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Monday, January 10, 2011

Nodaway County Missouri Probates

I currenlty have the following Probates from Nodaway County Missouri available for purchase.  Each Probate / Will is $45.00 each.  Your can purchase these by emailing me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

John Nicholas
Joab Nicholas
Joseph Nicholas
George Nicholas
Elisha Dixon
William Henry Harrison Nicholas
Sarah Darby Nicholas
William Elisha Nicholas Jr
John Shelby Nicholas
James George Nicholas
Fred, Harry, Gertie Nicholas - Papers of Guardianship
Henry Elbert Nicholas
Robert N. Corken
Sarah Corken
Thomas M. Corken

The Below probates are from Nodaway County Mo - I do not have these in my possession at present but if you'd like to purchase these I can pick them up for you.

Abbey, Henry W
Abbott, Elsie
Abbott, Miles W
Abbott, Reuben
Abbott, Reuben Sr.
Ackerman, Cora
Ackerman, Jennie Maye
Ackely, Phyllis Aileen
Ackley, Phyllis Arleen
Adair, Elizabeth
Adam, Thomas G
Adams, Al Ena
Adams, Alva H.
Adams, Anna May
Adams, Barney E
Adams, Curtis E
Adams, Daniel M.
Adams, Edna W
Adams, Evonne
Adams, Wilma
Adams, Fay
Adams, Franklin
Adams, Frankie
Adams, Isabella J
Adams, John Q
Adams, Marie E
Adams, Rachel
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Velma A
Adams, Samuel Eddie
Adams, Melvin Wayne
Adams, Dorothy Neva
Adcock, Clara Bell
Adcock, Sylvia R.
Adcock, Thomas & Lucy, Minor Heirs, Edith, Nellie, Frank
Adkins, Alta Mae
Adkins, Charlene C
Adkins, Cora
Adkins, Delle E
Adkins Glayds
Adkins, James A.R.
Adkins James J.
Adkins Jeannette E
Adkins, John M
Adkins, Lovell L
Adkins, Mark M.
Adkins, Nelson
Adkins, Randle
Adkins, Richard
Adkins, William Arthur
Adkins, William N.
Adkins, Willys L
Adwell, Donald E
Adwell, John T
Adwell, William
Aesdale, William T
Aesdale, William T, Lon Monk - Partnership
Agler, Everett WV
Agler, William E
Aiken, John H
Aiken, Laura E
Airy, Emery E
Airy, George C
Akars, Gladys Emma
Akars, Gladys E
Ake, Christine Jenine
Albaugh, Charles William
Albright, Andrew J
Albright, Daniel M
Albright, Donald D
Albright, Frank S
Albright, Jeremiah L.
Albright, Joel
Albright Lola M.
Albright, Polly
Alden, Helen G
Alden, James
Alderman, Ira K
Aldrich, Eugenia E
Aldrich, William C
Aldridge, Frank B
Aldridge, Hannah
Aldridge, James
Aldridge, John S
Aldridge, John W
Aldridge, Margaret
Aldridge, Margaret Ann
Aldridge, Olive J
Aldridge, Samuel S
Aldridge, Stephen E
Aldridge, William D
Alexander, Charles B
Alexander, Charles W
Alexander, Charles W.
Alexander, Donald C
Alexander, Donald & Ernest
Alexander, Ellen E
Alexander, Floyd O & William W
Alexander, Francis
Alexander, George
Alexander, Horace K
Alexander, James E
Alexander, James H
Alexander, John L
Alexander, Joseph E
Alexander, Joseph H
Alexander, Maria L
Alexander, Mary A
Alexander, Nancy G
Alexander, Ossian E
Alexander, Phebe A
Alexander, Thomas J
Alexander, William C
Alexander, Willie W
Alexander, Z.R.
Aley, Beatrice C
Aley, Beatrice Catherine
Aley, Bessie & Maggie
Aley, George
Aley, Guy D.
Alford, Cornelius
Algeo, Charles
Alkire, Althea, Mamie F., Clifford E, & Leonard S.
Alkire, David A
Alkire, Elizabeth H
Allan, Katie Lee
Allen, Alfrieda Cook
Allen, Amanda
Allen, Amanda
Allen, Anna
Allen, Austin B
Allen, Ben H. Sr.
