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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oklahoma Newspaper Research

I have access to the following Newspapers from Oklahoma to research. If you would like to hire me to research these newspapers please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Ada Evening News, The Ada Oklahoma 1905-1978
Ada Weekly News, The Ada Oklahoma 1910-1977
Evening News, The Ada Oklahoma 1905-1913
Boynton Index Boynton Oklahoma 1913-1924
Braggs Bugle Braggs Oklahoma 1912-1913
Gruber Guidon Camp Gruber Oklahoma 1944-1946
Checotah Democrat Checotah Oklahoma 1944-1961
Checotah Enquirer Checotah Oklahoma 1901-1911
Checotah News Checotah Oklahoma 1946-1974
Checotah Times Checotah Oklahoma 1906-1925
McIntosh County Democrat Checotah Oklahoma 1910-2008
McIntosh County Leader Checotah Oklahoma 1931
Braggs Ledger Council Hill Oklahoma 1914
Council Hill Eagle Council Hill Oklahoma 1905-1907
Council Hill Times Council Hill Oklahoma 1914-1916
Choctaw Intelligencer Doaksville Oklahoma 1851
Creek Freedman Roll Eufaula Oklahoma 1869
Eufaula Democrat Eufaula Oklahoma 1914-1916
Eufaula Indian Journal Eufaula Oklahoma 1903-2008
Eufaula Republican Eufaula Oklahoma 1911-1915
Indian Journal Eufaula Oklahoma 1885-2007
Fort Gibson Baptist Evangel Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1907
Fort Gibson Democrat Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1907-1908
Fort Gibson Demophone Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1904
Fort Gibson Gazette Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1915-1916
Fort Gibson Independent Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1931-1950
Fort Gibson New Era Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1910-1922
Fort Gibson Post Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1897-1910
Fort Gibson Times Fort Gibson Oklahoma 1922
Hanna American Hanna Oklahoma 1905
Hanna Star Hanna Oklahoma 1911
Haskell Journal Haskell Oklahoma 1905-1910
Haskell News Haskell Oklahoma 1910-1922
Cannoneer, The Lawton Oklahoma 1975
Constitution, The Lawton Oklahoma 2007
Lawton Constitiution Lawton Oklahoma 1941-2007
Lawton Constitution And Morning Press, The Lawton Oklahoma 1908-1978
Lawton Constitution, The Lawton Oklahoma 2007
Lawton Constitution-Democrat Lawton Oklahoma 1907-1909
Lawton Morning Press Lawton Oklahoma 1965-1978
Morning State Democrat Lawton Oklahoma 1907
Mangum Star-News, The Mangum Oklahoma 1976-1977
Miami Daily News-Record Miami Oklahoma 1928-1961
Miami News-Record Miami Oklahoma 1927-1969
Big Basin Herald Muldrow Oklahoma 1971-1980
Muldrow Herald Muldrow Oklahoma 1968-1971
Muldrow Press Muldrow Oklahoma 1904-1914
Muldrow Sun Muldrow Oklahoma 1916-1930
Baptist Informer Muskogee Oklahoma 1910
Creek Baptist Herald Muskogee Oklahoma 1911-1912
Daily Brother In Red Muskogee Oklahoma 1890
Gulicks Weekly Review Muskogee Oklahoma 1908-1914
Indian Home And Farm Muskogee Oklahoma 1910
Indian Journal Muskogee Oklahoma 1876-1892
Indian Methodist Muskogee Oklahoma 1893
Indian Record Muskogee Oklahoma 1886-1887
Labor Amalgamator, The Muskogee Oklahoma 1904
Muskogee Cimeter Muskogee Oklahoma 1904
Muskogee Comet Muskogee Oklahoma 1904
