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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wilcox Cemetery, Wilcox Missouri

I have photographed and indexed this cemetery located in Nodaway County Missouri.  If you'd like to purchase a photograph from this cemetery the cost is $5.00 per picture.  Or you can buy the whole book.
If you'd like to purchase please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

Blanche Adams
George & Alena Holt Adams
Glenn & Edna Adams
John A. Adams
Lloyd Adams
Mary L. Adams
Minerva Adams
Son, Tom & Minerva Adams
Carl & Gladys Akars
Clarence & Florence Bainum
Harley & Lois Blancahrd
Herschel Blanchard
Artie Booher
Agnes Booth
Earl & Cora Booth
Robert & Darlene Bragg
Robert Bragg children
Frank Brody
Hugh & Dora Brody
Stephen Caroline Brody
Brogan Family Stone
Birdwell & Alice Brogan
Docia Brogan
Joel Brogan
John Brogan
Laura Brogan
Ralph Brogan
Charles & Alice Broyles
Jacob M. Burnett
Mary Byers
Tom & Gloady Carmichael
French & Susan Carter
James Carter
Joseph & Ann Carter
John Chestnut
Florence Chrisen
Tammy S. Coffelt
Wesley & Mary Huff Coffelt
Wesley D. Coffelt
John & Susan Colden
Jack & Irma Collins
Jack Collins Children
Dora Colwell
Presley Colwell
Rhuann Colwell
Nancy Cook
Nancy F. Cook
W.M. Cook
Joseph & Mary Crawford
Leveral Crawford
Wilma Adams Dawson
Wm & Elizabeth Dempsey
J.W. Dorman
Earl & Nannie Duncan
Margaret Duncan
Noah & Lida Duncan
Wm & Ellen Duncan
Ward Ealscate
Den & Dorothy Farrell
Benjamin Farrell
B.K. Ferguson
Chester Ferguson
Donald Ferguson
Doyle Ferguson
Edith Ferguson
Maxine Mercer Ferguson
Minnie Ferguson
Robert & Lulu Ferguson
DeWitt & Joan Finney
Finney, Francis & Lucile
Joseph Finney
L.B. Freese
Dale B. Gard
Dale B. Gard military
Herbert & Pearl West Gard
Nellie Gard
Adaline Garton
Eldon Griffey
Eldon & Frances Griffey
Loba Griffith
Unknown Hainline
Arthur Hainline
Charles & Frances Hainline
Harold & Charlotte Hainline
Harold G. Hainline
Nathan Hainline
Brice & Belle Hall
Brice & Charlene Hall
Brice Hall cihildren
Carroll Hall
Crystal Hall
Donald & Leona Hall
Dot Hall
Eugene & Anna Hall
Florence Hall
Frank & Maude Hall
Harold & Mary Hall
John & Mary Hall
Leonard Hall
Lester & Lois Hall
Roy Hall
Ruth C. Hall
S.F. Hall
S.F. Hall military marker
Allen Haller
Clyde & Grace Haller
Guy Haller
John & Gertrude Halls
Charles & Elva Harden
Charles Harden children
Donna Harden
Edwin & Ida Hartsough
Anna Belle Heflin
Anna S. Heflin
Charles M. Heflin
Clara Heflin
Harry Heflin
Raymond & Elsie Heflin
Robert & Emma Heflin
Sarah Heflin
SC Heflin
William E. Heflin
Charles Herrin
Grace Hewett
Ethel Rains
Clarence Holt
Mary B. Holt
Nellie Hopkins
Eva J. Horton
Howard Hosteter
Robert & Sallie Hosteter
Charles H. Huff
Floyd & Vilolet Huff
Floyd M. Huff
Harold Huff
Helen Huff
Henry Huff
James Huff
James & Susan Huff
Price Huff - Military Marker
Price C. Huff - Picture
Price Cecil Huff
Wilma J. Huff
James & Leila Hutson
Margaret Ingram
Johane Jensen
Soren Jensen
Andrew & Bena Jenson
Eldon & Neva Jenson
Eldon Jenson Children
Josephine Jenson
Luther & Pauline Jenson
Joseph & Jane Johnson
D.W. Kinsley
Mary Farlow Kinsley
George Knox
John Knox
John & Hannah Knox
Unknown Knox
Edward Labe
Sinah Laughlin
James Lefler
Leonidas Lefler
Sarah Lefler
Edna Mae Lekey
Eva Lea Lekey
Fred & Alta Lekey
George, Myral & Carl Lekey
John C. Lekey
Louisa Lekey
Mary C. Lekey
Thomas Lekey
Valentine & Mary Lekey
Frances Logan
Addie Long
Jimmie & Zona Martin
Jimmie D. Martin
Orvell & Ethel McElroy
Mary E. McGee
Abinah C. McGinness
Andrew McGinness
Casander McGinness
McGinness daughters
George McGinness
Mariana McGinness
Milda McGinness
Myra McGinness
Robert McGinness
WIfe of Abina McGinness
Nellie McMinn
Charles Meadows
Enoch & Amanda Meadows
Wm & Lettie Callicottie
William Meadows
Reason & Matilda Meek
Harvey & Ida Mendenhall
Samuel Mercer
Sylvia Mercer
Meyers Family stone
Don Meyers
George & Verda Meyers
Harry Meyers
William Meyers
Chester Moore
Josephine Moore
Mary C. Moore
Nettie & Lucille Moore
Virgile Moore
William A. Moore
Miranda Heflin Neal
Martha Niedel
Ward & Grace Nelson
James & Lucretia Onsot
Levi Onsot
Lida B. Onsot
Fayett Onstot
James & Mary O'Riley
James H. O'Riley
Alice M. Peters
Joseph & Mary Peters
Kimberly A. Rabel
William & Okie Rabel
Roy Raines
William & Amanda Raines
William & Maxine Raines
Reed son of
John & Helen Rice
Anna, Fred, & Alice Saltzman
Frank Shell
Paul Shell
Purl & Neva Shell
Roy Shell
Vivian Shell
Arthur Shreve
Es & LJ Shupp
Elizabeth Snowhill
Stamper Family Stone
Bertha Stamper
Elvira Stamper
Fred Stephenson Jr.
Ralph Sullivan
Lewis & Mary Swanson
Jennie Thomas
Jf & ME Thomas
John & Hannah Thomas
James & Nary Thompson
Anna E. Unknown
Joseph Unknown
Margaret A. Unknown
VanAusdall children
Carlos & Marily Gard VanAusdall
Jacob & Delilah Vert
Ruth Vert
W.M. Vert
William & John Welsh
Clarence & Maggie West
Raymond West (military)
Raymond West
Raymond West Picture
Truman & Madeline West
Truman West children
Elizabeth Whitton
Rosa Whitton
Wilcox Cemetery Sign
Paul Williams
Wilber & Nellie Williams
Alphonso Wilson
Cassie E. Wilson
Elaine Griffey Wilson
Fred & Minerva Winell
Carl & Charlene Winell
Jacob Wiseman
Martha J. Wiseman
Lula & Grace Yates
David Zeornes
Thelma Zeornes

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