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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stephan and Abigail Pitkin Family

Stephan and Abigail Pitkin Family History is currently 23 pages long, contains several newspapaer articles from the Burlington Junction Post, 1901 to 1905 and from the Maryville Daily Forum.  It is currently 4 genrations long and will continue to grow as I get more research completed.

If you are related to this family then you will need this information for your Genealogy.  Great information, well researched and 100% completely accurate.  I still have more to add to this family but if you'd like to purchase what I already have the cost is only $12.00 plus shipping. 

If you are related to the below individuals then please email me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com
BrickerSarah Ann
ConardCarroll Dunham
MyersCharles A.
PitkinDorothy Walton
PitkinEdward N.
PitkinElizabeth J.
PitkinEmily H.
PitkinEstella E
PitkinEthel Elizabeth
PitkinEvangeline S.
PitkinHarry Walton
PitkinJanet Irene
PitkinJohn G.
PitkinMargaret Estella
PitkinMary Frances
PitkinMary Wilson
PitkinMillard M.
PitkinPaul H.
PitkinRobert W.
PitkinRobert Wilson
PitkinRuth Eleanor
PitkinSamuel James
PitkinSarah A.
PitkinSarah F.
PitkinTheodore F.
PitkinTheodore S.
PitkinWalter S.
RushJessie Gertrude
SmithAnna "Annie" B.
SmithGeorge L.
StudorGeorge Raymond
WaltonMary Frances
WilsonEliza W.

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