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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Six Corners Cemetery, Elmo Missouri

This is the index to Six Corner Cemetery, located near Elmo Missouri. If you would like to purchase a tombstone photograph from this index please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com
Arthur & Margaret Alexander
Donna Alexander
Ellen Alexander
Gregory S. Alexander
Harry & Lea Alexander
Harry F. Alexander
Melvin Alexander
Melvin & Virginia Alexander
Melvin L. Alexander
Merton Alexander
Merton & Ruth Alexander
Ossian & Phebe Alexander
Virginia Alexander
Edwin & Mary Atherton
Pete Joseph Bales
Walton, Elnora, Francis, Infant, Infant Bales
Elmer Beaver
George Bloomfield
George B. Bloomfield
Harry & Lillia Bloomfield
Jack Bloomfield
Marion Bloomfield
Marion & Frances Bloomfield
Opal Bloomfield
Ulysses & Laura Bloomfield
Boone Children
Marie Carl
Hugh Castillo
Isaac & Mary Castillo
Dicy & Com Chestnut
James Colvin
James P. Colvin
Sarah K. Colvin
T.J. Colvin
Rebecca Cox
Mary Dickson
Earl Ellison
John & Josephine Ewing
Hester Ann Graves
Manday Graves
Ida Hamilton
Mable Jones
Charlotte E. Lamb
Elvin G. Lamb
Elwin & Zella Lamb
Hugh & Ida Lamb
Infant child Lamb
Infant child Lamb
Jacob & Charlotte Lamb
Melvin & Etta Lamb
Ray E. Lamb
Spencer & Iva Lamb
William P. Lamb
William & Minerva McCord
S.A. Bales
Bertha Bloomfield Meek
WH G Junior & Elizabeth Severs
John & Rebecca Severs
Six Corners Cemetery Sign
Six Corners Cemetery Placque
Thomas & Judy Smith
Susan J. Theodore
Tudder Family Tombstone
James Tudder
Minnie Tudder
Sarah Tudder
William Tudder
Havel Wade

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