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Friday, March 18, 2011

Patrick and Anna Ryan Dwyer (Dwyre) Family History

Patrick and Anna Ryan Dwyer (Dwyre) Family History for sale.  This family history is 14 Pages long and is 2 Generations long.  This family history contains names, dates, locations, newspaper articles, obituaries and death certificate.  If you would like to purchase this family history the cost is $7.00 plus shipping.  Please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com to purchase.

Below are the current family members listed:

Dwyer, Dennis                       
Dwyer, Francis                      
Dwyer, George Sylvester     
Dwyer, John                           
Dwyer, Josephine                  
Dwyer, Josie                           
Dwyer, Lawrence                  
Dwyer, Lawrence John        
Dwyer, Margaret                    `
Dwyer, Margaret "Maggie" 
Dwyer, Mary                         
Dwyer, Mary Agnes             
Dwyer, Michael J.                 
Dwyer, Patrick                       
Dwyer, Patrick                       
Dwyer, Thomas                    
Haurahan, Ellen "Nellie" H.                                                                   
Honeywell, William E.                                                                            
Ryan, Anna                                                                                              
Windus, Hester J

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