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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Independence-Cumberland Cemetery, Hemple Missouri

Independence-Cumberland Cemetery, Hemple Missouri pictures.  I have photographed and indexed this cemetery. Pictures are for sale for $5.00 each.  If you'd like to purchase a picture from this cemetery please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

I am also available to do Genealogy research on the families buried in this cemetery.

Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, William J.
Aughinbaugh, Infant
Aughinbaugh, A. M.
Aughinbaugh, Alice
Aughinbaugh, Amelia S.
Aughinbaugh, Anna
Aughinbaugh, Catharine J.
Aughinbaugh, E. J.
Aughinbaugh, Effie
Aughinbaugh, Fredericka
Aughinbaugh, Grace
Aughinbaugh, Hattie
Aughinbaugh, Ivy A.
Aughinbaugh, J. E.
Aughinbaugh, James
Aughinbaugh, James
Aughinbaugh, James M.
Aughinbaugh, Jennie
Aughinbaugh, John J.
Aughinbaugh, Kate
Aughinbaugh, Leonard
Aughinbaugh, Minnie
Aughinbaugh, Raymond
Bachman, Emma Margaret
Bachman, John
Barnett, George
Barnett, Rena J.
Barrow, Robert A. E.
Barrow, Stephen
Bellis, Clyde D.
Bellis, Ruth
Birt, Catherine
Birt, Ezra
Boyer, Alice
Boyer, Andrew J.
Boyer, Cleve
Boyer, Dorothy M.
Boyer, Edna M.
Boyer, Elbert D.
Boyer, Elizabeth
Boyer, Emmaline
Boyer, G. Frank
Boyer, George
Boyer, George F.
Boyer, Jesse C.
Boyer, John P.
Boyer, Lester R.
Boyer, Oliver
Boyer, Oliver
Boyer, Martha E.
Boyer, Mary Izabel
Boyer, Mary J.
Boyer, Peter
Boyer, Rosa M.
Boyer, Rossie A.
Boyer, Ruby R.
Boyer, Tillie
Boyer, Vada V.
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph S.
Brown, Lydia
Cole, Cammie
Davis, Lewis
Dawson, Crystal L.
Divelbiss, Nadine
Dunkeson, George E.
Fairfield, Catherine C.
Fairfield, David M.
Fairfield, Elizabeth
Fairfield, Ernest C.
Fairfield, Marcus L.
Fleegle, Louisa E.
Fleegle, Samuel F.
Gallop, Elizabeth
Gallop, George T.
Gallop, James W.
Gregory, Alexander
Gregory, Amanda E.
Gregory, Anna
Gregory, Arch
Gregory, Clifton H.
Gregory, Clyde
Gregory, E. Howard
Gregory, Earl D.
Gregory, Earl D.
Gregory, George A.
Gregory, Goldia M.
Gregory, Gwendolyn G.
Gregory, Israel H.
Gregory, J. H.
Gregory, James M.
Gregory, Lilie D.
Gregory, Lula E.
Gregory, Mary
Gregory, Mary A.
Gregory, Mary E.
Gregory, Mary J.
Gregory, Myrtle
Gregory, Noah
Gregory, Rhonda M.
Gregory, Roscoe D.
Gregory, Sallie A.
Gregory, Surepta
Gregory, Thomas J.
Gregory, William R.
Guinn, Infant
Guinn, Alvin T.
Guinn, M. Mandana
Guinn, P. Golden
Hart, Minnie M.
Hayter, Annie Mariah
Hayter, Frankey
Hayter, I. T.
Hayter, Israel B.
Hayter, J. T.
Hayter, James H.
Hayter, Katie
Hayter, Katie V.
Hayter, Margaret
