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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Burlington Junction Post, Saturday, October 12, 1905

Burlington Junction Post, Saturday, October 12, 1905
Arkoe Young Man Charge By Officer With Stealing a Horse Monday Night
Hez Rasco, the Arkoe young man whyo last April finished an eight years' sentence in the penitentiary at Jefferson City on a charge of murdering Mrs. Kate Baumle in 1896 is reported to be in the Buchanan County jail in St. Joseph, charge with horse stealing.

The crime with which Rasco is charged occurred Monday night when a horse was stolen from M. Dittemore, near St. Joseph.  It is claimed that Rascoe appeared in St. Joseph the following morning with the animal and endeavored to sell it for $40

The young man came to Maryville on the completion of his sentence at Jefferson City in April, and was met by his father.  At that time Rasco was seen by many Maryville people and he declared he wanted only to have a fair chance to show he was not a bad character.

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