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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where do you find your Genealogy at?

One of my favortie places to find Genealogy is ebay.  I have found several family items on ebay but i've also been lucky that my family and cousins lived in a big group in the same small towns along the way.  The below pictures are from towns i've been researching.  I also have the family history of Judge William Woods and now have a picture of his house to go with this family history.

I'm very fortunate to have the home of Judge Woods because it adds that much more to the family history of William Woods that I have been working on as a side project to my own family history. 

Then there is this baseball team picture from Burlington Junction Missouri.  Now there are some people in this picture who could be related but I do know who because the picture was not labeled with the names of the ball players.  So if any of my visitors might know who these people are could you please help me identify these folks.

Again got these from ebay and it's one of the main reasons I use it for Genealogy because sometimes you can find items that related to your family history.  So for all of  you who visit where do you find your Genealogy items at?

Ancestor Explorer

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stony Point Cemetery, Trimble Missouri

Stony Point Cemetery, Trimble Missouri Index.  If you would like to purchase a picture from this cemetery the cost per picture is $5.00  I can also perform Genealogy research for you on the families listed in this index.  To hire me to research for  you or to purchase a picture please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Arnold, G.O. & Pearl
Arnold ,Infant Dau
Bager, George L
Barnes, Ruth
Blackwell, Opal
Blackwell, RObert
Bland, Minerva
Bland, T.B.
Bland, Thomas & Jennie
Bland, Virda
Boxley, Elizabeth
Boydston, Barbara
Boyington, Lottie
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Calvin
Brown, Durfey, Hattie, &
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Hugh
Brown, Jeff
Brown, John & Lucy
Brown, John L
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Mary
Brown, Maude P
Brown, Pamalynn
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Susan M
Brown, Virgil D
Brown, Willoby & Anna
Burns, Carl & Nadine
Burns, JoAnn Davis
Calvert, Claud
Calvert, Fannie Zirkle
Calvert, G. Everett
Calvert, Howard
Carpenter, Amos & Mary
Carter, Lela
Cartmill, Alexander
Cartmill, James H
Cartmill, John & Laura
Cartmill, Millard
Cartmill, Sarah A
Cartmill, Thomas J
Clay, Henry
Clinkinbeard, Infant Son
Colier, John & Minnie
Creed, Colby & Elva
Creed, James M
Creed, Jane
Creed, Logan
Creed, Martha A
Creed, Shelby & Lizzie
Creed, William L
Cristy, Alice
Crowley, Frank & Carrie
Crowley, John M
Crowley, John W
Crowley, Pearl
Devling, Robert & Gladys
DeVoir, SL
DeVoir, Wiliam & Minerva
Douthitt, Hugh & Lena
Ellington, Willie
Fadds, Ervin
Fadds, Jasper & Margaret
Fadds, Jesse & Ida
Feagans, Kenneth (Picture)
Feagans, Kenneth Jr.
Feagans, Kenneth
Froman tombstone
Froman Family Stone
Froman, Soball
Froman, Abraham & Eleanor
Froman, Aurelia
Froman, Curtis
Froman, Logan
Froman, Perry & Maude
Fry, Cecil & Clyde
Fry, Clyde
Gaunt Inscription
Gaunt, G.W.
Gaunt, Mary
Gaunt, Mary E
Gaunt, Nannie
Gaunt, Thomas L
Gaunt, William & Virginia
Goin Family Stone
Goin, Mary
Green, Charles, Sydney, &
Grifith, Viddeau
Harman, Bennie
Harman, Bennie & Lucile
Harris, Son
Harris, Thomas & Dena
Harris, Thomas B
Harris, William & Mary
Hayter, Alice
Hayter, James & Alice
Hess, Ava
Hickman, Carolyn
Hickman, Gilbert & Minnie
Hickman, Horace
Hickman, John
Hickman, Renna
HoBack, J.S. & Martha
Jeffrey, John & Dorothy
Jones, Bonnie & Francis
Jones, John & Velma
Jones, John J
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Ray
Jones, Silas & Eliza
Karns, Infant Son
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, Iva & Charles
Lewis, John
Livesay, Lillina
Martin Family Stone
Martin, Alma
Martin, Beverly
Martin, Charles
Martin, Charles & Anna
Martin, Claude, Maude,
Mattie & A.N. Bohrer
Martin James & Frances
Martin, Leon
Martin, Leon & Beverly
Martin, Martha A.
Martin, Richard & Cora
McCollough, George &
McCulloch, Baby
McCulloch G.W. & Maude
McCulloch, Paul & Vida
McCulloch, Travis
McGuire, Ethol Taylor
McMillian, Othmer & Artie
Mead, Georgia
Mead, Luther
Moody, Carl & Frances
Moody, Carmel & Adra
Moore, Jennie
Moore, Joseph
Moreland, Carrie Gowen
Morgan, Robert & Anna
Nicholas, William & Ethel
Bernice Boyer
Norris, Enola
Noris, Hiram & Lilie
Owen, Keegan
Pearcy, Thomas & Sarah
Pine, Guy & Frances
Pine, Phillip & Janice
Poff, Mary
Porter, Terrance
Porter, Tommie & Virginia
Powell Family Stone
Powell, Donald
Powell, Eva
Powell, George
Powell, Ida
Powell, M. Caryll
Powell, Robert
Powell, Robert C
Pulliam, Ferrel
Pulliam, Jeremiah
Pulliam, Jesse M
Pulliam, J.W. & Margaret
Pulliam, J.W. & Mary
Pulliam, Schuyler & May
Pulliam, Dorothy F.
Pullin, John
Pullin, Martha E
Reed, Ella
Reed, James
Reed, James, Fannie &
Roy, Lawrence & Albert
Roy, Lawrence M.
Roy, Lila
Roy, Maggie
Shewey, Alta
Shewey, James
Shewey, Lawrence
Shewey, Nancy
Siner, Jessie
Siner, Robert & Elizabeth
Slayton, Homer & Pearl
Smith, Erwin & Velma
Smith, Lawrence & Virginia
Snider, Fred & Sue
Somers, Lee & Rose
Spann, Alice
Spann, Ernest
Spann, Hannah
Spann, James
Spessard, Allen & Maggie
Spessard, William &
Stevenson, Bessie
Stevenson, Cora
Stevenson, Jack & Odelle
Stevenson, Karl
Stevenson, Robert &
Stevenson, Robert L
Stevenson, Victor
Stevenson, Willard
Stoney Point Cemetery Sign
Strombom, Dan
Swisher, Charles
Swisher, Daniel
Swisher, Edward
Swisher, Martha
Swisher, Susan
Sydny, Herbert
Taylor, Elbert & Lena
Thompson, Ann Bailey
Thompson, Lela
Thompson, Neil
Thurman, Barton & Anna
Tomlinson, Laurin & Tille
VanHooser, John & Lucy
White, Katharen
Williams, Guy & Lula
Wiser, Ida
Wiser, LEwis
WIser, M.G.
Wright, Jepeth & Rebecca
Wright, John & Elma
Wright, Wm & Rosa
Wright, "Big John"
Zirkel, Samuel & Virginia
Zirkel, Son
Zirkle, Helena
Zirkle, Helena
Zirkle, Herman
Zirkle, Jesse
Zirkle, Jesse & Maude
Zirkle, Vernon & Winnifred
Zirkle, Winnifred

