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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1928 Maitland Missouri Yearbook

This is the index to the 1928 Maitland Missouri Yearbook.  If you would like to purchase a copy of this yearbook or a picture from this yearbook please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com

1928 Maitland Missouri Yearbook

Charles Overlay
H.S. Cook
Bethel Goodpasture
Ira Williams
Frank Gibson
J.M. Myers
George Conz
U.L. Riley
Harold S. Sawyers
Howard L. Dennis
Leta E. Babb
Mrs. L.L. Livengood
G. Frank Smith
Louise Weller
Mrs. U.L. Riley
Ramona Biggs

Trueman Reimold
Virginia Myers
Mildred Caywood
Raymond Loucks
Clara Handley
DeWitt Hopper
Irene Gibson
Wayne Richardson
Lorene Warner
Lucille Mitchell
Willard Elder

Martha Bird
Ernest Wright
Erma Cason
Roy Fries
Alice Bowland
Lillie Mae Archer
Rachel Rowlette
Bethel Crider
Miriam Dysart
Lawrence Riley
Lawrence Brown
Mary Powell
Mona Maxwell
Lester Shields
Edgar Collison
Sadie Hawkins
Bessie Brown
Sherwood Sloniker

Carol Reimold
John Mason
Gladys Wiley
William Smock
Dorothy Patterson
Homer Napier
Wilma Richardson
Denzil Patterson
Martha Walden
Mary Myers
Frank Allen Smith
Helen Morford
Francis Sloniker
Rachel Nevins
Elmer Wright
Lola Dysart
Sterling Nevins
William Weston

Faye Conz
Lorraine Metcalf
Mildred Gallagher
Wilson Metcalf
Evah Larason
Glenn Hooper
Ray Hardin
Viola Higins
Eugene Cowan
Franklin Schooler
Lee Bowland
Ermile Nicholson
Nelson Rowlett
Alvin Fries
Estle Fultz
Ruth Goodpasture
Catherine Bird
Robert Nute
Eva Frances Iddings
Erma Loucks
Lucy Boring
Margaret Collison
Doris Patterson
James Putnam
Eugene Bird
Eva Grace Wright

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