Allen, Byron
Allen, Clinton L
Dottie Jo Allen
Eddie Marie Allen
Edward Allen
Edward J. Allen
George Walter Allen
Herbert W. Allen
John (Jehu) Cole Allen
Jessie Francis Allen
John Allen
John C. Allen
John H. Allen Sr.
John M. Allen
Joseph R. Allen
Julia Allen
Lucy M. Allen
Luella Allen
Neva Allen
Rosa & Gabe Allen
Russell Allen
Sallie Allen
Samuel Allen
Samuel William Allen
Sarah Francis Allen
William H. Allen
William J. Allen
Wright Allen
Ann Allison
Edythe E. Allison
James Allison
John Allumbaugh
Austin Allyn
Hannah E. Allyn
Huldall V. Allyn
Julia, Lucy, Camelia, Annette, May and Annie Allyn
William E. Allyn
Hiram B. Alnitt
Brice M. Alsbury
Henry Albusry
James North Alsup
Frank Alumbaugh Sr.
Peter Alumbaugh
Ruben Alvis
C.C. Ambler
Robert W. Ambrose
Arethusa B. Ames
Alva P. Amrine
Josph Anders
Lewis Anders
Anna Anderson
Barbara Joan Anderson
Benny (Bennie) Anderson
Beryl Frances Anderson
Blanche & Veldron L. Anderson
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson
Cora Alice Anderson
Dorothy D. Anderson
Earl Marion Anderson
Edward Anderson
Effie E., Carrie E & Annie J. Heirs of S.C. Anderson
Frances Geraldine Anderson
George Anderson
George H. Anderson
Georgia Ann Anderson
Gilbert Raymond Anderson
Harry E. Anderson
Jesse F. Anderson
John Anderson
John E. Anderson
Joseph H, Lulie M, Emma S., Miriam E, Orval M, Russell D. Anderson
Joseph, Lula Emma Anderson
Loren C. Anderson
Louis Anderson
Lulu Anderson
Marvin O. Anderson
Mary Anderson
Mary E. Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Oscar E. Anderson
Otto Anderson
Otto Anderson
Pearl Anderson
Ralph N. Anderson
Samuel C. Anderson
Smith Anderson
Thaddeus Anderson
Thompson F. Anderson
Ulysses Augustus Anderson
William Anderson
William, Cora, James P. Anderson
William H. Anderson
William S. Anderson
Anna Anderson
Berndt G. Angman
Lenora Ankrom
Alexander Anthony
Charles H. Anthony
Cyrus A. Anthony
Elivira L. Anthony
Frank A. Anthony
Lydia May Anthony
Paul Anthony
Rosenia Anthony
S.W. Anthony
Elise Jackson Antrim
Frank Antrim
Margaret L. Antrim
Perry G., Lula E. Antrim
Vern K. Antrim
Celia H. Appleby
Emerson A. Appleby
John A. Appleby
Orville Appleby
John H. Applegate
William Applegate
Ida M. Appleton
George A. Aptharp
Agnes C. Archer
Bernice Cordelia, Gladys Effie, Florence Opal Archer
Byron W. Archer
Caroline Archer
Daniel Milburn Archer
James C. Archer
Magdalena Villing Archer and Martha Villing and Charles
Minnie F. Archer
Dean Argabright
Fred C. Argabirght
Jean Argabright
Maggie Ennen Argabright
Maggie Ennen Argabright
Nellie A. Argo
Clair William Armagost
Lora Arvetta Armentrout
Andrew Armstrong
Charles F. Armstrong
Charles T. Armstrong
Florence M Armstong
Hugh Armstrong
Ida Belle, Mattie N, Charles G. Armstrong
Ida E. Armstrong
James J. Armstrong
James William Armstrong
James William Armstrong
John J. Armstrong
Lapsley M. Armstrong
Louisa Armstrong
Margaret Armstrong
Margaret E. Armstrong
Mildred Lucille Armstrong
Naomi Armstrong
Neveda E. Armstrong
Samuel E. Armstrong
Samuel Edward Armstrong
William Armstrong
William Armstrong
Lewis W. Arnold
Samuel B. Arnold
Mary S., Samuel A & Lune B, Minor Heirs of William Arnott
Samuel A. Arnott
John N. Arthur
Reuben O. Arthur
Eldon H. Asbell
Loren Asbell
Susie J. Ashbrook
Manzy Q. Ashby
William L. Asher
William Lawrence Asher
Cyrus Ashford
Daniel Roland Ashford
Elizabeth Ashford
J. Dale Ashford
Jacob M. Ashford
Mary Elizabeth Ashfrod
Ann Ashford
Paul Ashford
Bernard Joseph Atchison
Flora Ellen Atchison
George M. Atchison Sr.