This index is a work product of Ancestor Explorer and all Ancestor Explorer websites and is copyright material.  Copyright 2003-2011.  http://www.ancestorexplorer.com/

Salem Cemetery, Nodaway County Missouri

Salem Cemetery, Nodaway County Missouri Index.  You can purchase a picture from this cemetery for $5.00 each.  If you would like to purchas e apicture from this cemetery please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Bertha Alford
John & Emily Alford
Albert Bell
Alberta Bell
Eliza J Bell
Harry P. Bell
Katie Bell
Minnie Bell
Francis Breckenridge
Opal Care
Chester Clayton
Z.T. Clements & Elizabeth Breckenridge
Belle Cliser
THomas & Lottie Cliser
Unknown Collins
Adaline Collins
Carolyn & Adaline Collins
Guis Collins
John & Edna Collins
Alex M. Collins
Margaret C. Collins
Sarah Collins
Thomas N. Collins
William Collins
William H. Collins
Lewis Davis
Melissa Davis
Henry & Isabelle Davison
James & Mollie Davison
Mollie Reynolds Davison
Lucy Ellis Dearing
Ela DeVers
Dr. Thomas Ellis
Clinton & Belle Duff
George Duff
John & Loena Duncan
Clarence & Sarah Elliott
Covert & Cleo Elliott
J & Sarah Elliott
Addie M. Ellis
Jennie H. Ellis
Leanderie Ellis
Newmeris & Rebecca Ellis
Thomas Ellis
Reuben Forbes
Jessie & Elizabeth Gage
John Gage
Reuben Gage
Alice Hoshor
Charles Horshor
Charles & Alice Horshor
Charles & Neva Horshor

John Hoshor
Clifford HOward
Albert & Myrtle Hubbard
Charley Hubbard
Henry & Louisa Hubbard
William & Francis Hubbard
Edgar & Helen Jackson
George T. Jackson - 2 pictures
Helen Darlene Jackson
Robert Dean Jackson
Key Family Stone
Babies Key
Lena Key
Sadie Key
William & Mary Key
Lillie Elisa Lloyd
Art Logan
Leroy C. Logan
William & Effie Logan
Hellen Mary
Effie Matherly
Zoe Matherly
Mahala May
Jackson & Alice McGlothlen
Elizabeth Montgomery
James MOntgomery
Nester Family Stone
Alfred Nester
Mariah Nester
Mary Nester
Robert Nester
Priscilla Newell
Infant Daughter of A & M.G. ramey
Lori D. Stegall Richey
Elijah & Elizabeth Ross
James Ross
George & Ella Ruse
Salem Cemetery Sign
Walter & Florine Short
Ralph & Eliane Stegall
Ethylen Tanner
Ida Tanner
John & Sarah Tanner
Elsie Thompson
Mary Thompson
Willis E Thompson
Mary Unknown
Zachariah & Cordelia Westfall
Mamie & Eula Williams
Milldard & Sudie Williams
Frances Wyman
Oliver Wyman
Unknown Wyman

This index is a work product of Ancestor Explorer and all Ancestor Explorer websites and is copyright material.  Copyright 2003-2011.  http://www.ancestorexplorer.com/

