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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stony Point Cemetery, Trimble Missouri

Stony Point Cemetery, Trimble Missouri Index.  If you would like to purchase a picture from this cemetery the cost per picture is $5.00  I can also perform Genealogy research for you on the families listed in this index.  To hire me to research for  you or to purchase a picture please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Arnold, G.O. & Pearl
Arnold ,Infant Dau
Bager, George L
Barnes, Ruth
Blackwell, Opal
Blackwell, RObert
Bland, Minerva
Bland, T.B.
Bland, Thomas & Jennie
Bland, Virda
Boxley, Elizabeth
Boydston, Barbara
Boyington, Lottie
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Calvin
Brown, Durfey, Hattie, &
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Hugh
Brown, Jeff
Brown, John & Lucy
Brown, John L
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Mary
Brown, Maude P
Brown, Pamalynn
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Susan M
Brown, Virgil D
Brown, Willoby & Anna
Burns, Carl & Nadine
Burns, JoAnn Davis
Calvert, Claud
Calvert, Fannie Zirkle
Calvert, G. Everett
Calvert, Howard
Carpenter, Amos & Mary
Carter, Lela
Cartmill, Alexander
Cartmill, James H
Cartmill, John & Laura
Cartmill, Millard
Cartmill, Sarah A
Cartmill, Thomas J
Clay, Henry
Clinkinbeard, Infant Son
Colier, John & Minnie
Creed, Colby & Elva
Creed, James M
Creed, Jane
Creed, Logan
Creed, Martha A
Creed, Shelby & Lizzie
Creed, William L
Cristy, Alice
Crowley, Frank & Carrie
Crowley, John M
Crowley, John W
Crowley, Pearl
Devling, Robert & Gladys
DeVoir, SL
DeVoir, Wiliam & Minerva
Douthitt, Hugh & Lena
Ellington, Willie
Fadds, Ervin
Fadds, Jasper & Margaret
Fadds, Jesse & Ida
Feagans, Kenneth (Picture)
Feagans, Kenneth Jr.
Feagans, Kenneth
Froman tombstone
Froman Family Stone
Froman, Soball
Froman, Abraham & Eleanor
Froman, Aurelia
Froman, Curtis
Froman, Logan
Froman, Perry & Maude
Fry, Cecil & Clyde
Fry, Clyde
Gaunt Inscription
Gaunt, G.W.
Gaunt, Mary
Gaunt, Mary E
Gaunt, Nannie
Gaunt, Thomas L
Gaunt, William & Virginia
Goin Family Stone
Goin, Mary
Green, Charles, Sydney, &
Grifith, Viddeau
Harman, Bennie
Harman, Bennie & Lucile
Harris, Son
Harris, Thomas & Dena
Harris, Thomas B
Harris, William & Mary
Hayter, Alice
Hayter, James & Alice
Hess, Ava
Hickman, Carolyn
Hickman, Gilbert & Minnie
Hickman, Horace
Hickman, John
Hickman, Renna
HoBack, J.S. & Martha
Jeffrey, John & Dorothy
Jones, Bonnie & Francis
Jones, John & Velma
Jones, John J
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Ray
Jones, Silas & Eliza
Karns, Infant Son
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, Iva & Charles
Lewis, John
Livesay, Lillina
Martin Family Stone
Martin, Alma
Martin, Beverly
Martin, Charles
Martin, Charles & Anna
Martin, Claude, Maude,
Mattie & A.N. Bohrer
Martin James & Frances
Martin, Leon
Martin, Leon & Beverly
Martin, Martha A.
Martin, Richard & Cora
McCollough, George &
McCulloch, Baby
McCulloch G.W. & Maude
McCulloch, Paul & Vida
McCulloch, Travis
McGuire, Ethol Taylor
McMillian, Othmer & Artie
Mead, Georgia
Mead, Luther
Moody, Carl & Frances
Moody, Carmel & Adra
Moore, Jennie
Moore, Joseph
Moreland, Carrie Gowen
Morgan, Robert & Anna
Nicholas, William & Ethel
Bernice Boyer
Norris, Enola
Noris, Hiram & Lilie
Owen, Keegan
Pearcy, Thomas & Sarah
Pine, Guy & Frances
Pine, Phillip & Janice
Poff, Mary
Porter, Terrance
Porter, Tommie & Virginia
Powell Family Stone
Powell, Donald
Powell, Eva
Powell, George
Powell, Ida
Powell, M. Caryll
Powell, Robert
Powell, Robert C
Pulliam, Ferrel
Pulliam, Jeremiah
Pulliam, Jesse M
Pulliam, J.W. & Margaret
Pulliam, J.W. & Mary
Pulliam, Schuyler & May
Pulliam, Dorothy F.
Pullin, John
Pullin, Martha E
Reed, Ella
Reed, James
Reed, James, Fannie &
Roy, Lawrence & Albert
Roy, Lawrence M.
Roy, Lila
Roy, Maggie
Shewey, Alta
Shewey, James
Shewey, Lawrence
Shewey, Nancy
Siner, Jessie
Siner, Robert & Elizabeth
Slayton, Homer & Pearl
Smith, Erwin & Velma
Smith, Lawrence & Virginia
Snider, Fred & Sue
Somers, Lee & Rose
Spann, Alice
Spann, Ernest
Spann, Hannah
Spann, James
Spessard, Allen & Maggie
Spessard, William &
Stevenson, Bessie
Stevenson, Cora
Stevenson, Jack & Odelle
Stevenson, Karl
Stevenson, Robert &
Stevenson, Robert L
Stevenson, Victor
Stevenson, Willard
Stoney Point Cemetery Sign
Strombom, Dan
Swisher, Charles
Swisher, Daniel
Swisher, Edward
Swisher, Martha
Swisher, Susan
Sydny, Herbert
Taylor, Elbert & Lena
Thompson, Ann Bailey
Thompson, Lela
Thompson, Neil
Thurman, Barton & Anna
Tomlinson, Laurin & Tille
VanHooser, John & Lucy
White, Katharen
Williams, Guy & Lula
Wiser, Ida
Wiser, LEwis
WIser, M.G.
Wright, Jepeth & Rebecca
Wright, John & Elma
Wright, Wm & Rosa
Wright, "Big John"
Zirkel, Samuel & Virginia
Zirkel, Son
Zirkle, Helena
Zirkle, Helena
Zirkle, Herman
Zirkle, Jesse
Zirkle, Jesse & Maude
Zirkle, Vernon & Winnifred
Zirkle, Winnifred

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