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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Kansas City Times, August 1942 Index

I have indexed this Kansas City Times Newspaper.  If you would like to purchase an article(s) from this newspaper for $5.00 each please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com 
Harry Etheridge - picture
Seldon Clay Bowlin - military
Marion C. Elmquist - military
Dennis Lee King
Leslie King
Mrs. Barbara B. Harrison - military
George Reuland - Picture
Henry Moore
John Kmetz
John Edward Lewis -  military
George Reuland - Picture
Ray E. Beaird  - military
Robert Lee Hyskell - - military
Dr. Richard G. Meisburger - military
Erwin H. Elsen - military
Willis L. Armer - military
Alfred C. Mann  - military
Sonya Schlee - Picture
Rev. Arthur F. Hoogstraet
John W. Hinde
William "Billy" McCue
Anna Bluma Godock
Maggie Lynch
Robert "Bert" W. Owens
Cora Alameta Wehrhan
Bertha A. Busch
Maggie May Byler
Mary G. Dannaker
Lorena Finley
James E. Gaines
Lester M. Horton
Henry Conrad Hurst
Nancy Elizabeth Nugent
Haze Coleman Silkey
Lewis Francis Smith
Cora Alameta Wehrhan
James Ira Wilson
Donald Standish
Gline A. Dowell
Mahel Hopson
Francis M. Gottman
Erna Doty
Herbert Owens
Esther Pearl Schwartz
Maggie May Byler
James Ira Wilson
Mary O'Malley
Nell Foster
Frederick Leinkuhler
Martha Duncanson
Rolla Gilbert
Bessie F. King
Ralph F. Noble
Jane E. Kreader
Fred L. Andrews
Dorothy Rowe
Carey Neeley
Virginia Huston
Ella from John W. Baker
Florine Eudora from James R. Coffman Jr.
Julia against Dave Peterson
Grace Mae against William J. Newkirk
Iren O. against Lawrence D. Dent
Glenn P. against Mary Isabel Thompson
Clara S. against Alfred F. Pohlman
Dorothy Nelle against Ralph F. Baiers
Ferne against J.C. Johnston
Mary F. against Joseph A. Boswell
John H. against Martha Buchanan
L. Ilene against William Allen Gallagher
William against Johnnie Mae Boyd
Ralph against Laverne Corbin
Marion V. against Maxine Iva Sharp
Mabel against Charles H. Wilson
Arthur C. against Ada Mae Prewitt
Stella against Elmer Neal
Vera against Elsie Walburn
Fredrica E. against Herman L. Deckard
Narvel C. against Essie E. Beckman
Marvel C. agsinst Essie E. Beckman
M. Earl against Edna M. Holbrook
William e. against Jessie Hawthorn
Leatha V. against Carl R. Bishop
Furley E. against Agnes M. Packwood
Glayds against Orthal V. Deskins
Robert R. against Bernice J. Kinkade
Martha K from Robert V. Lindsey
Russell from Maxine Scott
Minnie I. from Joseph D. Campbell
Bertha from Mack Demumbran
Margaret L. from William H. Glaser
Audrey M. from Willaim H. Hall
Stanley Watson
DeMarquis Dale Wyatt
Tyres G. Newbill
R.L. Stephens
Gilmer Meriwether Jr.
John F. Metcalfe
Annette Cross
Mrs. William Bassett
Victor Kettler
Joseph Jedlicks
Marilyn Nell
Jack Nell
F.B. Nell
Floyd Erwin Cochran
May Ann Cochran - Engagement
Charles G. Fuller - Engagement
W.B. Fuller
J.W. Huttig
Diana Francis Huttig - birth
Amelia Goodman
George Falke - Member of RAF
Wallace H. Graham
Heather Ellen Graham
Wallace Scott Graham
Dr. James W. Graham
H. Stanley Hill
Paul Seaman
Charles Goodsell McCormack
Eugene H. Souter
Gretchen Brumworth
Dorothea Smith
Mary Katherine Beebe
Lee G. Potter
Joseph A. Peters
R.H. Hundley
John Cooper
Jean Krebs
W.J. Krebs
Billy Slocm
Frank M. Wheeler
Porter Fones
Eugene W. ott
Rupert C. Ott
Paul O. Madsen
K.K. King
Eunice Hatchitt
Charles B. Tyler Jr.

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