Omaha Nebraskian, Marriages and Obituaries, 1856-1861, Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraskian, Marriages and Obituaries, 1856-1861, Omaha Nebraska.  Each article is for sale for $5.00 each.  These are birth, marriage and obituary announcements.  If you would like to purchase one of these please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Allie L.Alexander
Adura C.Amsnary
Rose RebeccaArmstrong
Angeline E.Ashton
Charles M.Aumock
Kate AdellAumock
Jacob L.Baker
Benjamin R.Barkalow Jr.
Annie H.Barkwell
James A.Barrett
Janem E.Bartholf
Mary A.Beauchamp
Mary AnnaBerch
George P.Bergen
Charles P.Birkett
James E.Boyd
Allwilda E.Boyd
Green. D.R.Boyd
Louis PinkneyBoynton
Joseph H.Brown
Harrison J.Brown
Josias A.Carlile
Charles BellCarr
Virgina H.Clark
Mary S.Clarke
Celestia M.Clarke
Isaac F.Collins
Anna BeadleCook
M. BlankettDavis
John B.Dickey
George W.Doane
Helen M.Donovan
Sarah J.Dopp
John S.Dvenport
Warren K.Eames
Jasper J.Eldridge
Bloomy JaneEtis
N. EllenEwing
Hattie C.Fake
Loraine H.Fales
Henry C.H.Fitzgerald
Francis W.Fox
Elizabeth F.Frazier
Timothy L.Garrigus
Mary E.Garrison
Josie DeningGaylord
George A.Graves
Emily R.Greennow
Charles W.Hamilton
Sarah AnnHarrison
William L.Hatcher
Annie H.Henry
Orra G.Henry
Charles T.Holloway
Emma E.Homan
Alice H.Hondley
George L.Horbach
Augulta C.Hotchkiss
Thomas H.Hutton
James S.Izard
Ann K.Johnson
Mary C.Kaffra
Charles J.Karbach
Jane C.Kenard
Peter J.Klotz
Zada Jane PoppletonLake
Charles W.Lamb
Margaret AnnLe Seur
Susie A.Mack
Emma L.Mack
Lizzie R.Marsden
James L.McGutigen
Hellen M.McNeal
Mary L.M'Coblin
Daniel C.Mellus
James C.Mitchell
William H.H.Mitchell
J. PascalNeagle
Thomas J.Nevitt Jr.
James E.North
Mary S.Orr
Charles R.Ottaway
Huldah B.Ousley
William S.Paddock
Louise KennelyParmelee
John W.Pattison
Sarah S.Pattison
Lucy M.Paulsen
William AmesPeck
Mollie E.Rankin
David L.Richards
Anna TheresaRiley
Julia A.Robertson
Mary H.Robison
Alonzo F.Salisbury
Timothy S.Schlessinger
Lous B.Schneider
Julia V.Scott
Mary R.Sears
Mary R.Sears
Mrs. R.Sheldon
John H.Sherman
Thomas P.Shipley
Eliza JaneShoemaker
Charles W.Shute
Charles E.Smith
Kate B.Snyder
Ann ElizaSpencer
James N.Sprague
John MSpringer
George F.Stevens
Silas A.Strickland
Peter H.Studen
Lucy E.Sutton
Louisa CTappen
Samantha L.Thomas
Margaretta A.Thompson
Jonathan A.Thompson
William R.Thrall
ElizabethVan Syckle
Henry H.Visscher
Emma L.Welch
Richard N.Withnell
Charles R.Wood
George T.Woods

This index is copyright material and belongs to Ancestor Explorer and all Ancestor Explorer websites.  Copyright 2007-2011 http://www.ancestorexplorer.com/

New York Times

have the following original articles for sale from the New York Times, 1940's available for purchase for $10.00 each.  If you would like to purchase an article from the below please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com to buy now:

