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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1940 Births from the Maryville Daily Forum, Maryville Missouri

Index to 1940 Births from the Maryville Daily Forum, Maryville Missouri.  If you would like to purchase an annoucement the cost is $5.00 each.  You can purchase this by contacting me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Abels, Judith
Ackley, daughter
Adams, son
Allen daughter
Anderson son
Anderson, Carl Lynn
Archer, Kenneth
Archer, Son
Armstrong, James William
Auer daughter
Bailey, Son
Baker son
Baker, Charles
Baker, son
Ballinger, Son
Barmann, Veronica
Bateman, Daughter
Beatty, son
Beck, Donna June
Beggs, Mary
Bennett, Son
Berg, Daughter
Berkenholz, Nettie
Binel daughter
Bishop, Son
Blagg, Charla Ann
Bookman, J.W.
Bradshaw, daughter
Brandon, Son
Breidenthal, son
Brictson, Charles Edward
Brictson, Dick
Bright, Dorothea Marie
Brooks, Daughter
Brown, Gene
Brown, Leon Gilbert
Bruning, William
Burke, daughter
Burnham, Carl
Burns, Marily Rose
Bussard, daughter
Byerrum, Martha
Calvert, Lewis
Calvert, Son
Campbell, daughter
Cannady, Carol Ann
Carr daughter
Carr, Alice
Carr, Twila Mae
Cassell, Sharon Sue
Chambers son
Chase, Deborah Lee
Chestnut, Delbert Andrew
Clark, Charles Robert Jr.
Colbert, Phillip
Colwell, Son
Combs, son
Cooper, Carol Louise
Cossens, Jerry Ann
Cottle, George Franklin
Coughlin, Son
Coulter son
Craig, Daughter
Crawford, Frederick
Crawford, Hal
Dalrymple, Mrs. E.A.
David son
Davison, Jacquline
Debord, Diana
Deen, Alonzo
DeFreece, Daughter
Dennis, Richard Keith
Derks, Son
Dicken, Charles Curtis
Dodge, Fredericka S
Dougan, Etta
Doyle, Patricia Ann
Doyle, W.T.
Dudley son
Duley, daughter
Ebeling, Son
Elder, daughter
Elliott, Dora
Ellison, Son
Emerson, Son
Emery, Daughter
Farrens, Dale
Ferguson, Daughter
Fitzpatrick daughter
Fletcher, Son
Frampton, Mitzi
Frost, Montie
Fulk, Patricia
Fuller, daughter
Funderburk son
Gaddy, Daughter
Gage, daughter
Garrett, Constance
Gerlash, Barbara
German, Son
Gillett, Judith Mae
Gilliland, Son
Gillinger, Mrs. Jerry
Gladfelder, son
Goforth son?
Gorham, Daughter
Graves, Edsel
Gray, Nickie
Gray, Steven Wray
Griffey, Phyllis
Griffin, James Lewis
Grubb, Daughter
Guenther, Theodore
Hacher, Son
Hackett, Dorothy Dee
Hainline, Daughter
Hann, son and daughter twins
Harris, Ann
Hartman, Willard
Harvey, J.H.
Harvey, Patricia
Heffner, Sandra
Heflin, son
Heitman, Son
Henry, Patricia Louise
Heyde, Son
Hiatt, Dorothy Ann
Hill, Jerry Lee
Hilton, Daughter
Hinkle, Geraldine
Hodge, Janice
Holt, Beverly
Holt, Son
Hook, Carolyn Lucile & Marilyn Louise (Twins)
Houston, Son
Huckelberry, Charles
Hughes, Kenneth Lee
Huston son
Hutchison, Marvin
Jenkins daughter
Johnson, Daughter
Johnson, Joyce Irene
Johnson, Marvel Marie
Johnston, Son
Jones, son
Jones, Son
Keever, Linda Kay
Kell, daughter
Keller, Daughter
Kerwin, daughter
King son
Kinne, Donald Jr.
