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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quitman Cemetery, Quitman Missouri Index

I have photographed this entire cemetery and have indexed it.  Each picture is for sale for $5.00 each. You can purchase a picture by emailing me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

I also have family histories on several of these families as well as access to old newspapers to provide more information to you.

Ackerman, John
Ackerman Lewis
Ackerman, Maye
Ackerman, Nancy,
Albright, Joel and Kathy
Anderson, Malinda
Ashford, Paul
B, Emma D wife of Joseph
Bailey, Eli and Mary
Bailey, Hamlin and Mary
Bailey, John Wilson
Beason, Ora and Anna
Beason, Terry
Beattie, Sarah
Bell, Boyd and Marilyn
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, Joseph
Bilby Family Stone
Bilby, Infant son
Bilby, John S
Bilby, Louisa Josephine
Bilby, Mabel
Bilby, Ralph I
Bibly, Russell and Margret
Bilby, Willie
Bird, Fred and Bess
Bird, Golda I
Bird, John and Rosanna
Bird, Lee Bennett
Bird, Ollie Dell
Bowes, John George
Boyer, Anna E
Bracken, Jesse N
Brackmen, Grace M
Brandon, Daniel
Brandon, Woodrow A
Brooks, Dick and Mary
Brunk, Barbara Jean
Burson, Albert and Coralie
Carden, Clifton
Carden Clifton G
Carden, John
Carden, Joseph and Lida
Carden, Josie Belle
Carden, Millard and Irene Nicholas
Carden, Ross
Carden, William
Close, Ir and Edna
Close, Richard and Nola
Colwell, Elmer and Clara
Colwell, Elmer
Colwell, Mary E
Colwell, Mary Ellen
Colwell, Vivian
Colwell, William S
Constable, James A
Cordell, Ella
Cordell, George and Elizabeth
Cordell, George and Goldie
Cordell, Nellie May
Cordell, Robert Eugene
Cordell, Sherman
Crane, George and Betty
Curley, Helen I McElroy
Davis, Dr. Francis M
Davis, Fannie E
Davis, Omer D
Day, Alfred I and Elemer
Day, Doyle I
Day, E. Berdena
Day, Rollie G
Day, William and Edna
Dean, Horace and Mary
Dean, Lillie
Deen, Francis and Mary
Deen, Francis and Phyllis
Deen, Joseph Albert
Deen, Reda Christianson
Deneen, Calvin
Dughman, Catharine
Eckles, Mary
Elarton, Orlando Vernon
England Family Stone
England, Harriet I
England, Harve
Epling, Donna
Esther, Buena Palmer
Everhart, William and Mary
Folden, Della A
Folden, Dorothy F
Folden, Ethel B
Folden, Merlyn and Iola Irvine
Folden, Ralph E
Folden, Ralph and Edna
Foster, Lowell R
Frakes, Emma
Frankum, Wilbur and Alyce
Furr, Annette Sue
Gamble, Robert and Emma
Gardner, Elbert and Audrey
Gillinger, Elizabeth
Gillinger, Jeremiah
Glatfelter, Hattie
Gray, Vessa
Grimsley, Charles and Vera
Hankins, Dock and Ellen Clark
Harris, Clark and Eliza
Hart, Clurrel Bruce
Hart, Edward and Opal
Heller, Merril and Ella
Helms, Andrew Gene
Hickerson, George and Marie
Hinote Lillian Anderson
Houston, Leonard Ralph
Houston, Virginia Iris Wright
Hoyt, Alonzo J
Hoyt, Harland E
Hoyt, Harold and Pauline
Hoyt, Maria E
Huff, Frank
Hull, Travis Laverne
Hurst, Byron and Mabel
Ireton, Ethel and Harry
Johnston, Howard and Lydia
Johnston, Lucy Juanita
Jones, Chest and Ada
Jones, John C
Jones, Margaret B
Jones, SP
Keeley, Charles and Georgia
Keever, Dwight Allen
Kerns, Verlan and Esther
Kimble, Margaret E
King, Elmer Marion