Bejamin H. Pease - death notice
Timothy F. Crowley Jr.  - death notice
Evelyn Miller Slifer - Edward Samuel Lukens Jr. - marriage
Ann Norris - Reginald Roome Jr. - marriage
Ruth Campbell - Frank J. Bowden - marriage
Dorothy Drake - Paul Joseph Shine - marriage
Gella Berolzheimer - Frank Baldwin Craig - marriage
Katharine Bayard Bonsall - John Van Rensselaer - marriage
Sarah Margaret Miller - Dudley Woodworth Burchard - marriage
Ellanita Geier - James Leo Cunningham - marriage
Polly Colahan - Maddox Nelson Pieter Hinkamp - marriage
Florence Palmer Gordon - Edward Otis Cantrell - marriage
May Adelaide Ralsten - Dr. Theodore Smith Beecher - marriage
Margaret Wilma Ditman - William J. Eudy - marriage
Betty Louise Scheer - Charles J. Lipscomb - marriage
Virginia Nash - Henry Hobart Holly - marriage
Eleanor L.emly Bunker - Charles Waite Orville Bunker - marriage
Peggy Rodman Mack - James Enders Voorhees Jr. - marriage
Marion Clement - Dr. Edward Charles Curnen Jr. - marriage
Dorita Hallam Tuck - Alden Griswold Bigelow - marriage
Alice Burke McHugh - George J. Coleman Jr. - marriage
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney - obituary
Joshua Cooley Brush - obituary
William C. Stevenson - obituary
William H. Robertson - obituary
Josef Radnai - obituary
Daughter Alexander - birth
Diane Lee Anchel - birth
Daughter Barrett - birth
Son Corr - birth
Robert John Dalva - birth
Daughter De Flippis - birth
daughter Deiro - birth
Son Drucker - birth
daughter Englander - birth
Richard Peter Evans - birth
Leni Ann Finklestein - birth
Diane Friedman - birth
William K. Friedman - birth
Frederick Moritz Golden - birth
Jerrold Roy Goldie - birth
Daughter Haber - birth
Elaine Joyce Harkavy - birth
Margaret Ellen Harris - b irth
James Owen Herlands - birth
Son Heynen - birth
Marilyn Wendy Housen - birth
Daughter Jaffe - bith
Daughter Kane - birth
Son Lawrence - birth
Francis Ellen Leviton - birth
John Peter Manes - birth
Daughter Martell - birth
Son Meyerson - birth
Barbara Ann Milberg - birth
Wendy Rose Osserman - birth
Son Rohan - birth
Fredric Alan Rosenberg - birth
Wesley Ian Rotholz - birth
Son Savarit - birth
Daughter Selinka - birth
Daughter Shalit - birth
Son Singer - birth
Edward Spitz - birth
Pamela Jo Stang - birth
Barbara Ellen Snyder - birth
Ilene Jane Weil - birth
Marjori Karen Wolf - birth
Nan Zeichner - birth
Son Zwerdling - birth
Edward Ezra Bearman - bar mitzvah
Perry Erwin Goldberg - bar mitzvah
Arnold Heimler - bar mitzvah
Saul Kanrich - bar mitzvah
Walter Weiss - bar mitzvah
June Lowman - Arnold Arons 
Florence Asch - Rabbi Irving J. Baumol
Marion Friedman - Hyman Bessin
Ruth Meyerson - Edmund E. Drubin
Jeanne Louise Tannenbaum - Charles R. Gollup
Ruth Reingold - David Gordon
Sylvia Gerson - Arthur Greenspan
Frances Miller - Justin E. Groskin
Pearl Zeisler - Dr. Harold H. Kalman
Doris Schaefer - Arnold Krauskopf
Rosalind Ellen Wolfe - David Melker
Ethel Peck - Alexander I. Muson
Muriel Marian Somber - Harold Neiditch
Cynthia Nussbaum - Samuel C. Schefrin
Miriam Woronoff - Martin Stuchiner
Rhoda Gitenstein - Bernard D. Sumberg
Blanche R. Simmons - Louis Applefeld
Katheryn Adelaide Stream - Ira Elliott Bobbins
Frieda Lichtman - Maurice Chrystall
Rhoda Khahn - Ernest Graf
Rosalyn Shefrin - D. Robert Greenwald
Charlotte Appelbaum - Robert Gerald Lanzit
Theresa Ray Schary - Irving P. Marks
Jean Hofstadter - David S. Reiss
Geraldine Zuck - William J. Rosenberg
Jeanette Meyer - Maxwell J. Russell
Esther Katz - Alexander Schrenzel
Madeline Shalleck - Leonard Shalleck
Miriam Geraldine Kahn - Adlai Sherwin
Ethel Greenstein - David M. Wishnick
Nona Meltzer - Irving Ziek
Cards of Thanks
Meyer B. Breslin
Joseph Friedman
James Arthur Amery
Alban Anderson
Abram A. Bab
Gertrude T. Barr
Phillip Braumfiled
Dr. Willard Parker Beach
Solomon (Solly) Benjamin
Romona Vivien Betzer
Joshua Cooley Brush
Louis Crawford Clark
John M. Connery
John J. Connor
Thomas corcoran
Arthur E. Fairchild
Joseph Falk
Michael Fallon
Helen J. Farrell
Ralph Friedman
August Gaetjens
Gertrude S. Gamble
Dorothy V. Gardiner
Joseph Gaylord Gessford
Moe Greenbaum
Samule Hecht
James Herbert
Samuel Herman
Adelina Hernandez
Marie Herzog
Julia Hilfman
Minnie Hirschhorn
Emma Buehler Horns
James V. Ireland
Dr. Carl O. Johns
Mary Lawrence Keene
Cecile Gamerman Krulewich
Stella C. Kunz
Mathilde Lange
Bertha Lazarus
Joseph Levi
Lizzie McCall
David Mackler
Flora Kuhn Marx
Louis Mazzarella
Nicolai Mednikoff
Jacob Mendelsohn
Harry Migatz
Ester Mittelmark
Gertrude Caspar Mumford
Edwin Burritt Proudfit
Josef Radnai
Marie A. Reichert
Bernard J. Riley
Hattie Rosenbusch
Samuel Rossoff
David Salisch
Harriet B. Schanzer
Sarah Schreibersdorf
Jacob Schapiro
David Silverstein
Joseph Simon
Henry J. Tormey
Annie Ellen Usher
Hazel Hunt Ward
August Wenz
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
Harry Wishnevetzky
Karen Zucker
In Memorian
Tillie Altschul
Samuel Becker
Sarah Dickinson Craig
Richard W. Mott
Louis Nirenberg
Phillip Pearlman
Ella A. Riley
Morris Rosenstein
Fanny Siegel
Rosa Weiss
Louis Zeller
Rose A. Block
Anna Goldstein
Max Goodman
Fannie Greenberg
Bertha Hyman
Fannie Kahn
Rose F. Kurshan
Mendel Lifschutz
Harry Lottman
Rose Mayer
Clara Sugarman Morgenstern
Robert Rauh
Morris A. Ring
Samuel Sagolowitz
Davis Saltman
Max B. Stern
Abraham Surut
Mollie Wechsler
Herman Young
John Allen Rowland
Alice Dodge Holmes
Dr. Carl O. Johns
Joseph F. Siner
Adam J. Damm
Julia Gardener Broadhead
H. Alban Anderson
Lizzie McCall
Mary Winthrop Pratt - Grant Webb
Barbara De Wolf - Merrill Worthen
Virginia Bohon Mosley - Hector Russell Carveth Jr.
June Eileen McDowell - Andrew Shreeves
Mary Jane Hollingshead - Edwin Drexel Godfrey Jr.
Mary Frances Duffy - Irving J. McCarty
Rita Genevieve Baldwin  - M. Joseph McNamara
Agnes Price Hobson - Albert I. Evans Jr.
Betty Wallace Blanton - Dr. Robert Murray Miskimon
Anne Wellington Flitner - Laurence Robbins Wallace
Samuel P. Bond - death notice
Michael Ruby - death notice
Lucille Sanderson Shepphard - Tom Connally - marriage
Joy Hodges - Paul D. Helmund - marriage
Martha Bacon - Creighton Churchill
Emma Hill Orvis - Jackson Van Rensselaer
Nancy Anne Starbuck - Seth M. Fitchet Jr.
Marion Adams Benbow - Palmer Quintard Bessey
Louise Hubbard - Walter I. Tibbetts
Elizabeth Lesure Culver - Lionel Mordaunt Rogers
Adele Wilde - William A. Leonard
Patricia Noyes - John Winslow O'Neill
Mary Eleanor Connell - Eugene Francis Burke
Marjorie Harrison  - Dr. Douglas Smith Anderson
Virginia Jane White - Frederick Sargent II
