sun Lemars Iowa 1890-1892 
LeMars Daily Liberal Lemars Iowa 1882 
LeMars Daily Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1884-2001 
LeMars Evening Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1885 
LeMars Globe Lemars Iowa 1887-1902 
LeMars Globe Post Lemars Iowa 1902-1969 
LeMars Post Lemars Iowa 1893-1896 
LeMars Semi Weekly Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1881-1952 
LeMars Semi-Weekly Globe Lemars Iowa 1888 
LeMars Semi-Weekly Post Lemars Iowa 1891-1902 
LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1885-1952 
LeMars Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1876-2005 
LeMars Sun Lemars Iowa 1889-1890 
LeMars Weekly Sentinel Lemars Iowa 1883-1884 
LeMars Weekly Sun Lemars Iowa 1890-1892 
Lenox Journal-Reporter, The Lenox Iowa 1938 
Lenox Time Table Lenox Iowa 1910-2009 
Leon Journal-Record, The Leon Iowa 1938 
Lime Springs Herald Lime Springs Iowa 1932-1999 
Lime Springs Sun, The Lime Springs Iowa 1897-1905 
Record, The Lime Springs Iowa 1906 
Sun-Herald, The Lime Springs Iowa 1916-1932 
Lisbon Sun Lisbon Iowa 1900 
Johnson Lone Tree Reporter Lone Tree Iowa 2008 
Lytton Star, The Lytton Iowa 1916-1921 
Madrid Register-News Madrid Iowa 1902 
Mallard Leader Mallard Iowa 1909-1967 
Malvern Leader Malvern Iowa 1884-2001 
Malvern Leader, The Malvern Iowa 1960-1999 
Malvern Republic Leader Malvern Iowa 1882-1883 
Mills County Republican Malvern Iowa 1879-1880 
Manchester Democrat-Radio, The Manchester Iowa 1952 
Manchester Press, The Manchester Iowa 1871-1927 
Manilla Times, The Manilla Iowa 1972 
Manly Singal Manly Iowa 1952 
Manning Monitor, The Manning Iowa 1952-1971 
Jackson Sentinel Maquoketa Iowa 1868-1954 
Jackson Sentinel, The Maquoketa Iowa 1887 
Maquoketa Sentinel Maquoketa Iowa 1854-1868 
Semi-Weekly Jackson Sentinel Maquoketa Iowa 1885 
Marble Rock Journal Marble Rock Iowa 1900-1931 
Marble Rock Journal, The Marble Rock Iowa 1908-1921 
Marble Rock Weekly Marble Rock Iowa 1877-1886 
Marble Rock Weekly, The Marble Rock Iowa 1877-1900 
Marengo Republican, The Marengo Iowa 1918 
Linn County Patriot Marion Iowa 1864 
Linn County Register Marion Iowa 1853-1866 
Marion Herald Marion Iowa 1859-1860 
Marion Pilot Marion Iowa 1894-1905 
Marion Record of Council Marion Iowa 1865-1954 
Marion Register Marion Iowa 1866-1920 
Marion Sentinel Marion Iowa 1837-1988 
Marion Sentinel And Linn County Farmer Marion Iowa 1959-1963 
Marion Sentinel, The Marion Iowa 1937 
Marion Times Marion Iowa 1992-2004 
Marion Tribune Marion Iowa 1871-1872 
Marion Weekly Register Marion Iowa 1870-1871 
Marion Weekly Sentinel Marion Iowa 1918-1927 
Old Settler Of Linn County Marion Iowa 1894-1907 
Semi-Weekly Register Marion Iowa 1872-1874 
Sentinel And Linn County Farmer Marion Iowa 1959 
Marshall County Times, The Marshall Iowa 1858 
Marshalltown Times-Republican Marshalltown Iowa 1953 
Globe Gazette Mason City Iowa 2007 
