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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lake Township, Cerro Gordo County Iowa, 1883 Assesors book index

Lake Township, Cerro Gordo County Iowa, 1883 Assesors book index.  You can purchase a record from this book for $10.00 each.  You can purchase by contacting me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com

Timber & Fruit Tree ExemptionsPersons Liable for Military DutyProperty Record
Asplin, George - Inside coverAlsip, T.M.Asplin, George
Asplin, AbrahamAtkinson, JohnAlsip, T.M.
Allen, R.D. H.Burdick, O.S.Aaeland, Ole
Atkinson, JohnBrandt, EliAtkinson, John
Alsip. T.M.Cooney, JamesBurdick, O.S.
Bushnell, H.N.Chadbourn, J.H.Burdick, P.
Brandt, EliCampbell, FredBartholamew, Charles
Carlton, GeorgeCarrlton, DavidBushnell, H.N
Ceberrey, SethCannon, S.B.Brandt, Eli
Colby, ColburnColby, ColbyBoal, Samuel
Botle, James V.Dawson, JohnBelk, Henry
Daker, JohnDaker, HenryCarlyon, William
Eames, George R.Eames, WilliamCarlton, George Sr.
Gardiner, StantonGardiner, StantonCopp, Eliphalet
Hathorn, HenryGardiner, NelsonCooney, John
Heath, James B.Gilbert, CarrollChadbourn, S
Heibel, Joseph Sr.Goodwin, PerlyCannon, Sidney B.
Hill, SylvenderHill, SylvenderColby, Colby
Howard, MerildaHealey, D.A.Campbell, A.P.
Jeffers, GeorgeHealey, P.A.Colby, Coulbourn
Jorgan, A.A.Healey, W.J.Campbell, B.A.
Knaack, WilliamHealey, H.E.Clark, Wilson
Knudson, OleHayden, SeeDawson, John
Klink J.F.Hubbard, OrinDuncan, Thomas
McGowin, WilliamHubbard, OrvilleDaker, John
Moore, M.Y.Hannah, F.H.Daker, Ben
McCallister, L.J.Horning, AdaueDaker, Henry
McKercher, PeterHeath, James B.Eames, William
Nelson, ChristinaHeibel, Joseph Jr.Eames, Robert
Noverson, AndredHarding, S.T.Elsham, James Sr.
Naylor, JamesIverson, CarrollFay, Hugh
Naylor, CharlesJeffers, OvornGilbert, Carl
Peterson, Julia AnnJacobson, PaulGilbert, David
Paul, ChristianJorgan, AndrewGardiner, Stanton
Penny, WilliamKnudson, OleGardiner, Nelson
Pester, JamesLong, AbnerGroaves, A.A.
Palmeter, BroMatheson, NelseGoodwin, Perley L
Robinson, JohnMcCoy, W.W.Heibel, Joseph Jr.
Simons, E.H.Mason, AlfredHayden, Lee
Seabury, Susan P.McGorerm, JamesHathorn, Henry
Smith, Martha A.Parkhurst, WilliamHubbard, Bros
Onstine, BroPhillips, AdelbertHeibel, Joseph Sr.
Palmer, ClarkHannah, F.H.
Penny, MyronHorning, Adam
Palmer, RodneyHealth, James B.
Pethick, RichardHoward, Luther
Reynolds, HaskellHoward, Merilda
Robertson, JohnHealey, H.
Rider, GeorgeHealey, D.A.
Reese, SilasHealey, P.A.
Stevens, AzorHealey, H.E.
Smith, F.C.Hill, Sylvender
Schmidt, FrederickHarding, S.T.
Stanfield, ThomasIverson, Albert
Skadland, Ole OleemJorgan, Ann
Svenson, OleJorgan, Andrew
Simons, E.H.Jacobson, Paul
Thomas, ChanceJukam, Ole
Thomas, WilliamJukam, Gunder
Theeler, HermanJeffers, Nelson
Theeler, GusKendrew, William
Theeler, LeedKnudson, Ole
Whiteman, JohnKnudson, Nelson
Whitney, H.C.Klink, J.F.
Ward, WilliamKnaack, William
Wright, C.H.Lindover, Bolton
Wald, NelsonLong, Abner
Wald, CesarLabuddi, Paul
Wald, CharlesMatson, Nelee
Matson, Christina
Morey, H.M.
McCallister, D.J.
McIntosh, G.B.
McCoy, William
McCoy, W.W.
McCoy, C.W.
McKercher, Peter
McKercher, Finely
Miller, Chester
Moore, M.Y.
Mason, Alfred
McGowen, James
McGowen, William
Narveson, Andrew
Nelson, Zacheriah
Naylor, James
Naylor, Charles
Nelson, John
Oleson, Arilta
Peterson, Julia Ann
Peterson, Jonas
Paul, Christian
Palmer Rodney
Parkhurst, William
Palmer Clarkson
Palmer Levina
Palmer, David
Palmer, Clark
Pethick, Richard
Pester, James
Palmeter, Theron
Penny, William
Penny, Myron
Palmeter, Bro
Robinson, John
Robertson, John
Reynolds, Haskell
Reese, Silas
Rider, George
Root, Sarah
Seabury, C.B.
Spencer, N.C
Stanfield, S.V.
Stevens, Esther
St. John, Lee Grand
Stevens, Azor
Schmidt, Frederick
Sleeper, S.I.
Smith, G.P.
Scherader, Charles
St. John, George W.
Smith, James
Skavlen, T.O.
Skadland, Gunder O.
Svenson, Ole
Smith, Charles
Smith, F.C.
Simons, E.H.
Skadland, Ole Oleson
Sampeon, A.F.
Sirrine, R.O. Jr.
Thomas, C.
Thomas, William
Theeler, Phillipp
Theeler, Herman
Theeler, Leo
Theeler, Gus
Tuttle, A.B.
Tuttle, Elon A.
Vanlone, Frank
Wright, C.H.
Wald, Ole
Wald, Nelson
Wald, Charley
Wald, Cesar
Ward, William
Whitney, H.C.
Whiteman, John
Wood, A.M.
Warren, Frank
Wise, J.B.
Ziehme, Withilm

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