Catherine Egan - Allen W. Ames
Charlotte Edith Remington - Dr. Edward Warren Smith
Mary Dixon Thayer - Ludlow Kerr Collingwood
Dorothy Elaine Reeves - Robert Allen Keyworth
Lyde Marie Newman - Theodore Milton Black
Yvette Helen Le Roux - Edward Mitchell Townsend
Susan Lydia Bull - Charles Maurice Napper
Elizabeth Irene Bell - F. Morris Miller Jr.
Dianne Wing Brown - Harry Pl. Blackwood Jr.
Mary Sharpless Pearson - George H. Earle
Patricia Derrick Clement - Donald Edwin Bishop
Mary Grasty Bell - Dr. Henry St. George Tucker Jr.
Margaret S. Mann - Robert Winthrop
Grace Paulin - William E. Scattergood
Elizabeth Clark Cookman - Charles Duncan Brown Jr.
Ruth Allin Wendt - Frederick C Collin
Donna Christiana Torlonia Lorda - Alexander J.M. Tuck
Leslie Lovejoy - Grant Gilbert Simmons
Caldwell Smith - Charles Wolcott
Jean D. Irwin - William Ellis Smith
Martha Grifin Mauldin - Rowland Davenport Stickles
Jeanne Elise Rodgers - Arthur Peterson Hayden
Martha Dwight Douglas - William Erhardt Weiss Jr.
Marice Frances Butler - Edward Vernon Franklin
Virginia Langdon Sullivan - Robert Woodward
Leta E. Trutle - Reginald E. Thomas
Isabelle Auriema - Barnet Phillips III
Dorothy Marjorie Michaels - Thomas Edward Cathcart Jr.
Mary Clementine Carter - John Robert Murray
Kathryn Stuart Hillyer - Lynn Francis Barnett
Victoria Elizabeth MacCormack - Dr. Robedrt W. Monroe
Muriel Joyce Herzstein - Dr. Herman Schneck
Marienne Therese Loftus - James Stuart Gillespie
Dorothy Mary Jane Barmonde - Donald Calo
Margaret Kathleen Matthias - James J.A. McKague
Katherine Crane Brown - Wadsworth Terry Oliver
Mary Lowe Chamberlin - William Warren Scranton
Helen Nancy Capron - Richard Dixon Warner
Perley Morse
Annie Aitken
Margaret Nielson
Carrloo McCrea
Henry Busch
Dr. Mendel Donchi
William M. Hughes
Amanda A. Cory Crane
Elizabeth Melody Rawnsley
William L. Bartlett
Herbert Edward Shreeve
Harry B. Lovell
John Robinson Royston
Bernard Lamb
G. Everett Hollnad
Peter Atwell
Son Barrett
Daughter Bienenstock
Abby Binger
Michael Blumenau
Beatrice Boltinoff
Deidre Burnstine
Kenneth Allan Collins
Son Cossari
Son Costi
Son Daly
David Dinken
Lois Tina Dontzig
Jo Ann Barbara Faitt
Daughter Flack
Michael Herbert Frisch
Son Glickman
Judith Anne Gozan
Son Greenfield
Neil Robert Hammer
Son Heyning
Joseph S. Jacobs
Karen Ann Kalker
Daughter Lancelot
Shulamith Ruth Levine
Ruth Leonore Lieberman
Son McCormick
Daughter McGuire
Daughter McStravik
Steven Louis Mandel
Daughter Murphy
Andres Neiman
Son Pelletiere
Daughter Price
Linda May Schulder
Ethel Irene Schulman
Leni Rose Schwartz
Son Tannenbaum
Marilyn Beth Wolf
Sanford Murray Edelstein
Beverly schiff - Edward Altglass
Francine "Frankie" Dienner - Hyman Blum
Riva Gordon - Samuel Bricker
Jean Freundlick - Myron Canter
Vivian Friedenberg - Henry Gluck
Gretel Bleich - Jerome Francis Gould
Irene Beck - Henry Greenman
Harriet Trachtenberg - Sanford Krasner
Sylvia F. Treeger - Samuel Lupatin
Libby Saperstein - Irving L. Milberg
Sophie Smilowitz - Hyman Miller
Shirley Faye Gross - Ira A. Shampansky
Jeanett Rose - Daniel Shapiro
Estelle Glaser - Dr. William C. Scharmett
Ruth Edythe Weiss - Martin Spencer
Rita Grossman - Les Steinhardt
Eleanor Blumberg - Maurice Yaffe
Jane Lehman - Sanford Berg
Helene Spritzer - Milton H. Bernstein
Bernice Cohn - Allison Confrad
Emanuel L. Goetz - Esther L. Genashe
Ruth Barbara Massler - Monroe Jaffe
Jane R. Kaufherr - Bernard D. Keno
Elaine Ruth Link - Edward Van Prang Lee
Audrey Julliette Scharp - Julian H. Mirsky
Jack Rieger - Sadye Selinka
Muriel Elaine Goldman - Nathan Werter
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Buse - 55th wedding anniversary
Cards of Thanks
Oscar Bleetstein
Antonia Eichel
Minnie Hirschhorn
Morris R. Horovitz
Charles Applegate
Lawrence Arata
Jeanette F. Benedetto
John M. Bermingham
Caroline Blatt
Clara Bluth
Frank Donanno
Mary Proudfit Bowman
Regina Brand
Rose Breiterman
Mhattie Francis Briggs
Sally Tyler Clark Buckland
George M. Casey
Ida Omstead Cook
Edward Crozier
Cornelius H. Cummingham
Rev. Daniel C. Cunnion
Polly De Boer
Dr. Mendel Donchi
Mary T. Delaney Ennis
Charles L. Farley
Bridie H. Fensore
James F. Fitzpatrick
Mary Flanagan
Katherine Fraser
Albert M. Friedenberg
Mae Geisman
Harry Goldman
Samule Goodman
Luanne Greenwood
Sam Haber
Florence M. Hall
Lucian S. Haughwitz
Isabelle D. Heideleberger
Henry Heilbrunn
Bertha C. Holland
William M. Hughes
Phillip Kalmus
Yetta Kaplan
Louise E. Karsch
James P. Keenan
Herbert Keilson
Sylvia E. Kommer
Fannie London
Percy R. Mead
Charles Meads
Jennie Francis Michelena
Robert F. Milde
Mary L. Kenny Murphy
Clara Ober
Carleton O. Peacock
Percy E. Pierce
Max J. Pollet
Sarah Poons
Sadie Poons
Marjorie King Rachlin
Mary G. Reilly
Viola Vosburgh Cundiff Rendleman
Jack L. Rogers
Michael J. Ryan
Alex Schechter
Harry Schlanger
Saul J. Selkin
Herbert Edward Shreeve
Herman Simet
Frank Lawrence Stratton
Geza Szasz
Rose Taxin
Howard V.D. Waldron
Mary Stillman Weil
Mary Weil
Edwin Wilensky
In Memoriam
Lizzie Delson
Esther M. Dyson
Gloria Flatow
Nat Leavy
Rachel H Levi
Alfred Lissner
Joseph Marrow
Joseph Muskot
Robert Rauh
George Schustek
Morris Walfish
Diana Zipser
Memorial Services
Theresa Creag Klein
Mollie Abrams
Max Abramson
Martha Angel
Samuel Beckhardt
Pauline Benjamin
Minnie Braunstein
Frances Lande Ettenson
Abraham Fox
Celia Freiman
Mary Garner
Moses Glick
Rachel Gomberg
William Greenfield
Anna Heatter
Fannie Kahn
Joseph Karp
Samuel Koff
Henrietta Clara Lachman
Father Litt
Rose Lustbader
David H. Neumann
Sophie Siegelbaum
Mendel Silverstein
Julia Thaler
Daniel C. Cunnion
Sally Clark Buckland
Lee H. Ehret
Dr. Donald McNaughton
David C. Whitney
Charles B. Wright
Mrs. Border Bowman
John A. McGregor
Carl A. W. Brandt
James F. Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth McEwan Dodd - John W. Pullman III - Engagement
Geraldine Vernoica Smith - Dr. Merrill A. Swiny III - Engagement
Jean Alma Haslam - David Scott Connell - Engagement
Charlotte Hawes Ryland - DeWitt Dellinger Casier Jr. - Engagement
Madeline Morgan Bond - Robert Chalres Picoli - Engagement
Anita Hope Hamilton - Phillip Ellsworth Sellers - Engagement
Dorothy C. Kenny - Walter P. Welch Jr. - Engagement
Mary Margretta Woods - Alfred Robbins Valentine - Engagement
Barbara Ellinwood Frost - Dr. Inglis Folger Frost - Engagement
Barbara Swift Brengle - Walter Bigelow Wriston - Engagement
Joan Elizabeth Rome - Laurence Crane Griesemer - Engagement
Sylvia Brody - Joseph M. Landow - Engagement
Bettie Hirschl - Harold J. Mendelsohn - Engagement

