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Monday, March 21, 2011


That is what Ancestor Explorer is all about.  We are a Genealogy enthusiast and take every opportunity to “toot” our own horn and to show you and tell you what we can do.  I am very passionate about Genealogy and enjoy talking family history with those who are interested in it.  For me it’s more than the names, dates and locations that accompany Genealogy. I want to know about my ancestors.  Take for instance my great great grandfather.  A civil war veteran, a farmer, a man five feet-three inches tall. A short man in stature but a large man in respect in every community he lived in.  What was it about him that people liked so much?  What drew them to him?  Why did they ask him to get involved in community affairs?  What did he enjoy doing in his spare time (Assuming he had some)?  Did he have any hobbies? What did he enjoy reading? Personal information on my great great grandfather is very scarce.  I wish I could find a relative who had personal letters about him and his wife, children, his parents or grandparents.  These are the kinds of family treasures I am searching for.  Genealogy is an amazing hobby but without the “flesh” of information it’s very hard to ascertain what an ancestor was like.  So for all of those who are researching Genealogy if you have this type of information about your ancestors I am very envious of you.  I only hope someday I can find that same information about my own ancestors. 

And if any of you reading this blog post need research assistance I am available to research your family history.  You can find out more about my services at www.ancestorexplorer.com or email me directly at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com


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