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Thursday, October 20, 2011

1937 Panther Yearbook, Burlington Junction Missouri

1937 Panther Yearbook, Burlington Junction Mo Index.  If you would like to purchase a picture or a copy of this yearbook please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
Atkinson, Frank
Barber, Eddice
Barr, Imogene
Blackford, Ercille
Cassel, Frances
Chambers, Ellafae
Gipe, Arcelle
James, Mabel
Meek, Marilyn
Pence, Floyd
Shackelford, Ellis
Singleton, Roselah
Spangler, Wilbur
Spargur, John
Staples, Fredrick
Surplus, Verley
Watkins, Pauline
West, Sibyl

Byers, Betty Lou
Dewyre, Mary Jane
Egbert, Kenneth
Graves, Iola
Holbrook, Winifred
Howell, Kermit
Irvine, R.D.
Merriett, Jessie Jr.
Messbarger, Maurice
Nauman, Margaret
Sheets, Victor
Ware, Harding
West, Huldah

Shadduck, Phebe
Anna Cassel
Lucille Blanchard
Dorothy Swinford
Jessie Watkins
Lucille Spangler
Charlotte Puett
Winifred Heller
Mary M. Trosper
Lucille Browning
Mary Jane Dew
Lois Lambert
Charles Pence
George Dalby
Miss Munro (teacher)
Howard Miller
Robert Lewis
Roberta Dew
Laura Margaret Lyle
Mildred Williams

Messbarger, Albert
Meek, Richard
Mr. Stalling
West, Jean
Miller, John Jr.
Barr, Glenn
Howell, Frances
Ellsworth, King
Brummitt, Mary D.
Brummitt, Elbert
Freemyer, Rose M
Shipley, Marie

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