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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hire me as your Genealogist - Help Create an American Job

If you are contemplating hiring a Professional Genealogist to research your family history then look no further. I am available right now to begin researching your family history. I primarily perform in person research in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska but have access to information from all over the United States. I am looking for new clients right now to assist in researching their family history.

I am a former Ancestry Expert Genealogy researcher and have almost 10 years experience researching genealogy and family history.

I have experience researching:

Birth records
Marriage records
Divorce records
Death records
Census records
Naturalization records
Military records
Academic records
Letters of Guardianship
Land records
Court records
Tax records
Voting records
Police records
Birth Announcements - Newspapers
Marriage Announcements - Newspapers
Divorce Announcements - Newspapers
Obituaries - Newspapers
Newspaper Articles for Everyday happenings
Compiling information to produce a family history report
Kinship reports

I will also transcribe, scan and email you copies of all documents and information acquired during my research that will be part of your family history package. 

I am experienced, thorough, concise and believe in providing 100% accurate research to my clients. So if you are ready to hire me right now, please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com or see my website at http://ancestorology.blogspot.com/ to find out more.

http://www.ancestorexplorer.com/ is a small veteran owned business and by hiring me you are creating an American job that cannot be outsourced and helping to support Veterans.

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