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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kyle Cemetery, Nodaway County Missouri

This is a complete index to Kyle Cemetery from Nodaway County Missouri.  If you would like to purchase any of these tombstone pictures please email me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Artila A?????
Bundy, Ethel Ripley
Collins, William H
Collins, Arthru & Rada
Collins, Charley & Bertha
Collins, Donald
Collins, Edith
Collins, Ira Belle
Collins, James
Collins, John & Rhoda
Connor, John & Anna
Crawford, Pearl
Critlow, Charley
Eshelman, Lena
Gollim, Charles & Oka
Hayzlett, Nora
Kyle Children
Kyle, James & Elizabeth
Kyle, John M
Kyle, John R
Kyle, Nellie F
Looker, Emmett
Looker, John
McCorkhill, Husband
McNeal, Allen
McNeal, Elizabeth & William
McNeal, Hattie
McNeal, Henrietta
McNeal, James
McNeal, Margaret
McNeal, Margaret I
McNeal, Walter
McQuade, Flora
McQuade, Michael
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Ida
Palmer, Mary
Randall, Alma Ripley
Randall, Leta Ripley
Richards, Rosa
Ripley, Emmett
Ripley, John
Ripley, John & Em????
Ripley, John & Ray
Ripley, Mary & Ed
Ripley, Ralph & Viola
Ripley, Randy
Ryan, Infant son
Shore, William & Mercy
Shuff, Eva & Jessie
Shuff, Infant Son
Spurgeon, Samantha
Spurgeon, Samantha
Unknown, Willie & Arthur
Wilkin, Infant & Maggie
Wilson, Infant Son

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