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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clinton County Missouri Naturalization Records

I  have access to the Clinton County MO Naturalization records.  If you would like to hire me to retrieve a copy of a naturalization record please email me at ancestorexplorer@yahoo.com 
Below is an index to the records I have access to:

Anderson, William
Andrews, Edward
Armstrong, Cecil J.
Baumann, Nicholaus
Behrens, Hermann F.
Behrens, J. Gohann
Brown, Aaron
Capp, Thomas H.
Carlson, John
Chaldecott, John
Christianson, Peder Christian
Daily, Patrick
Egan, John
Fischer, Gottfried
Gall, John George
Gerken, Johann Heinrich
Godfrey, Kenelin
Gonser, Jacob
Grady, John
Grady, Michael
Haffner, William
Heinz, Gottlieg
Heinz, Jacob
James, Edwin
Johnson, John
Jones, William Henry
Keakefe, August
Keily, Dennis
Kornemann, Henry C.
Lawler, Michael
Leonard, Thomas
Mallen, John
Mclvan?, Patrick
Moehle, Robert
Moessner, George
Moog, Peter
Moog, Philipp
Muller, Gustav
Neth, William
Nystrom, Gust.
O'Conner, Michael
O'Connor, Dennis
O'Connor, James
O'Reilly, James
Paustian, Fritz
Roe, Alfred
Ryan, Gerald
Saattrup, Nis Chris
Schaipel, Reinhold
Schmidt, Frederick
Sherry, Patrick
Simon, Willie
Skinner, A. C. V.
Smith, Alfred
Smith, John
Stevens, William
Tester, Benjamin
Walton, George
Wardell, Frank
Wardell, Wm.
Weimer, Michael
White, Charles M.
Wigle, Arthur Henry
Williams, Charley
Wilson, Joseph

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