Muskogee County Democrat Muskogee Oklahoma 1909-1925
Muskogee County Republican Muskogee Oklahoma 1910-1912
Muskogee Daily Phoenix Muskogee Oklahoma 1901-1921
Muskogee Democrat Muskogee Oklahoma 1904-1906
Muskogee Enterprise Muskogee Oklahoma 1910
Muskogee Evening News Muskogee Oklahoma 1908-1909
Muskogee Monitor Muskogee Oklahoma 1910
Muskogee News Muskogee Oklahoma 1909
Muskogee Phoenix Muskogee Oklahoma 1888-1906
Muskogee Pioneer Muskogee Oklahoma 1898-1905
Muskogee Times Democrat Muskogee Oklahoma 1906-1923
Muskogee Unionist Muskogee Oklahoma 1905
Muskogee Weekly Press Muskogee Oklahoma 1912
New State Tribune Muskogee Oklahoma 1907-1909
Our Brother In Red Muskogee Oklahoma 1882-1898
Times Democrat Muskogee Oklahoma 1906-1907
Unionist Muskogee Oklahoma 1903-1905
Pentecostal Holiness Faith And Gods Messenger Oklahoma Oklahoma 1925
Oklahoman Oklahoma City Oklahoma 1970-2007
Noble County Sentinel Perry Oklahoma 1924
Perry Journal Perry Oklahoma 1924-1930
Cherokee Republican Sallisaw Oklahoma 1906-1912
County Seat Herald Sallisaw Oklahoma 1919
Democrat American Sallisaw Oklahoma 1929-1937
New State Farmer Sallisaw Oklahoma 1906
Sallisaw Gazette Sallisaw Oklahoma 1903
Sallisaw New Era Sallisaw Oklahoma 1913
Sallisaw Star Sallisaw Oklahoma 1902-1905
Sequoyah County Birth And Death Record Sallisaw Oklahoma 1900
Sequoyah County Birth Record Sallisaw Oklahoma 1900
Sequoyah County Death Record Sallisaw Oklahoma 1900
Sequoyah County Democrat Sallisaw Oklahoma 1909-1929
Sequoyah County Democrat And Star-Gazette Sallisaw Oklahoma 1916-1919
Sequoyah County Record Of Funeral Sallisaw Oklahoma 1900-1927
Star Gazette Sallisaw Oklahoma 1908-1916
Adair County Democrat Stilwell Oklahoma 1928-1938
Adair County Leader Stilwell Oklahoma 1937
Adair County Republican Stilwell Oklahoma 1907-1915
Adair County Sentinel Stilwell Oklahoma 1908-1910
Adair Gleaner Stilwell Oklahoma 1924
Democrat Journal Stilwell Oklahoma 1938-1939
New Era Stilwell Oklahoma 1906
Standard Sentinel Stilwell Oklahoma 1910-1928
Stilwell Democrat Journal Stilwell Oklahoma 1944-2008
Stilwell Express Stilwell Oklahoma 1973
Stilwell Standard Stilwell Oklahoma 1901-1910
Cherokee Advocate Tahlequah Oklahoma 1845-1901
Cherokee Almanac Tahlequah Oklahoma 1840-1860
Cherokee Messenger Tahlequah Oklahoma 1844-1846
Democratic Leader Tahlequah Oklahoma 1921-1922
Indian Sentinel Tahlequah Oklahoma 1891-1900
Morning Sun Tahlequah Oklahoma 1893
Tahlequah Arrow Tahlequah Oklahoma 1903
Tahlequah Courier Tahlequah Oklahoma 1893
Tahlequah Leader Tahlequah Oklahoma 1904-1923
Weekly Capital Tahlequah Oklahoma 1896
Vian American Vian Oklahoma 1925
A Wreath Of Cherokee Rose Buds Vinita Oklahoma 1855
Appreciation Week Vinita Oklahoma 1935
Cherokee Orphan Asylum Press Vinita Oklahoma 1881
Cherokee Rose Buds Vinita Oklahoma 1854
Indian Arrow Vinita Oklahoma 1888-1893
Sequoyah Memorial Vinita Oklahoma 1855-1856
Vinita American Vinita Oklahoma 2008
Watts Journal Watts Oklahoma 1931-1932
Citizen Westville Oklahoma 1930
Westville Record Westville Oklahoma 1922-1935

Again if you would like to hire me to research any of the following Oklahoma Newspapers please email me at geneaology@ancestorexplorer.com

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