Mason City Globe Gazette Mason City Iowa 1938-2007 
Mason City Globe-Gazette Mason City Iowa 1901-1994 
Mason City Weekly Globe-Gazette, The Mason City Iowa 1916 
Maurice Times Maurice Iowa 1916-1929 
McCallsburg Record Mccallsburg Iowa 1915-1916 
North Iowa Times Mcgregor Iowa 1956-1981 
Melbourne Record Melbourne Iowa 1975 
Dickinson County Mail News Milford Iowa 1975-1976 
Milford Mail and Terril Record, The Milford Iowa 1929-1998 
Milford Mail Terril Record Milford Iowa 1985-1997 
Milford Mail Terril Record, The Milford Iowa 1998-1999 
Milford Mail, The Milford Iowa 1886-1980 
Mitchellville Index Mitchellville Iowa 1932 
Monroe Mirror Monroe Iowa 1884 
Jones County Liberal Monticello Iowa 1872-1874 
Monticello Express Monticello Iowa 1865-2004 
Monticello Express, The Monticello Iowa 1865-1965 
Moravia Union Moravia Iowa 1911-2006 
Morning Sun Herald Morning Sun Iowa 1883-1897 
Morning Sun News Morning Sun Iowa 1890-1897 
Morning Sun News-Herald Morning Sun Iowa 1897-2003 
Holiday Number Moulton Iowa 1902 
Moulton Tribune  Moulton Iowa 1900-1994 
Moulton Weekly Tribune Moulton Iowa 1915-2003 
Neola Gazette-Reporter And Minden Shelby News Moulton Iowa 1978 
Weekly Tribune Moulton Iowa 1903-1915 
Advance, The Mount Ayr Iowa 1890 
Daily News, The Mount Ayr Iowa 1893 
Mt Ayr Journal Mount Ayr Iowa 1888-1897 
Ringgold County Bulletin Mount Ayr Iowa 1944-1968 
Twice-A-Week News Mount Ayr Iowa 1897-1907 
Weekly News, The Mount Ayr Iowa 1893 
Mt Pleasant News, The Mount Pleasant Iowa 1945-1955 
Mount Vernon Sun  Mount Vernon Iowa 2008 
Sun, The Mount Vernon Iowa 2008-2009 
Moville Mail Moville Iowa 1916-1943 
Mt Pleasant News, The Mt Pleasant Iowa 1947 
Button Worker, The Muscatine Iowa 1911 
Button Workers' Bulletin Muscatine Iowa 1911 
Free Press, The Muscatine Iowa 1912 
Friday's Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970 
Mid-West Free Press Muscatine Iowa 1930 
Monday's Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970 
Muscatine City Directories Muscatine Iowa 1856-1959 
Muscatine Daily Journal Muscatine Iowa 1884-2007 
Muscatine Journal Muscatine Iowa 1905-2007 
Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, The Muscatine Iowa 1918-1960 
Record, The Muscatine Iowa 1911 
Saturday's Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970 
Thursday's Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970 
Thursday's Muscatine Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970-2007 
Tuesday's Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970 
Wednesday's Journal Muscatine Iowa 1969-1970 
Wednesday's Muscatine Journal Muscatine Iowa 1970-2007 
Nashua Reporter, The Nashua Iowa 1899-1979 
New Hampton Gazette New Hampton Iowa 1901 
New Hampton Tribune New Hampton Iowa 1918-1955 
New Hampton Tribune, The New Hampton Iowa 1891-1955 
New London Journal, The New London Iowa 1917 
New Market Herald New Market Iowa 1912-1980 
New Market Monitor New Market Iowa 1976-1978 