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Nebraska Newspaper Research

I have access to the following old Nebraska newspapers. If you would like to hire me to research for Birth announcements, marriage announcements, Obituaries or other newspaper articles you can hire me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Beatrice Daily Sun Beatrice Nebraska 1902-1977 
Columbus Daily Telegram, The Columbus Nebraska 1961-1969 
Columbus Telegram Columbus Nebraska 1974-1979 
Columbus Telegram, The Columbus Nebraska 1969-1974 
Daily Telegram, The Columbus Nebraska 1957-1961 
Evening Telegraph, The North Platte Nebraska 1901-1932 
North Platte Daily Telegraph North Platte Nebraska 1896 
North Platte Daily Telegraph-Bulletin, The North Platte Nebraska 1949-1951 
North Platte Telegraph North Platte Nebraska 1945-1974 
North Platte Telegraph, The North Platte Nebraska 1941-2001 
Telegraph North Platte Nebraska 1979-1987 
Telegraph, The North Platte Nebraska 1881-1918 
Telegraph-Bulletin  North Platte Nebraska 1962-1963 
Scottsbluff Star Herald Scottsbluff Nebraska 2009 
Scottsbluff Star-Herald Scottsbluff Nebraska 2008 
Star Herald Scottsbluff Nebraska 2009 
Star-Herald Scottsbluff Nebraska 1999-2008
Cherry County Indepedent, Valentine Nebraska 1860 - 1922
The Valentine Democrat, Valentine Nebraska, 1860-1922
Valentine Democrat, Valentine Nebraska, 1860-1922
Western News Democrat, Valentine Nebraska, 1860-1922
Columbus Journal, Columbus Nebraska, 1860-1922
The Commoner, Lincoln Nebraska, 1860-1922
The Conservative, Nebraska City Nebraska, 1860-1922
Custor County Republican, Broken Bow Nebraska, 1860-1922
The Falls City Tribune, Falls City Nebraska, 1860-1922
The McCook Tribune, McCook Nebraska, 1860-1922
McCook Weekly Tribune, McCook Nebraska, 1860-1922
The Norfolk Weekly News, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1860-1922
The Norfoilk weekley news journal, Norfolk Nebraska, 1860-1922

So Email me now at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com to hire me to research the above newspapers

Genealogy Message Boards

There is a new Genealogy Message Board that I wanted to share with you all, it is:
You can post your information, post a genealogy research project or even hire a professional genealogist to work for you.  Please share the word about our site and hope to see you there.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, 1907-1911

Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, 1907-1911.  You can purchase copies of the pages from this book for $5.00 each for proof of your ancestors attendance.  I can also get you copies of their academic trascripts for $15.00 per record.  If you'd like to get a copy of the page from this book and an academic transcript please contact me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Alva C. BrownEthel AikenArtie A. ArmstrongC.H. Allen
D.G. BridgesSusie E. AlcottBernice BakerLillian Austin
A.H CooperElizabeth Baker WeaklineJessie F. E. BarbourJames Carpenter
Fred GrayMaude BentEdna BondWinifred Carpenter
Dena HartmanEsther HannaPhoebe BramblettGrace Carpenter
Elizabeth McLeoadKathryn BrownE.A. BurchMarie Carter
Ruby MelvinNeola BryantHarry S. ConradLennice Clark
Katherine O'ConnorAudrey CarterMinne CowleyNellie Conrad
Golda RoachLolita CrowtherZetah CulbertsonOra Eckles
Mary RossGeorgie B. CusterEva DuncanEdna May Gray
 Aria DanielJ.H. FranciscoFred J. Gray
 L.U. DoyleMary FrankMrs. Fred J. Gray
 Gertrude BlairLois HalleyReba Gray
 Agnes B. DukeElla HazelriggClarie Eveyln Hartman
 Wilbur A. DunbarMrs. J.M. HerrickW.H. Lacy
 Guy EnsorRay HolthoffBelle Lawhead
 Nora Gertrude FloydEva N. HoustonHelen Leffler
 Ethel Graves WileyChloe JefferiesCornelia Luce
 Mary Olive GrayHerman JoyRuth Melvin
 Edna HaasEdith B. KimeMargaret McDougal
 Frances Catherine HartmanBeatrice LaMarRoss O. Miller
 Alma HotchkissLucy Lee ScheilerMary Ogden
 May HotchkissElsie LiggettMyrle Peppers
 Minnie HendersonWilliam R. LowryBertha Riggs
 Bonnie JohnsonH.I. MartinJohn E. Rush
 Virgie KimmonsJessie MutzRoy Snipes
 Albert A. LongLou Etta MorrisMaude Ward
 Estella L. MasonOla GenoRaymond Watson
 Harry MutzEliza MunnCatherine Waugh
 Helen McNellisGertrude Neal RobinsonNellie Wray
 Lena NixonHazel PerryCharlotte M. Wright
 Mirtyle NixonSebee Rowley 
 Myrtle PeretEdna Sager 
 Besse Crane RasmussenFay Southwell 
 Phyllis SaylerElizabeth Smothers 
 Laura Scott  
 Ethel Shoemaker  
 Lillian Starr  
 Mabel Storm  
 Charles Worley  
 Eva Welch  
 Ethel Wray Tolbot  
 Sylvia Wray  
Myra Hull   
Bessie Cox   
Ruby Lorance   
Pauline Parr   
Bertha Pence   
Maude Roach   
Jennie Ringgold   
Jessie Scott Griffey   
Helen Todd   
Lulu Todd   
Golda Airy   
Dora Carpenter   
Dora Day   
Nell Donan   
Myrtle Eckles   
H.H. Hankins   
Nell Hudson   
O.E. Jones   
Lillis Knappenberger   
A.E. Malotte   
Charles Miller   
D.N. McClintock   
Homer Neff   
Bertha Northcutt   
Alice Orcutt   
Alice Ray   
Stella Q. Smith   
Lillie Steinman   
G.R. Watson   
A.E. Wickizer   

This index is copyright material and belongs to Ancestor Explorer and all Ancestor Explorer websites.  Copyright 2007-2011 http://www.ancestorexplorer.com/

The Norwich Courier & The Norwich Aurora, Norwich Connecticut, Marriages & Obituaries, 1808-1888

The Norwich Courier & The Norwich Aurora, Norwich Connecticut, Marriages & Obituaries, 1808-1888.  If you would like to purchase an item from this book the cost is $5.00 each.  You can purchase by contacting me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com 