Kling, Son
Kneale, son
Knuck???, Carol
Lager, daughter
Lager, daughter
Lasley, Son
Latzin, Carole Louise
Laughlin, Daughter
Lawler, Linda Lee
Lawrence, Daughter
Leuck, Michael
Lewis, Carla Kay
Lewis, Son
Linville, Sharon Lynette
Littler, William Richard
Livengood, Doris Irene
Loch daughter
Locke son
Logan, Son
Long, Son
Luke, daughter
Lyle, Son
Madden, Kenneth Lawrence
Mahood, Son
Malotte, John Rubin
Manning, Son
Marshall, Larry Wayne
Marticke, Daughter
Martin, daughter
Masters, Merlyn LeRoy
McAlister, son
McCaslin, Daughter
McClain, James
McDowell, Patricia
McGeorge, Billy
McGinness, daughter
McGrew, son
McIntire, Carl
McIntyre, Caron Ann
Meacham, William Stockton
Medsker, son
Merritt, daughter
Meyer, Melanie Mary
Miller, Everett
Miller, Marilyn Lucille
Miller, Montie K
Miller, Thomas
Millsap daughter
Mitchell, Harold
Money, Sarria
Moore, Daughter
Moore, Howard Errol
Morin, Daughter
Morriss, Daughter
Morton, Son
Multiple Names of Births
Myers, Howard
Nance, Marvin
Neal, Stephen Farrell
Needels, Billy Homer
Nelson, Marilyn Louise
Nelson, Marjorie
Nelson, Sarah E Sharp - Birthday
Nicholson, Eunice
Nickerson, Janice Terry
Noble, Glenna Jean
Ogden, Son
Olson daughter
O'Riley daughter
O'Riley daughter
Otis, Eunice
Owens son
Owens, Wayne
Palmer son
Parks, daughter
Partridge daughter
Pence, son
Peregrime, Son
Perrin, Georgia - Birthday
Pfeifer, Kieran
Phillippi, Ronald Glen
Phipps, Mary
Pittsenbarger, Son
Poe, David Whitten
Pope, son
Poppa, Son
Posten, Lenora
Prather, Son
Pride, Norma
Proffitt, Daughter
Pruitt, Son
Raines, Daughter
Rasco, Sandra Sue
Reed, Loren
Richardson, Larry Dean
Richey son
Ringold, Daughter
Risser, Vilas
Roderick, Son
Roney, Daughter
Rosnic, Son
Ross, Son
Rother, Son
Rowlett, Andrea Lee
Rowlett, Delvin Wray
Russell, Berneta Kay
Ryan, Janet Elaine
Sallee, Daughter
Salmon, Daughter
Sampson, Gene Raymond
Sauter, Daughter
Scamman, Son
Schafer son
Schooler, Son
Schultz, Son
Scott, Daughter
Scott, Sarah Lee
Scott, Son
Sell, Judith Gail
Sexson daughter
Shackelford, Charles LeRoy
Shamberger, James
Shay, son???
Shay, Timothy Patrick
Shelden, Daughter
Shell, son
Shelton, daughter
Sheridan, Daughter
Sims, Daughter
Sirauch, Son
Skidmore, Russell Ronald Jr.
Smith, David Anthony
Sorrie, George
Southard, Daughter
Sparks, William Miller
Speciale, Son
Stoll, Charles Robert
Stoneberger, Shirley Ann
Stuits, Stephen Dawson
Surplus, Connie Sue
Sutton son
Theodore, Patrician Ann
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Joseph O
Thomson, Joseph Sellers
Thorp, Janet Eileen
Tomey, Son
Troutwine, son
Truman, Carolyn Sue
Twaddle son
Ulmer, Etta Jane
Unknown son
Unknown, Harold
Vance, Daughter
VanSickle, Son
Vesely, Sharon Lee
Vinsant, John Earl
Walker son
Walker, Daughter
Walter, Son
Walton, son
Ware, David
Warren, son
Watkins, Daughter
Watkins, Daughter
Weakley, William
Weaver, son
Weeks, Sharon
Weller, Margaret Pauline
Westfall, Martha
Whaley daughter
Wilcox, Helen
Willard, Son
Williams daughter
Williamson, son
Wilson, daughter
Wilson, Lewis
Wilson, William Stanley
Winemiller, William
Wolfer, Daniel
Wonderly, Selma
Wright daughter
Wright, Naomi Joyce
Yates, son
Yeary, W.V.
Young, Margaret Ann
Young, Son
Younger, Jimmie Elvin
Ziummerman, Son

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