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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Salem Cemetery, Nodaway County Missouri

Salem Cemetery, Nodaway County Missouri Index.  You can purchase a picture from this cemetery for $5.00 each.  If you would like to purchas e apicture from this cemetery please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Bertha Alford
John & Emily Alford
Albert Bell
Alberta Bell
Eliza J Bell
Harry P. Bell
Katie Bell
Minnie Bell
Francis Breckenridge
Opal Care
Chester Clayton
Z.T. Clements & Elizabeth Breckenridge
Belle Cliser
THomas & Lottie Cliser
Unknown Collins
Adaline Collins
Carolyn & Adaline Collins
Guis Collins
John & Edna Collins
Alex M. Collins
Margaret C. Collins
Sarah Collins
Thomas N. Collins
William Collins
William H. Collins
Lewis Davis
Melissa Davis
Henry & Isabelle Davison
James & Mollie Davison
Mollie Reynolds Davison
Lucy Ellis Dearing
Ela DeVers
Dr. Thomas Ellis
Clinton & Belle Duff
George Duff
John & Loena Duncan
Clarence & Sarah Elliott
Covert & Cleo Elliott
J & Sarah Elliott
Addie M. Ellis
Jennie H. Ellis
Leanderie Ellis
Newmeris & Rebecca Ellis
Thomas Ellis
Reuben Forbes
Jessie & Elizabeth Gage
John Gage
Reuben Gage
Alice Hoshor
Charles Horshor
Charles & Alice Horshor
Charles & Neva Horshor

John Hoshor
Clifford HOward
Albert & Myrtle Hubbard
Charley Hubbard
Henry & Louisa Hubbard
William & Francis Hubbard
Edgar & Helen Jackson
George T. Jackson - 2 pictures
Helen Darlene Jackson
Robert Dean Jackson
Key Family Stone
Babies Key
Lena Key
Sadie Key
William & Mary Key
Lillie Elisa Lloyd
Art Logan
Leroy C. Logan
William & Effie Logan
Hellen Mary
Effie Matherly
Zoe Matherly
Mahala May
Jackson & Alice McGlothlen
Elizabeth Montgomery
James MOntgomery
Nester Family Stone
Alfred Nester
Mariah Nester
Mary Nester
Robert Nester
Priscilla Newell
Infant Daughter of A & M.G. ramey
Lori D. Stegall Richey
Elijah & Elizabeth Ross
James Ross
George & Ella Ruse
Salem Cemetery Sign
Walter & Florine Short
Ralph & Eliane Stegall
Ethylen Tanner
Ida Tanner
John & Sarah Tanner
Elsie Thompson
Mary Thompson
Willis E Thompson
Mary Unknown
Zachariah & Cordelia Westfall
Mamie & Eula Williams
Milldard & Sudie Williams
Frances Wyman
Oliver Wyman
Unknown Wyman

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