Hemple, Margaret
Henry, Amelia Jane
Hitchings, Sarah
Hudson, Ocal
Kernes, Buney V.
Kernes, Elizabeth
Kernes, John A.
Kernes, Robert L.
Kernes, Robert L.
Kerns, Edward A.
Kerns, Helen M.
Kerns, Leonard
Kerns, Nettie
Kerns, Shirley J.
Kersey, Fannie
Kersey, John B.
Kersey, Marvin D.
Kersey, Orval N.
Kurtz, Andrew
Kurtz, Annie F.
Kurtz, Antone E.
Kurtz, Clara May
Kurtz, Clarence Ray
Kurtz, Crystal Barbara
Kurtz, Lena
Kurtz, Martha
Kurtz, Mathew
Lisle, Laura L.
Lisle, William V.
Luchsinger, Bertha
Luchsinger, Elizabeth
Luchsinger, Elizabeth B.
Luchsinger, Hannah M.
Luchsinger, James H.
Luchsinger, John F.
Luchsinger, John L.
Luchsinger, Joseph
Luchsinger, Katherine R.
Luchsinger, Margaret E.
Luchsinger, Mary Olive
Luchsinger, Ruth
Marker, Infant
Marker, Beulah D.
Marker, Emmet J.
Marker, George J.
Marker, Harvey
Marker, Judith A.
Marker, Phillip
Martin, James K.
Martin, Petie
Mathis, Edgar L.
Mathis, Ida E.
McDaniel, Allen S.
McDaniel, Donna
McDaniel, Dora Eliza
McDaniel, James H.
McDaniel, Lora
McDaniel, Mary J.
McDaniel, Robert H.
McDaniel, Robert N.
McDaniel, William
McKinley, Dellie I.
McKinley, L. D.
McKinley, Sallie
McWilliams, Floyd
Nelson, Elisa A.
Nelson, Lillie D.
Owens, Iva A.
Owens, Jesse E.
Pennington, Infant
Pennington, Georgia E.
Pennington, Ida M.
Pennington, Iserel H.
Pennington, John T.
Pennington, Marticia
Pennington, Mary
Pennington, Mary D.
Pennington, Matilda
Pennington, Matilda
Pennington, Merton E.
Pennington, Robert
Persons, Ceola A.
Persons, Edgar E.
Phillips, Katic C.
Pugh, Infant
Pugh, Alice
Pugh, Calvin W.
Pugh, Edith B.
Pugh, Naomia M.
Pugh, Vera M. & Verda F.
Russell, Benjamin F.
Russell, Katie
Russell, Tillie
Sallee, Lizzie M.
Shepard, Susie Marie
Simmon, Infant
Simmon, Althia C.
Simmon, Elmer
Simmon, Lysta
Simmon, W. A.
Sifers, Unknown
Sifers, Andrew G.
Sifers, Dorcas B.
Sifers, Eltie B.
Sifers, Harvey N.
Sifers, Matilda
Sifers, Truman Grant
Sifers, W. H.
Slabaugh, Hannah
Slabaugh, James R.
Slabaugh, Norma A.
Slabaugh, Peter O.
Slaybaugh, Infant
Slaybaugh, Alfred A.
Slaybaugh, Ernest
Slaybaugh, Harry E.
Slaybaugh, Lillie B.
Slaybaugh, Lorena C.
Spencer, Ernest H.
Spencer, John H.
Spencer, Martha
Spencer, Virginia L.
Sprague, Claud
Sprague, Franklin A.
Sprague, Laura B.
Sprague, Nannie
Sprague, William
Switzer, Ora C.
Underwood, Emma
Watson, Alex D.
Weddle, Claudia E.
Weddle, J. Hubert
Weddle, James A.
West, Infant
White, Gladys J.
White, Robert D.
Whitney, Grace E.
Williams, George W.
Williams, Mary J.
Willis, Bart
Willis, E. M.
Willis, J. D.
Willis, M.
Woodward, Lulu
Yarnell, Infant
Yarnell, Artie
Yarnell, Jasper
Yarnell, Lizzie
Yarnell, Sarah F.

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