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Friday, September 16, 2011

1926 Griffon Jr. College Yearbook, St. Joseph Missouri

1926 Griffon Jr. College Yearbook, St. Joseph Missouri.  This yearbook is for sale as a copy or you can purchase an individual picture from it.  If you would like to make a purchase please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

C.A. Greene
Calla E. Varner
David Hopkins
C.E. Miller
Etta L. Knowles
Mary E. B. Neely
Edith Moss Rhoades
S.E. Elliott
Orrel Marie Andrews
Emily Wyatt
Anne Lowell Wells
Mabel D. McHendry
Margaret Sue Burney
Jean Trowbridge
Helen Bullard Brown
R.E. Stone
Mary Frances Robinson
Florence M. Stanley
Van A. Christy
Nelle Blum

Carl Allison
Harry Armstrong
Lucile Barrow
Wayne Bibb
Fern Binnicker
Dorothy Blackwell
Iola Mae Bonner
Marguerite E. Bullock
Raymond Burger
Jack C. Byrd
Lecil Carrell
Ruth Corrough
Woodson Chadwick
Charles W.G. Craig
Ora Dodd
Bernice Crawford
Jane Downey
Lois Dusenberry
Edwin Elliott
Lawrence A. Ferril
Evelyn Flanagan
Dorothy Gilmore
Edward Goeking
Loma Gurwell
Lillian Hammer
Erma Harder
Elizabeth Hartwig
Floyd Heffley
Margaret Heim
Charles Hensley
Caroline Louise Hinds
Byron Hinkle
Mildred Hutton
Victor Langner
Dorothy Luttringer
Emolyn Markley
Thelma MacElwain
Virginia Louise Marr
Marjorie Matthews
Robert Maxwell
Jessamine McAllister
Edwin R McDonald
Minerva McEwen
Andrew Greer Meyer
Harry H. Mocrell
Stella Moore
Alice Moyes
Marion Carter Nash
O. Doyle Norris
James O'Donoghue
Kathryn Penney
Kenneth L. Poirier
Helen Raez
Austin Rich
Luther Rockhold
Francis Emily Rose
Fred Rothlisberger
Lawrence E. Russell
Bernice Elizabeth Scanlon
Gertrude Selectman
LuElla Shortridge
Glenn Slaybaugh
LaVerne Stuckey
Anna George Taylor
Thelma Thrasher
William H. Utz Jr.
Lucile S. Vossen
Ethel Waller
Mable Wells
Maude Wickam
Russel Wilcox
Bernice Williams
Susan E. Wilson
Mildred Windish
Madeline Winter
Moses Zalesky
Andrew Ziph

Fred Lodholz
Robert Harvey
Louise Graham
Clarence Miller

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