George M. Atchison Sr.
Peter Athan
George W. Atherton
Katharine Atherton
Mary Atherton
William M. Atherton
Effie M. Atkinson
Hugh M. Atkinson
Hugh M. Atkinson
James Atkinson
Andrew Jackson Atterberry
Edwin Oran Atwood
David Doyle, Dennis Dean Auffert
Francis A. Auffert
Helen L. Auffert
Joyce Auffert
Marvin A. Auffert
Monica E. Auffert
Zelma Eldon Auffert
William Ault
John M. Austin
Diane Auten
George Auten
Helen E. Auten
Loretta Auten
Nancy J. Auten
Rachel Ann Auten
Richard Duane Auten
Troy O. Auten
Francis J, Charles W. Avery
Home A. Avery
Letitia Avery
Sarah A. Avey
Sophia Axtell
Thomas Axtell
Jane Ayshford
John Ayshford
Nellie Ayshford
Edward W. Babb
Florence Babb
Julia A. Babb
Lester Babb
Samuel M. Babb
Leah M. Bacon
Alvina Baer, Gary L. Bleeker
Benjamin B. Bagby
Elmer C. Bagby
Isabelle T. Bagby
John H. Bagby
John H. Bagby
Mary B. Bagby
Rinda Bagby
Robert Bagby
Susan Bagby
William R. Bagby
Floyd M. Bagley
Harriett Bagley
Harriett E. Bagley
Margaret R. Bagley
William Lorenzo Bagley
Eugenia Baier
Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey
Augusta Bailey
Benjamin Franklin Bailey
Caleb Bailey
Charles H. Bailey
Clara Bailey
Elijah M. Bailey
Ervin A. Bailey
Henry Bailey
James R. Bailey
James S. Bailey Heirs Edward and James M.
John W. Bailey
M.P. Bailey
Etta F. Bailey
Frances Bailey
Frank E. Bailey
Ira A. Bailey
Susan K, Bailey
George Ellis Bainum
George P. Bainum
James Bainum Heirs: Elias H., & George P.
James S. Bainum
Stella A. Bainum
William H. Bainum
Abbie A. Baker, Horace W. Baker
Barney Baker heirs, Samuel & Edwin
Dan R. Baker
Dorothy Frances Baker
Edward J. Baker
Ethel M. Baker
Fred H. Baker
George B. Baker
George E. Baker
Glenn K. baker
Helen Baker
Ida A. Baker
Jess G. Baker
John Baker
John L. Baker Sr.
John W. Baker
Joseph B. Baker
Kathryn Winifred Baker
Lawson Baker
Martin V. Baker
Mary A. Baker
Mary J. Baker
Mary M. Baker
Ova Baker
Ricahrd C. Baker
Sarah Baker
Baker & Saunders (Part)
William Baker
William Baker
William Baker
Baker & William (Part)
Kevin D. Bakko, Mary Kristine Foster
Axie I. Baldwin
Bert Baldwin
Marion O. Barbee
Alfred C. Barber
David Barber - Heris
Franklin Barber
Helen M. Baldwin & Alice Louise
Henry L. Baldwin
Mildred S. Bailey
Mildred Saunders Bailey
William F. Bain
Fletcher G. Bainum
Cyrus T. Baldwin
Delia C. Baldwin
John R. Bales
Sephus A. Bales
Caleb Bailey- Heirs - Patience A. and George
Artemas M. Ball, Heirs: James j, Mary J and Rosala J.
