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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1902 Burlington Junction Post, Obituaries, Marriages, Births

I have indexed this years newspaper from the Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri.  All articles are $5.00 each.  To purchase a copy of an article please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com
Mr. Blakeley       Obituary
Ed Turpin       Obituary
James Jackson       Obituary
Spencer Claypool       Obituary
John Broderick       Obituary
Taylor-Carmichael       Marriage Announcement
Emma West       Obituary
Griffey-Comer       Marriage Announcement
Kelley-Palmerton       Marriage Announcement
Williams-Nicholas       Marriage Announcement
Townsend Gardner       Obituary
Mrs. Hart       Obituary
Moore-McGinness       Marriage Announcement
Etta Maines Graff       Obituary
Joseph Oldham       Obituary
Frank Jones       Obituary
Lydia Nicholas       Obituary
James Womack       Obituary
Mary Graves Leaverton       Obituary
Heflin-Bollinger       Marriage Announcement
Laura Yates       Obituary
Martha Shaw       Obituary
Proudfit-Todd       Marriage Announcement
Minnie Davison Edmonds       Obituary
Daniel Middaugh       Obituary
Hostetter-Lulu       Obituary
Kellog-Fox       Marriage Announcement
Nicholas-Sexson       Marriage Announcement
Brody-Willet       Marriage Announcement
George Hayzlett       Obituary
Mary Osburn Mason       Obituary
Daughter Bower       Birth Announcement
W.A. Johnson       Obituary
Daughter Barber       Birth Announcement

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