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Friday, September 16, 2011

1921 Tolo Yearbook, Toulon Highschool, Toulon Illinois

1921 Tolo Yearbook, Toulon Illinois High School. If you would like to purchase this yearbook or a picture please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

Lester T. Jackson
John McWilliam
R.C. Jackson
Dr. E.B. Packer
J.A. Nowlan
Neil McKenzie
Joseph Slygh
Nina J. Murray
Florence M. Johnson
Mary Wyatt
Roy Davis
Fred L. Grifith
Simon Benson
Mrs. Franklin Lynch
William Hawkes
Nellie Heaton
Luzetta Turnbull
Mary McWilliam
Clyde Sundquist
Ada Dixon
Mary Walker
Ruth Edwards
Philip Walker
Floyd Shinn
Stella Wilson
Helen Durbin
Beckham Ratliff
Gladys Epperson
Vera Wiley
Marjorie Jackson
Russell Gibson
Florence Beall
Hazel McGinnis
Ruth McKee
Troy Standard
Pauline Pyle
Carolyn Chase
Marie Miller
Clifford Harmon
Jim Zook
Cathryn Ham
Irene Davis
George Draper
Lucille Malone
Evelyn Sweat
Fannie Whitten
Dorothy Price
Bernice Merna
Mary Dunlap
John Nowlan
William Nelson
Eva Orwig
Julia Thompson
Cella Epperson
Harriet Price
Fay Hartley
Audrey Adams
Lula Gerard
Ada Winans
Jennie Mock
Roy Dillon
Milan Fell
Dwain Wallace
Colby Packer
Edgar Blair
Raphael Sarli
Albert Davis
Leslie Torrence
Harold Cox
Clyde Standard
Ernest Robson
Alfred Swango
John Leitch
Lloyd Armstrong
Frederich Slygh
Kenneth Hodges
John Jackson
Forrest Morse
Mildred Dillon
Evelyn Carter
Annabell Minton
Amy Biederbeck
Lelia Schmidt
Okla Lester
Mildred Long
Verna Fowler
Irene Beiderbeck
Edith Schmeideker
Opal Sweat
Helen Morse
Frances Packer
Wilton Parris
Martha Nicholson
Eva Milburn
Walter Sheets
Esther Armstrong
Leslie Montooth
Mason Williams
Fred Durbin
Theodore Hartley
Velmya Gelvin
Helen Singelton
Jennie Jones
Laura Kamerer
Eleanor Grange
Erma Bennett
Nellie Pierson
Bessie Hankins
Marie Smith
Lester Talbert
James Dexter
Roy Dutton
Cecile Cole
Juston Ham
William Allen
Wayne Miller
John Pyle
Donovan Walker
Paul Leitch
Kenneth Turner
Harry Taylor
Martin Cole
Lawrence Schmidt
Edwin McLennan
Elizabeth White
Alice Bort
Nona Miller
Cleo Halstead
Helen Hall
Marguerite Kamerer
Edith Patterson
Margaret Newman
Ola Miller
Lucille McKee
Lottie Harmon
Dorothy Davis
Emma Dixon
Iola Fox
Anna Ruth Armstrong
Josephine Rashid
Pearl Mock
Lucille Addis
Wilfred Beiderbeck
Edward Spangler
Eldon Porter
Ray Cox
Philip Graen
Donald Beuskirk
Melville Torrence
Robert Nowlan
Robert Fuller
Forrest Henry
George Dalrymple
Willaim McWilliam
John Armstrong
Milford Lehman
Henry Winans
Adam Oliver
Raymond Morgan
John Webster
Leslie Armstrong
Floyd Talbert
Robert Hartley

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