Benjamin & Nancy Ball
David Ball
Rachel Ball
Sinecy Ball
Willis H. Balance Jr & Nevius V.D.
Charles Ballard
George Ballard
James L. Ballard
John W. Ballard
Joseph E. Ballard
Samuel P. Ballenger, Samuel P, William S., Edward
Victor Ballinger
True T. Bailey
Henry C. Balster
Florence Bancroft
Blanche Banks & Velma
Charity B. Banks
Clem Banks
Bertha Banner
Letha Alice Banner
John Q. Banner
Vancie Banner
Zachariah Banner
Jennie M. Bantz
John Bantz
Bantz & Overman (Part)
Hattie E. Barber
James H. Barber
Mary Barber
Mary H. Barber
Nancy J. Barber
Newton H. Barber
Robert N. Barber
Viola N. Barber
David Barbour
Elizabeth Barclay
Marcus M. Barclay
Jacob  Bare
John Bare
Margaret E. Bare
David Bare
Owen S. Bare
Panzy L. Barger
Daniel Baringer
Elizabeth Baringer
Susan E. Baringer
Daniel L. Barker
Elizabeth Barkley
Martin Barkman
Martin Barkman
Noah Barks
Noah Barks
Simon Barks
Ora H. Barmann & Francis L.
Catharine Barmann
Charles Barmann
Francis L. Barmann
Ora H. Barmann
Ora H. Barmann
Addie Belle Parks Barnes
Anthony Barnes
Flethcher A. Barnes
Isaac Milton Barnes
Jack Barnes
James E. Barnes
John W. Barnes
Lotta O. Barnes
Nancy W. Barnes
Nathaniel H. Barnes
Raymond J. Barnes
Stephen Barnes heirs, Nathanial, Ida, Osie, Florence & Birdie Barnes, Alva Hodshire
Stephen H. Barnes
Willard N. Barnes
Albert Barnhill
Alta Barnhill, Ora & Letta
Celia A. Barr
Charles R. Barr
John Albert Barr
John Christian Barr
George Barraclough
Charles Barrett
Addie Barrett
Okalla Wanita Barrett
Reuben Barrett
Robert W. Barrett
Robert Reed Barrett
Verda Hutchison Barrett
William Barringer
Elmer W. Barrock
Obediah Barrock
Pleasant J. Barron
Catharine Barry
Ellen A. Barry
James Barry
Julia V. Barry
Margaret E. Barry
Margaret M. Barry
Mary Philomena Barry
Raymond M. Barry
William Barry
Eva L. Bartles & Mary E
Jesse F. Bartles
Alfred Bartlett
Inez J. Bartlett
Robert N. Bartlett
Daniel J. Bartley
Ernest Barton
Herman G. Barton
Isaac A. Barton
Levi S. Barton
Levi Barton
Lucy Barton
Margaret A. Barton
Nathan Barton
Emmett L. Bartram
Irvin Bartram
John J. Bartram
Uranna Bartram
Lena Basford
Margaret Basford
Ransom Basford
Leure Ann Bassett
Leura Ann Bassett
John Bast
Roy Bast
Robert Charles Bateman
Thomas Y. Bates
William Batson
Eleanor Katherine Batt
Sadie L. Batt
Katherine M. Battles
Dale Baublits
Henry F Baublits
John H. Baublits
Loren H. Baublits
Ross Baublits
Florence J. Bauch
Jacob A. Baugher
Charles L. Baumann
Joseph Franklin Baumann
Catherine Theresa Baumli
Charles W. Baumli
John Baumli
John Joseph Baumli Jr.
William, Susanna & Mary Baumli
Joseph S. Bays
Priscilla Bays
William Bays
Emma A. Beach
Emma A. Beach
Laura A. Ruth, Cheslie, Marie Beahn
Alice L. Beal heir of T.K. Beal
Bertha I. Beal
Charles Beal
Charles & Glen Beal
Charles Beal Sr.