New Market News New Market Iowa 1939 
Southwest Iowa Democrat New Market Iowa 1933-1934 
Newell Mirror, The Newell Iowa 1969 
Newhall News, The Newhall Iowa 1916-1919 
Newton Daily News, The Newton Iowa 1956-1965 
Martin Genealogist, The North English Iowa 1976 
Martin Miscellaneous North English Iowa 1976 
Worth County Index Northwood Iowa 1893-1913 
Norwalk N. Warren Town and County News Norwalk Iowa 2008 
Benton County Star Norway Iowa 1929 
Odebolt Chronicle, The Odebolt Iowa 1938 
Odebolt News, The Odebolt Iowa 1927 
Oelwein Daily Register Oelwein Iowa 1906-2009 
Oelwein Register Oelwein Iowa 1887-1921 
Oelwein Weekend Daily Register Oelwein Iowa 1998-2000 
Onawa Sentinel Onawa Iowa 1986 
Monona County Gazette, The Onawa City Iowa 1867-1869 
West Iowa Gazette, The Onawa City Iowa 1863-1864 
Nieuwsblad Voor Orange City Orange City Iowa 1895 
People's Friend Orange City Iowa 1895 
Riverside Current Orange City Iowa 1995 
Sioux County Capital Orange City Iowa 1895-2000 
Sioux County Capital Democrat Orange City Iowa 2001-2004 
Sioux County Herald Orange City Iowa 1872-1970 
Siouxland Press Orange City Iowa 1987-2004 
Orient Independent, The Orient Iowa 1923 
Ossian Bee, The Osage Iowa 1950 
Press-News, The Osage Iowa 1956 
Osceola Sentinel, The Osceola Iowa 1951-1959 
Oskaloosa Daily Herald Oskaloosa Iowa 1887-1975 
Oskaloosa Evening Herald Oskaloosa Iowa 1893-1897 
Oskaloosa Herald Oskaloosa Iowa 1885-1914 
Oskaloosa Holiday Herald Oskaloosa Iowa 1895 
Oskaloosa Weekly Herald Oskaloosa Iowa 1906 
Ottosen Bugle Ottosen Iowa 1909 
Ottumwa Courier Ottumwa Iowa 2007 
Ottumwa Daily Courier Ottumwa Iowa 1903-1948 
Ottumwa Tri-Weekly Courier Ottumwa Iowa 1915 
Johnson County Democrat Oxford Iowa 1932-1937 
Johnson County Democrat And Oxford Leader Oxford Iowa 1932-1949 
Johnson County Farm Bureau Exchange Oxford Iowa 1938 
Oxford High School Report Card Oxford Iowa 1950-1952 
Oxford Leader Oxford Iowa 1918-1932 
Oxford Times, The Oxford Iowa 1873 
Oxford Weekly Leader Oxford Iowa 1917-1918 
Oxford Mirror, The Oxford Junction Iowa 1879-1952 
Parnell Iowa County Advertiser Parnell Iowa 1898-2011 
Paullina Times Paullina Iowa 1992-1993 
Paullina Times, The Paullina Iowa 1958 
Baptismal Register - St. Mary's Pella Iowa 2006 
Baptist Beacon Pella Iowa 1876 
Death Register - St. Mary's Pella Iowa 2006 
Matrimonial Register - St. Mary's Pella Iowa 2006 
Pella Advertiser Pella Iowa 1896-1902 
Pella Blade Pella Iowa 1869-1893 
Pella Chronicle Pella Iowa 1882-2004 
Pella Chronicle-Advertiser Pella Iowa 1966-1973 
Pella Herald Pella Iowa 1891-1901 
Pella Press Pella Iowa 1893-1933 
Pella Visitor Pella Iowa 1880-1883 
Pella Weekly Herald Pella Iowa 1891-1894 
Weekly Pella Blade Pella Iowa 1894-1895 
Bulletin, The Perry Iowa 1893-1914 
Chief Advertiser, The Perry Iowa 1914-1957 
Chief-Reporter, The Perry Iowa 1898-1910 
Perry Advertiser, The Perry Iowa 1886-1899 
Perry Bulletin, The Perry Iowa 1895-1896 
