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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kansas Newspaper Research

I have the following Kansas Newspapers to conduct research with.  If you would like to hire me to research any of these newspaper please contact me at: genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Alma Signal-Enterprise, Alma, Kansas, 1944-1980
Alma Wabaunsee County Signal-Enterprise, Alma, Kansas, 2008
Atchison Daily Globe, Atchison, Kansas, 1882-2006
Atchison Globe, Atchison, Kansas, 1977-2009
Atchison Globe, The, Atchison, Kansas, 1882-1954
Atchison Weekly Globe, Atchison, Kansas, 1927-1928
Globe, The, Atchison, Kansas, 1877-1882
Morning Globe, The, Atchison, Kansas, 1926-1928
Baldwin City Signal and Baldwin Ledger, Baldwin City, Kansas, 2007
Basehor Sentinel, Basehor, Kansas, 2000-2009
Bellevelle Telescope, Belleville, Kansas, 1870-1930
Belleville Freeman, Belleville, Kansas, 1899-1900
Belleville Telescope, Belleville, Kansas, 1876-2005
Belleville Telescope And Belleville Freeman, Belleville, Kansas, 1909-1923
Belleville Weekly Record, Belleville, Kansas, 1883
Republic County Freeman, Belleville, Kansas, 1890-1899
Basehor Sentinel, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2007
Bonner Springs Chieftain, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2000-2009
Chieftain, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2007
Chanute Tribune, Chanute, Kansas, 2007
Coldwater Western Star, Coldwater, Kansas, 2008
Alliance Sun, Cuba, Kansas, 1891
Cuba Advocate, Cuba, Kansas, 1897-1901
Cuba Daylight, Cuba, Kansas, 1888-1922
Cuba Pilot, Cuba, Kansas, 1887-1888
Cuba Record, Cuba, Kansas, 1900
Cuba Tribune, Cuba, Kansas, 1923-1938
Cuba Union, Cuba, Kansas, 1888-1889
Cuba Union Pilot, Cuba, Kansas, 1889-1890
Farmer's Alliance, Cuba, Kansas, 1890
Republic County Pilot, Cuba, Kansas, 1885-1887
De Soto Explorer, De Soto, Kansas, 2000-2009
Gods Messenger, Elk, Kansas, 1914-1925
Emporia Daily Gazette, The, Emporia, Kansas, 1895
Emporia Gazette, Emporia, Kansas, 2007
Emporia Gazette Weekend, Emporia, Kansas, 2007
Emporia Gazette, The, Emporia, Kansas, 1900-2007
Emporia Weekly Gazette, Emporia, Kansas, 1895-1921
Emporia Weekly Gazette, The, Emporia, Kansas, 1905-1952
Gazette Weekly Emporia, Emporia, Kansas, 1902-1906
Weekly Emporia Gazette, Emporia, Kansas, 1921
Weekly Emporia Gazette, The, Emporia, Kansas, 1910
Weekly Gazette, The, Emporia, Kansas, 1899-1920
Eudora News, Eudora, Kansas, 2000-2009
Eudora News, The, Eudora, Kansas, 2007
Garden City Telegram, Garden City, Kansas, 1955-2009
Garden City Telegram, The, Garden City, Kansas, 2007
Great Bend Daily Tribune, Great Bend, Kansas, 1952-1972
Great Bend Tribune, Great Bend, Kansas, 1963-2007
Western Kansas Press, Great Bend, Kansas, 1962-1966
Hays Daily News, Hays, Kansas, 2009
Hays Daily News, The, Hays, Kansas, 1929-2008
Arkansas Valley Home, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1875
Hutchinson Daily News, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1885-1890
Hutchinson Herald, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1941
Hutchinson News, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1872-2009
Hutchinson News Herald, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1937-1951
Hutchinson News-Herald, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1949-1957
Reno County Neighbors, Hutchinson, Kansas, 1993
Allen County Courant, Iola, Kansas, 1868
Iola Daily Register, Iola, Kansas, 1897-1939
Iola Daily Register And Evening News, Iola, Kansas, 1898-1899
