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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why I enjoy Genealogy

You may wonder why I enjoy doing Genealogy so much and why I would like to do this full time as a career. 

Well I didn't exactly know much about my family history until 2003.  It wasn't till after my father had passed away that I really became curious about my family history.  I was helping my mother clean out some of my father's old boxes when I came across hand written family group sheets provided to my father by his/our cousin.  Now mind you I had asked my father about our family history off and on over the years only to get told nothing.  He didn't know anyone beyond his grandparents, my great grandparents. 

Well these family group sheets turned into a wealth of information with one internet posting.  I had a long lost cousin send me 76 pages of family information in a matter of a day after posting. Now this isn't usually the norm for most people researching their family history.  I had just gotten lucky that someone had some preliminary work for me over the years.  With her work I was able to trace my family back to the 1770's.  But having names and dates I wasn't satisfied because I wanted to know more about these people listed on the paper than just a name and a birth and death date. I wanted to know who they were? What kind of work did they do? Did they go to college? Where did they grow up? What kind of interests did they have? Did they serve in the military? Were any of them famous? Did they own slaves? Were they farmers or business men? Did they serve in Politics?

All answers I have come up with and then some.  It is a passion that I have and a love of history that I have that drives me to keep going and eventually led me to start working with other people and volunteering information for other people.  All of which I still do but now I have been "battle hardened" and "experienced" and "seasoned" through all of the trials and tribulations that I have gone through to become an "Expert"

Now that I have been through all of those challenges, made notes along the way and learned from my experiences I am able to help my customers through those same challenges but much more easily.  I know exactly what types of records contain what types of information. I know that all records ARE NOT found online. That there is footwork involved and even I have had to hire people to work for me to find information in other states that I could not find. 

So if you find yourself wishing you knew how to get started researching your Genealogy why not email me and let me work for you or with you in a collaborative effort to find your family history.  It will be money and time well spent.  Please email me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

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