Perry Chief, The Perry Iowa 1874-1889 
Perry Daily Chief, The Perry Iowa 1894-1981 
Perry Pilot Perry Iowa 1883-1885 
Reporter, The Perry Iowa 1892-1893 
Weekly Chief, The Perry Iowa 1910 
Pilot Mound Monitor Pilot Mound Iowa 1913 
Plainfield News Plainfield Iowa 1976 
Marion County News Pleasantville Iowa 2008-2009 
Plover Herald Plover Iowa 1891-1899 
Plover News Plover Iowa 1899-1914 
Plover Pointer Plover Iowa 1913 
Pocahontas Record-Democrat Pocahontas Iowa 1970 
Pomeroy Herald Pomeroy Iowa 1892-1969 
Graphic Postville Iowa 1891-1899 
Iowa Volksblatt Postville Iowa 1892-1918 
Postville Herald Postville Iowa 1918-1991 
Postville Herald Leader Postville Iowa 1991-2008 
Postville Leader Postville Iowa 1991 
Postville National Advocate Postville Iowa 1884-1885 
Postville Post Postville Iowa 1882-1884 
Postville Review Postville Iowa 1873-1921 
Postville Star Postville Iowa 1885-1937 
Prairie City Index Prairie City Iowa 1871-1872 
Prairie City News Prairie City Iowa 1974 
Quint-City Labor 's Day Prairie City Iowa 1957 
Obrien County Bell Primghar Iowa 1905-1906 
Rake Register Rake Iowa 1902-2008 
Rake Register, The Rake Iowa 1901-1927 
Rural Messenger Redding Iowa 1904 
Remsen Bell-Enterprise Remsen Iowa 1939 
Renwick News Renwick Iowa 1966-1971 
Renwick Times, The Renwick Iowa 1884-1981 
Riverside Highland Review Riverside Iowa 2008 
Lyons Weekly Mirror Rock Rapids Iowa 1893-1896 
Rock Rapids Lyon County Reporter Rock Rapids Iowa 2008 
Rock Rapids Reporter Rock Rapids Iowa 1896-1929 
Independence Bulletin-Journal Rock Valley Iowa 1970 
Observer, The Rock Valley Iowa 1993 
Rock Valley Bee Rock Valley Iowa 1903-2004 
Rock Valley Register Rock Valley Iowa 1892-1896 
Rockford Register Rock Valley Iowa 1903-1968 
Sioux County Bee Rock Valley Iowa 1897-1903 
Sioux County Bee And Rock Valley Register Rock Valley Iowa 1897-2007 
Tripoli Leader, The Rock Valley Iowa 1994-1995 
Oil Bulletin Roland Iowa 1919 
Roland Record Roland Iowa 1895-1975 
Rolfe Arrow Rolfe Iowa 1894-1990 
Rolfe Reveille Rolfe Iowa 1869-1987 
Union-Tribune Russell Iowa 1957 
News, The Ruthven Iowa 1966 
Ruthven Free Press Ruthven Iowa 1963 
Ruthven Free Press, The Ruthven Iowa 1917-1970 
Ruthven Zipcode Ruthven Iowa 1966-2004 
Ruthven Zipcode, The Ruthven Iowa 1974-1989 
Sac Sun, The Sac City Iowa 1931-1955 
Schaller Herald, The Schaller Iowa 1957 
Scranton Journal, The Scranton Iowa 1971-1972 
North Taylor Review Sharpsburg Iowa 1910-1934 
Sheldon Mail, The Sheldon Iowa 1939-1954 
Friday World Shenandoah Iowa 1899 
Shenandoah The Evening Sentinel Shenandoah Iowa 1972 
Valley News Today Shenandoah Iowa 2005 
Sibley Gazette, The Sibley Iowa 1972-1974 
Keokuk County News Sigourney Iowa 1916 
Nieuwsblad Voor Orange City Sioux Center Iowa 1895-1896 
Sioux Center Corn Belt Weekly Sioux Center Iowa 1923-1924 
Sioux Center News Sioux Center Iowa 1896-2008 
Sioux Center News, The Sioux Center Iowa 1980 