Iola Messenger, Iola, Kansas, 1983
Iola Register, Iola, Kansas, 1875-1984
Kansas State Register, Iola, Kansas, 1870
Neosho Valley Register, Iola, Kansas, 1868-1874
Evangelistic War Cry, Kackley, Kansas, 1893-1894
Herald Of Pentecost, Kackley, Kansas, 1894
Kackley Leader, Kackley, Kansas, 1893-1894
Western Record, Kackley, Kansas, 1893
Lansing Current, The, Lancing, Kansas, 2007
Lansing Current, Lansing, Kansas, 2005-2008
Chieftain, The, Lawrence, Kansas, 2007
Journal World, Lawrence, Kansas, 2003
Kansas Weekly Gazette, Lawrence, Kansas, 1882-1883
Lawrence Daily Gazette, Lawrence, Kansas, 1884-1918
Lawrence Daily Herald Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1884-1886
Lawrence Daily Journal World, Lawrence, Kansas, 1935-1936
Lawrence Daily Journal-World, Lawrence, Kansas, 1969
Lawrence Daily Kansas Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1882
Lawrence Daily Morning News, Lawrence, Kansas, 1884
Lawrence Daily Morning Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1884
Lawrence Daily Record, Lawrence, Kansas, 1889-1893
Lawrence Daily Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1882-1883
Lawrence Daily World, Lawrence, Kansas, 1892-1911
Lawrence Evening News, Lawrence, Kansas, 1883
Lawrence Evening Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1886-1890
Lawrence Gazette, Lawrence, Kansas, 1883-1899
Lawrence Jeffersonian Gazette, Lawrence, Kansas, 1899-1920
Lawrence Journal Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1890-2002
Lawrence Journal World, Lawrence, Kansas, 1879-2009
Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, Kansas, 1941-2007
Lawrence Morning News, Lawrence, Kansas, 1883-1884
Lawrence Morning News Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1884
Lawrence Morning Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, 1884
Lawrence Republican Daily Journal, Lawrence, Kansas, 1869-1879
Lawrence Weekly Journal, Lawrence, Kansas, 1886-1889
Lawrence Weekly Record, Lawrence, Kansas, 1889-1893
Lawrence Weekly World, Lawrence, Kansas, 1892-1909
Lawrence Western Home Journal, Lawrence, Kansas, 1869-1885
Mirror, The, Lawrence, Kansas, 2007
Leavenworth Times, The, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1952-1978
Manhattan Mercury, The , Manhattan, Kansas, 1961-2007
Mankato Jewell County Record, Mankato, Kansas, 2008
Narka Bazoo, Narka, Kansas, 1888
Narka News, Narka, Kansas, 1893-1922
Republic County Chief, Narka, Kansas, 1885-1886
Republic County Independent, Narka, Kansas, 1883
Scandia High News, Narka, Kansas, 1935-1940
Scandia Independent, Narka, Kansas, 1886-1889
Svenskens Rost, Narka, Kansas, 1963-1964
Newton Kansan, Newton, Kansas, 2007
Norway News, Norway, Kansas, 1922
Campus, Ottawa, Kansas, 1956-1967
Ottawa Daily Republican, Ottawa, Kansas, 1900
Ottawa Herald, Ottawa, Kansas, 1957-2009
Ottawa Herald, The, Ottawa, Kansas, 1941-2008
Salina Journal, Salina, Kansas, 1951-2009
Republic County Journal, Scandia, Kansas, 1878-1892
Scandia Independent, Scandia, Kansas, 1889
Scandia Journal, Scandia, Kansas, 1882-2004
Scandia Republic, Scandia, Kansas, 1877
Shawnee Dispatch, Shawnee, Kansas, 2007-2009
Shawnee West Dispatch, Shawnee, Kansas, 2002
Mirror, Tonganoxie, Kansas, 2007
Tonganoxie Mirror, Tonganoxie, Kansas, 1999-2009
University Blues, University of Missouri, Kansas, 1900
University News, University of Missouri, Kansas, 1969-1991
Wakeeny Western Kansas World, Wakeeny, Kansas, 2008
White City Prairie Post, White City, Kansas, 2008

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