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Monday, March 14, 2011

Genealogy Clients WANTED!!!

Are you researching your family history and having trouble finding information?  Would you like the services and advice of a former Ancestry.com Expert Genealogist?  I have been providing genealogy research to my clients for the last 9 years and I am available right now to assist you in researching your family history.  I have experience researching in Courthouses, State Archives, Libraries, Historical Societies, the National Archives and many other records centers.  I utilize a variety of platforms and resources to research from including newspapers, yearbooks, school records, military records, vital records (when available) and several other types of state and federal records.  I have proven skills and research methods to find you the information you are looking for about your ancestors.  I have several years experience researching family histories, including African American and Native American.  I currently have over 150 family histories in various stages of research.  I have traced my own family history back to the early 1700’s and over 9 generations so far.  If you are having trouble finding information or you are just getting started and not sure where or how to start then why not let me work for you or work with you as a collaborative partner.  I have the ability to provide you more than just names, dates and locations.  I can add layers of information to your family, find out what your ancestors did for a living, who their friends, where they worked, what they enjoyed doing in their spare time, where they went to school at, what classes they took and in some cases I can find actual pictures of your ancestors and more than likely trace you to living relatives today. 
So why not email me today at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com to hire me or see my website at www.ancestorexplorer.com or my blog at: http://ancestorology.blogspot.com/

Ancestor Explorer

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