Lawrence, Zelida and Henry
Lawson, Jesse and Lucy
Lawson, Lawrence
Lawson, Ray and Alta
Linville, Troy I
Logan Family Stone II
Logan Family Stone III
Logan Family Stone I
Logan, Ada S
Logan, Cora B
Logan, Frances
Logan, H. Blaine
Logan, Helen
Logan, Hiram
Logan, James
Logan, John A
Logan Martha J
Logan, Richard M
Long, William T and Eliza
Lyle, James
Lynch, George and Leona
Mariner, Woodrow Wilson
May, Gary I
McDonald, C. Earl
McDonald, Charles T
McDonald, Charles W
McDonald, Douglas G – US Navy
McDonald, Douglas G
McDonald, Earl and Mildred
McDonald, James and Nancy
McDonald, JE and Doris
McDonald, JJ Joe
McDonald, Verna J
McDonald, William A
McElroy, Tony W and Mable M
Melton, Alfred and Mabel
Miller, Betty Lou
Miller, Eva
Miller, Frances E
Miller, James
Money, Floyd W
Money, Howell and Sarah J
Money, Minnie I
Money, Nancy
Moon, Elizabeth,
Moon, Freeborn
Myrow, Clarence and Melba
Myrow, Melba and Clare
Nail, Elizabeth
Neal, Fred
Neal, Harlin I
Neal, Melba
Neal, Merlin
Neal, Nettie
Neff, Derrick Scott
O’Neal Family Stone
O’Neal James
Palmer, Dillard and Mary
Palmer, James and Mary M Hartness
Palmer, James and Mary
Palmer, William and Madaline Wheaten
Parshall, Dickie Lynn
Patterson, Ethel
Patterson, William Howard
Perry, Hattie Money
Perry, Jimmie and Minnie
Phillips, Durelle and Lucille
Pierson, Cecil and Amy
Pierson, Thomas C
Pifer, Theodore and Martha J
Piper, William and Axie
Pitts, Benjamin F
Pitts, Lonzo and Zelda
Piveral, Clarence and Elsie
Plymell, Charles and Frances
Plymell, Charles Edwin
Porter, Arthur and Maggie
Porter, Herbert
Potter, Carl and Anna
Race, Jay and May
Reed, Esther O
Reed, Harlan and Iva
Reed, William and Nannie
Renfro, Joe and Betty
Riffs, Carl I
Ritchie, Lida – Harold – Virgil
Roberts, Karla Kay
Roberts, Wendell and Doris
Robinson, James
Rodman Family Stone
Rodman, G
Rodman, May
Rodman, Minnie M
Rodman, Samuel
Roney, Charles and Frances
Roney, Daisy J
Roney, Peter and Mary
Ross, Beulah Frances
Ross, Lois
Ross, Oppie Henderson
Rupp, Charles and Mary and son Charles
Ryan, Dr. Francis M
Ryan, Dr. John Harold
Ryan, Katherine E
Ryan, Virginia Curtin
Seeley, John and Bettie
Shewey, David S
Shewey, James and Leona
Shewey, Jerry
Shores, Edmond and Blanche
Smith, Artie and Eleanor
Smith, CJ
Smith, Delilah
Smith, Henry and Edna
Smith, Robert and Rachel
Stanley, Oran and Elsie
Stevens, James
Stevens, Nellie M
Stevens, Robert Martha
Stevens, William and Viola
Stevens, William T
Strange, Harry I
Strange, Bert
Strange, Charley F
Thompson, Celia
Thompson, Garry
Thompson, Herman and Dorothy
Tolbert, Albert and Lena
Turner Family Stone
Turner, Allora A
Turner, FH
Turner, Thomas and Hazel
Van Dyke, Nellie Piper
Vanpelt, Simon
Ware, Hanson and Juanita
Ware, Harry A
Ware, Lettie M
Watts, Anna B
Weddle, Frank P
Weddle, John and Mabel
Weddle, Lizzie I
Wellington, Elmer and Edith
Williams, Abram
Williams Wanda I
Williamson, Gladys
Wilson, Kathoklinda G
Wood, Daniel C
Wood, George and Nellie
Wood, George P
Woods, Eugene J
Wright, Della G
Wright, Elizabeth Matilda
Wright, Ethel G
Wright, Frederick
Yates, Betty Jean
Young, Isaac and Willie
Young, Rolland G

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