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Saturday, October 22, 2011

1954 Panther Yearbook, Burlington Junction Missouri

1954 Panther Yearbook, Burlington Junction Mo Index.  If you would like to purchase a picture or a copy of this yearbook please contact me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
LeRoy Lyle
William Hill
George A. Martin
John Gage
Eugene Spratt
Dr. Stanly Worl
Clarence Farrens
George Kegin
Charles Drain
Ralph Jones
Ernest Stalling
William H. Sipes Jr
Gertrude Howell
Mildred Mitchell
Irma Wilson
Allen Spies
Forence Churchill
Mary A. Farrens
Lucille Plummer
Rachel Barnes
Mary M. Stalling

Jerry Bailey
Helen Barrett
Robert Churchill
Paul Crabtree
James Denney
Shirley Dew
Louvada Greeley
James Hayes
Max Hoffman
Beatrice Jones
Alton Krome
James McAlpin
Jack Pitts
Reta Spratt

Linda Anderson
Alvin Armagost
Wayne Borden
Monte Crabtree
Doris Dalbey
Tom Dickey
Bob Hagey
Jean Hampton
Carroll Jones
Carolyn Long
Sharon Lyle
Lola Merritt
Sandra Plummer
Lee Riley
Ronald Rowlett
Betty Shades
Evelyn Simpson
Alfred Tobin

Bill Henry
Janice Huff
Sonny Barrett
Dick Jones
Dickie T. Stalling
Robert Wilson
Larry Dew
Arlene Grace
Dorene Pierson
John Prater
Sally Rolens
Dean Rowlett
Jean Rowlett
Betty Tunell

Wayne Loch
Frances Shipley
Yvonne Elliott
Brenda Johnson
Larry Groff
Woodrow Carpenter
Sharon Clark
Gerladine Hagey
Harold Johnson
Marcilea Lehman
John O'Riley
Robert Porter
Phyllis Rachau

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