Sioux Center Nieuwsblad Sioux Center Iowa 1892-1929 
Barometern Sioux City Iowa 1884-1886 
Globe Sioux City Iowa 1977 
Sioux City Daily Journal, The Sioux City Iowa 1884 
Sioux City Journal Sioux City Iowa 1893-1922 
Sioux City Journal, The Sioux City Iowa 1922-1964 
Sioux City Sunday Journal, The Sioux City Iowa 1964 
Union Advocate Sioux City Iowa 1919-1922 
Solon Economist Solon Iowa 1992-1993 
Daily Reporter, The Spencer Iowa 1959 
Spencer Clay County News Spencer Iowa 1884-1909 
Spencer Daily Reporter Spencer Iowa 1935 
Spencer Daily Reporter, The Spencer Iowa 1951-1959 
Spencer Herald Spencer Iowa 1893-1915 
Spencer News Spencer Iowa 1909-1916 
Spencer News Herald Spencer Iowa 1916-1936 
Spencer Reporter Spencer Iowa 1903-1935 
Arnolds Park News Spirit Lake Iowa 1930 
Beacon Spirit Lake Iowa 1985-1987 
Dickinson County News Spirit Lake Iowa 1999-2004 
Spirit Lake Beacon Spirit Lake Iowa 1870-1999 
Standard Atlas Of Dickinson County Iowa Spirit Lake Iowa 1911 
Monitor Review Stacyville Iowa 1979 
Stanton Viking, The Stanton Iowa 1962 
Mid Iowa Enterprise State Center Iowa 2000-2003 
State Center Enterprise State Center Iowa 1878-1988 
State Center Enterprise-Record State Center Iowa 1990-2000 
Steamboat Rock Echo Steamboat Rock Iowa 1897-1898 
Steamboat Rock Pilot Steamboat Rock Iowa 1908 
Stockport News, The Stockport Iowa 1912 
Story City Herald, The Story City Iowa 1955 
Strawberry Point Mail Press Strawberry Point Iowa 1901-1903 
Strawberry Point Press Strawberry Point Iowa 1882-1884 
Stuart Herald, The Stuart Iowa 1970 
Sumner Gazette Sumner Iowa 1881-2008 
Sumner Gazette, The Sumner Iowa 1881-1917 
Sumner Herald Sumner Iowa 1915-1917 
Sumner Journal, The Sumner Iowa 1903-1905 
Fremont-Mills Beacon-Enterprise Tabor Iowa 2000-2002 
Tabor Beacon Tabor Iowa 1952 
Templeton Town Council Minutes Templeton Iowa 1884-2008 
Terril Record Terril Iowa 1940-1945 
Terril Record, The Terril Iowa 1928-1956 
Terril Tribune Terril Iowa 1900-1903 
Rake Register Thompson Iowa 1960-1986 
Thompson Courier Thompson Iowa 1987-1992 
Thompson Courier and Rake Register, The Thompson Iowa 1999-2000 
Thompson Courier, The Thompson Iowa 1990-1991 
Tiffin Journal Tiffin Iowa 1940 
Baptismal Register - St. Mary's Tipton Iowa 1896-2006 
Tipton Advertiser Tipton Iowa 1896 
Titonka Topic Titonka Iowa 1899-2008 
Traer Star-Clipper, The Traer Iowa 1973 
Treynor Record, The Treynor Iowa 1974-1976 
Union Star Union Iowa 1889-1902 
Urban News, The Urbandale Iowa 1963 
Urbandale News-Sun Urbandale Iowa 1963 
Benton County Democrat Vinton Iowa 1856-1859 
Benton County Herald Vinton Iowa 1878-1885 
Benton County Times Vinton Iowa 1888-1903 
Cedar Valley Daily Times Vinton Iowa 1921-1969 
Cedar Valley Times, The Vinton Iowa 1919-1920 
People's Journal Vinton Iowa 1871 
People's Semi-Weekly Journal Vinton Iowa 1871 
People's Weekly Journal Vinton Iowa 1869-1871 
Railroad Telegrapher, The Vinton Iowa 1889-1895 
