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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cerro Gordo County Iowa Court Docket Index

Each record is for sale for $10.00 each.  If you'd like to purchase a record please email me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

W.D. AllenFrank R. Smith
J.W. AdamsG.H & Mrs. C.J. Shannon
John BushW.H. Harriman
John BushBorden & Selleck Co
John BushBorden & Selleck Co
W.A. BabcockA.R. Florence
C.W. BakerEugene Sanger
A.C. BrownWilliam Atkinson
John BushLuke Norris
Bate & VroomLany & Holt
Bate & Vroom
C.M. BakerHarvey Hill or Hill Harvey
C.M. BakerJ.M. Swiger
A.G. BellA.N. Bell
A.G. BellA.N. Bell
Bate & VroomC.H. Beard & Mrs. C.H. Beard
Bate & VroomChicago & Northwestern
Bate & VroomFred Reppor
Al BleinChicago & Northwestern
C.M. BakerWilliam Spaight and Mary Spaight
G.D. BennettF.W. Nelson
E.A. CarterWilliam Smith & Mrs. William Smith
Collins & SullivanA.F. McLain and Mrs. McLain
Collins & SullivanJ.J. McAvoy and Mrs. J.J. McAvoy
J. CoffinH.N Judds
E.A. CarterWill and Helen Hooper
Colloton BrosJames McGrath
Colloton BrosChicago & Northwestern
Colloton BrosGus Fox and Mrs. Gus Fox
Colloton BrosFrank Taylor
D. DavyR.J. Jacobs
D. DavyJulius Neilson Garage
T.L. DawleyH.E. Lee
M. EmersonWilliam Keegan and Annie Keegan
Dr. W.J. EgloffJohn Rowe
Mrs. Mary EssexC.M. & H.P Ry Co
Mrs. Mary EssexJohn Wheeler
Mrs. Mary EssexC.Y. Johnson
James ElderIowa Central R.R. Lev. Gas
James ElderWilliam, Etta and Leo Rosenthal
Sarah FoleyS.C. Culver
Gus Fox and Mrs. Gus Fox
Gus Fox and Mrs. Gus Fox
F.A. GriggsJ. Harvey
August GratyD.H. Vance
A.H. GaldJames C. Quinn
Homer I. HolcombMrs. Kate Manning
Mary HoltbergE.D. Page
Henry HodsdonA.J. Cdlay
P.R. HimmelrichHaurch Sieufrerd
P.P. HimmelrichWill Ingersoll
P.P. HimmelrichL. Riniard
D.R. HawkinsC.M. & St. Paul Ry Co &
George F. HughesJ.W. Bowder
P.P. HimmelrichJ.J. O'Hara
E.B. HigleyW.L. Campbell & Mrs. W.L. Campbell
Alice JohnsonIowa Central R.R. Gar. O.F. Johnson

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