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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Cherokee Advocate, Tahlequah, Oklahoma Marriages and Obituaries 1881 - 1897

The Cherokee Advocate, Tahlequah, Oklahoma Marriages and Obituaries 1881 - 1897.  If you would like to purchase an announcement from this book the cost is $5.00 each.  You can purchase by contacting me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Lizzie Martin
William V. Carey
Cora L. Journeycake
Richard Vann
Minnie Cunningham
Mary Stapler
John S. Percival
Arthur Percival
Lucy Jane Armstrong
Nannie Dial
Hattie Watts
Mrs. J.M. Bryan
Bessie Louisa McSpadden
Maria Jones
Martha Stakweather
Jennie Ross Meigs
Daniel R. Hicks
Lillie Spurlock
George Griffith
Maggie H. Stapler
D.W. Bushyhead
Eloise Butler
Walter A. Allen
Frances Leatherwood
Lizzie Meigs Ross
D.W. Smith
Sarah Hawkins
John A. Moore
Lewis Anderson Ross
T.H. Carey
Mrs. E.M. Thompson
Addie Hanaford Stoddard
Nicholas B. Sanders
Jackson R. Gourd
Jeffery Beck
Fannie N. Balentine
Susan M. Hawkins
Louisa Landrum
Jesse Foreman
Emma Chamberlin
Susie Wickliff
Mrs. Schneider
Mary Taylor
Lula Crutchfield
Elizabeth Ann Duncan
Robert French
William Crane
I.G. Vore
Nathaniel Potts
Edward Foreman
Jesse Sanders
Dora Spradding
Infant Stapler
James Walker
Lillie Johnson
Annie Bondinot Sendelbeck
Mary Alberty
Roy M. Harrison
L.P. Smartt
Daisy Perry
Miss Wilkerson
Child Franks
William McCracken
Ida Manton
Thomas Fields French
Joseph Rowe
Charlotte Gritts
Catherine Bivins
Mamie Baird
Jane Elizabeth Bruton
Junius Dennis
Mrs. McGregor
Mr. Thompson
Mary Watkins
Levi Cookson
Margaret A. Woodall
Mahala Fields
Joseph Gladney Sr
Mary Post Gladney
Tom Starr
Sallie T. Fite
Allen Ross
J.A. Arnet
Alice Fancher
Anna McSpadden
William P. Ross
Mand M. Walker
Joseph L. Martin
John B. Mayes
Mrs. M.P. Lemen
Rosanna Ross
Florence Fowler Buchanan
Burris Blake
Nannie Whitmire Clynes
Lu P. Starr
Mary Louella Adair
Lu P. Starr
Laura Mixtwater
Watts Starr
Ella Christie
Monroe Oglesby
Rebecca Brickey
John Leach
Mary Brickey
bettie Hosey
Sadie Blake
Augustus Vann Edmondson
L.W. Sherly
B.F. Adair
Louisa Ward
Mrs. Charles Ross
David Trainor
Scarface Charley

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