Vinton Eagle, The Vinton Iowa 1855-1905 
Vinton Semi-Weekly Eagle Vinton Iowa 1882 
Linn County Shopper Walker Iowa 1973 
Wapello Republican, The Wapello Iowa 1931 
Evening Journal Farm Edition Washington Iowa 1949 
Washington Evening Journal Washington Iowa 2007 
Washington Press Washington Iowa 1902 
Courier Waterloo Iowa 2007 
Courier, The Waterloo Iowa 2007 
Illustrated Atlas Of Black Hawk County Iowa Waterloo Iowa 1910-1996 
Iowa State Reporter Waterloo Iowa 1871-1903 
New Commonwealth, The Waterloo Iowa 1906 
Semi Weekly Iowa State Reporter Waterloo Iowa 1898-1904 
Semi Weekly Reporter Waterloo Iowa 1904-1909 
Semi-Weekly Iowa State Reporter Waterloo Iowa 1900-1901 
Waterloo Courier Waterloo Iowa 1859-2007 
Waterloo Daily Courier Waterloo Iowa 1878-1973 
Waterloo Daily Reporter Waterloo Iowa 1881-1909 
Waterloo Evening Courier Waterloo Iowa 1909-1929 
Waterloo Hometowner Waterloo Iowa 2003-2004 
Waterloo Insider Waterloo Iowa 2004-2005 
Waterloo Reporter Waterloo Iowa 1909-1914 
Waterloo Semi Weekly Courier Waterloo Iowa 1898-1910 
Waterloo Times, The Waterloo Iowa 1901 
Waterloo Times-Tribune Waterloo Iowa 1901-1922 
Waterloo Times-Tribune, The Waterloo Iowa 1912-1913 
Waverly Insider Waterloo Iowa 2004-2005 
Bremer County Independent And Waverly Republican Waverly Iowa 1956 
Cedar Falls Hometowner Waverly Iowa 2003-2004 
Waverly Democrat Waverly Iowa 1946 
Waverly Hometowner Waverly Iowa 2003-2004 
Waverly Insider Waverly Iowa 2004 
Daily Freeman-Journal, The Webster City Iowa 1938-1957 
Hamilton County Journal Webster City Iowa 1895 
Webster City Tribune Webster City Iowa 1886-1917 
West Bend Journal West Bend Iowa 1890-2006 
West Des Moines Express West Des Moines Iowa 1982-1988 
Western Express West Des Moines Iowa 1988 
Wapsie Index West Liberty Iowa 1855 
West Liberty Index, The West Liberty Iowa 1993 
Assumption West Point Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - Assumption West Point Iowa 2006 
Baptismal Register - St. Mary's West Point Iowa 2006 
Death Register - St. Mary's West Point Iowa 2006 
Matrimonial Register - St. Mary's West Point Iowa 2006 
West Point Bee West Point Iowa 1976-1978 
Fayette County Union West Union Iowa 1880 
Whitten Ledger Whitten Iowa 1905-1906 
Baptismal Register - St. Mary's Williamsburg Iowa 2006 
Butler County Tribune-Journal Williamsburg Iowa 1978-1979 
Death Register - St. Mary's Williamsburg Iowa 2006 
Iowa County Farmer Williamsburg Iowa 1950-1954 
Journal Tribune, The Williamsburg Iowa 1993-1995 
Matrimonial Register - St. Mary's Williamsburg Iowa 2006 
Ringsted Dispatch, The Williamsburg Iowa 1979 
Williamsburg Journal Tribune Williamsburg Iowa 1980-1984 
Williamsburg Journal-Tribune Williamsburg Iowa 1885-2002 
Williamsburg Shopper, The Williamsburg Iowa 1938-1945 
Winterset Madisonian, The Winterset Iowa 1926-1956 
Wyoming Journal, The Wyoming Iowa 1870-1872 

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