Eleazer Huntington
Priscilla Barker
Sials Talbot
Eliza Pintard
James South
Lydia North
George Hudson
Seraphina Maria Caroline Matilda Juliana Sophia Ann Mansfield
George Hill
Mary Hudson
Betsey Peck
Anna Gifford
Mira Barlow
George Hill
Hannah Dunham
Thomas L. Truman
Elizabeth Rose
Duty Green
Abby Pearce Truman
David Samson
Nehemiah Chold
Mary Park
Joseph Gallup
Jane Horton
Peleg Arnold
David Butts
Susan C. Champlin
Calvin G. Rawson
Elizabeth B. Whipple
Artemas G. Storrs
Lydia Harding
Israel D. Philips
Wealthy B. Wheeler
George W. Edwards
Lucma Wilcox
Adan T. Pember
Sophia H. Gager
Amos G. Brumley
Eliza Ann Herrick
Edwin Morgan
Alethea S. Frazier
Benjamin Newton
Mary Maine
William W. Eggles
Dareas Maine
Benjamin W. Palmer
Bestsey A. Babcock
Laurie Carew
Martha M. Vincent
Samuel P. Andrews
Mary Ann Gordon
Sarah S. Downer
Fredus Parker
Louisa Hartson
Silus Fitch
Sally M. Bill
Daniel A. Keigwin
Eunice Frink
Christopher G. Maine
Lydia E. Miner
Daniel L. Chapman
Seth Clark
Eleazer Williams
Rebecca C. Holbrook
Mary Tracy
John Fowler
Barzillar Davison
John Bass
Maria Tracy
E.K. Fuller
William J. Kelley
Lydia Fuller
Daniel Denison
William Pendleton
Lucius W. Spencer
Mary A. Cox
Daniel Huntington
Emily Wilson
Benjamin P. Babcock
Harriet N. Walker
Mary Carpenter
Mary Gavit
John L. Fillmore
Hannah S. Frink
Ephraim Clark
William P. Clark
Isham Thompson
Sarah H. Maxwell
Hannah H. Hempstead
William N. Barrows
Charles Sisson
Julia Rockwell
Mrs. Andress
Mary L. Whitcomb
Francis J. Draper
Elizabeth Newcomb
Harvey Phillips
Mary Green
Sophia Hyde
George William
John J. Miner
Martha E. Peabody
Lauriston Avery
Mary Wilber
James Clark
Mary Beebe
James Breed
Sarah Louisa Backus
Lyman Treadway
Elizabeth Johnson
Joseph Merrom
Julia A. Baily
Timothy L. Skinner
Julia A. Webster
Lorenzo D. Parker
Harriet Ann Griswold
Absolom Beckwith
Sanford P. Brown
Lucinda G. Wheeler
Lucius Lincoln
Elizabeth M. Bingham
Aaron R. Hardcastle
Mary corintan
John Nathaniel Eells
Clarina Thomas
Charles E. Lewis
Benjamin F. Sisson
Maritta York
William M. White
Marriet E. Lyman
Samuel Dolbeare
Levi H. Partridge
Catherine J Willes
Isaac Allyn
Harriet Clark
Mrs. E Johnson
Edward M. Caulkins
Eliza Guild
Margaret Tully
Rebecca Barlow
Nancy Leeds
Experience Johnson
Erastus Wattles
Timothy Boardman
Frederick Perkins
Mary N. Huntington
Aaron Ogden
Wilbur Hong
Isaac Allyn
Gurdon Hewitt
Ebenezer P. Adams
Catherine B. Graves
Gilbert Pratt
Sarah Pratt
Horace Averill
Jennette Hungerford
Daniel Miner
William Hunt
Clarinda M. Sprague
Francis W. Raymond
Eliza C. Khiland
Homer Swift
Louisa M. Lambert
Edward Filley
Frances Ann Chapman
Horatio Root
Abigail Hazy
Patrick Robinson
William L. Dexter
Mary A. Bacon
Thomas Gill
Son Jennings 
Phil I. Shallor
H.G. O. Dwight
Mary Lane
William A.M. Hand
Henry Camp
Jabez Spencer
Albert B. Camp
Frances Ann Stearns
Joseph W. Camp
Lucy Augusta Brewster
David B.W. Camp
Fauny Jennet Fox
Rush Tuller
D.H. Vining
William Coleman
Julia Ervin
William H. Miller
Emiline B. Walker
I.Q. Stearns
Louisa C. Judd
Jacob S. Brandagee
Sarah M. Hinsdale
L.V.H. Crospy
Elmia C. Cooper
Mary Brumley
George R. Brumley
Tryon a. Holmes
Carlsie Whitmore
Maria Hinkley
Prentice O. Smith
Eliza J. King
Benjamin Johnson jr.
Susan Johnson
William Barker
Frank Johnson
James A. Gore
Benoni Sweet
James Dawley
Morgan Stafford
Mary E. Yerrington
Nathaniel P.P. Brown
Anna Shepherd
John F. Woodworth
Sarah F. Winship
Thomas N. Reed
Harriet M. Tryon
George H. Johnson
Adline Landon
Mrs. Lebret
desire Morgan
Simon P. Abel
Sarah E. Babcock
Christiana I. Russell
Elizabeth S Perry
George H. Perry
Lorinda H. Perry
Nancy B. York
Elezer Tracy
James C. Johnson
Ann Maria Hempstead
Shorty Davis
Betsey Carew
George D. fuller
Hannah M. Havens
William V. Cleveland
Pamelia L. Standish
Mary Taylor
Origen Ford
Samuel Freeman
Sybil Chapman Staplins
Elisha P. Fox
Elijah W. Fox
James G. Dolbeare
Louisa E. burrows
Ambrose Reynolds
Emeline Niles
Roswell G. Lamb
Frances C. James
Elisha Olin
Jamims Rathbone
Anna Brewster
Sally Porter
Mrs. Perkins
Asher Miner
Lavius H. Abell
Margaret M. Frink
Samule F. Wilbur
Lucy A. Burdick
Walter T. Chapman
Joannah C. Tabor
John Perry
David Tracy
Othniel Gager
Sarah Howe
Robert C. Gist
Sarah M. Smith
John H. Armstrong
Lucretia C. Brumley
Sidney Risley
Mary E. Dodge
Thomas Miner
Edwin Johnson
Sara Eliza Murray
Oliver A. Sisson
Mary H. Segar
Charles S. Johnson
Mrs. Coats
Eunice Guile
Anna B. Cary
Joseph N. Loomis
Martha R. Brumley
Giles M. Eaton
C. Isabella Tracy
Edwin Gallup
Eliza Ann Leeds
Samuel Allen
John Loomis
Ephraim Lewis
Abby H. Story
William Hazen
Laura Ladd
Mial Pierce
Betsey Abell
Harry Harland
Mary Selden
William Mason
Betsey Derby
Lydia Chesbro
Sally Fenton
William A. Worthington
Emily Williams
Albert Cherry
Helen Cochrane
Thomas Osborn
Lydia A. Drown
Charles B. Grant
Elizabeth A. Prentice
Minot A. Osborn
Catharine S. Basset
Lucy Billings Babcock
Frances Ann Payne
Alpheus Kingsley
Allen C. Lewis
William Latham
Elisha Barnes
Louisa Leon Camp
Caroline Whittlesey
Charles Chester
Julia A. Thomas
Sarah Lovell Cook
Polly Williams
Nathan Barker
Susan Coburn
Hamilton J. Chinawith
Phebe Ann Sherman
Leonard Cooley
Lydia Sherman
Albert I. Robbins 
Ruth Beebe
James Breed
Eunice Hewitt
George Dolbeare
Roswell S. Smith
James Albert Setchell
LeRoy Park
Harriet Stanton
Charity Mary Champlin Earle
Sarah A. Swain Lucas
Susan E. Tracy Avery
J. Newton Perkins
Nathaniel Spencer English Dennis
Mary C. Earle
Henry Brooks Wattles
Ann H. Morgan
Anton Lohman
Alvina Popig
Charles H. Peckham
Ella R. Tucker
Edwin F. Colgrove
Annie L.M. Johnson
Robert A. France
Helen S. Holbrook
Frank L. Palmer
Louisa  Townsend
Harvey L. Muzzy
Mary E. Coil
James Blair
Louisa Chadwick
Edwin L. Tinkham
Julia A. Fitch
Caql Seifert
Frederica Geib
Lizze S. Lippitt
George Goss
Henry P. Brakenridge
Alice Wilson
David Osborn
Abby Leech
Frederick M. Brown
Julia A. F. Batty

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