Laura A. Beal
Nannie Beal
Thaddeus K. Beal
L.E. Beard
Nellie F. Beard
Anginettie Bears
Bert Alvin Bears
Charle E. Bears
Chris C. Bears
Clytie Lucille Asbell Bears
May E. Bears
Tony William Bears
John Beattie
John Thomas Beattie
Letitia Beattie
William Beattie
William Beattie
Annie Beatty
Edward Vincent Beatty
Jeremiah Beatty
J.F. Beatty
Clarence E. Beaty
Richard Beaty
William Beaty
Sabry E. Beauchamp
John P. Beavens
Lucy Ann Beaver
Moses F. Beaver
Joe Beavers
Charles Bebout
Harley Bebout
Sarah Ann Bebout
Clifford A. Beck
Elbert Beck
Elbert Beck
Helen Beck
Max Becker
Ruby Maxine Beckett & Vernon Ellsworth Lawson
William F. Beckman
Jasper Bedwell
William Elma Bedwell
Frank T. Beedle
Ida J. Beedle
Charles Rex, Leslie Q. Oma Maxine & Ora Earline Beggs
Imogene, William Jo and Colleen Beggs
J. Orval, Grace Ellen, & Clifford H. Beggs
John Beggs
John Q. Beggs
Lowell Beggs
Mary R. Beggs
William J. Beggs
Della Behm
Henry L. Behm
Margaret M. Behm
Peter Behm
A.F. Beinert
Frances Lillian Beinert
Rosalie L. Belford & David C. Lacey
Albert E. Bell
Charles Robinson Bell
Charles T. Bell
Jennie Robinson Bell
Leona Bell
Milburn J. Bell
William D. Bell
William M. Bell
Charles Bellows
Franklin Bellows
George P. Bellows
Denton Deorville Belt
Jerome Bemus
Albert Bender
Elizabeth J. Bender
Mariah J. Bender
Samuel Bender
John P. Benedict
Margaret J. Benham
Annie Bennett
Anna L. Bennett
Beverly Ann Bennett
Daniel Bennett
Frank & David Bennett
Ira Bennett
Lulu Bennett
Nehemiah Bennett
Orville A. Bennett
Samuel Bennett
Sarah J. Bennett
Thomas Bennett
Virginia K. Bennett
Elvira Benson
James B. Benson
Mary Jane, Milton, Sarah & John, Heirs of Louisa Benson
Anna B. Bent
Eda B. Bentley
George Benthien
Amos B. Bentley
Joel B. Bentley
Martin Lee Bentley
Mary J. Bentley
Stella M. Bentley
Belle Berg
Elizabeth Berg
Edward A. Berg
Frank X. Berg
Henry Berg
Henry John Berg
Joseph F. Berg
Katherine Berg
Richard Dean Berg
Wilhelm Berg
Elizabeth Berkey
James Leroy & Dorothy Lou Berkey
James M. Berkey
Catherine Bernal
Catherine Bernal
John Bernal
Leo J. Bernal
Leo John Bernal
Edward F. Berry
Sharron K Berryman and Jerry Laverl Morrow
Isaac Best (heirs of) Silas Best
Jasper Best
Mary E. Best
Charles F. Bevard
George Bevard
Sophia Bevard
Albert W. Bever
Barbara Ann Bever
Belle S. Bever
Earl Bever
Earl, Paul and Leland Bever
Edward E. Bever
Estal Bever
Fred Bever
Jesse Beaver
Jo Deanette & Jill Lynette Bever
Joseph Harold Bever
Marie Bever
Michael Bever
Randy, Ricky, Rhonda Rochelle & Ryan Bever
G.W. Beverlin
Albert Turrell Bickett
Charles Leonard, Minnie Jane, Teresa A. & Fred R. Bickett, minor heirs of Chloe Bickett
Claire Beckett
Edmund G. Beckett
James C. Bickett
Roberta Bickett
Mary C. Biela
Catharine Biggs
Ralph I. Bilby
Bird Billings
Ira M & Benjamin F. Billings
Louisa Alice Billingsley
Isaac M. Binns
C. Annetta, Benjamin E, Floyd L. Bird
Charles Bird
Edith J. Bird
Edith Jane Bird
Vilas Earl Birkenholz
William Birkenholz
Issie Birnbaum
Alpha C. Bishop
Alpha E. Bishop
William V. Bishop
Clydell Bithos
Irene Bithos
Ellis R. Black
Howard Earl Black
Jonathan M. Black
Lucy May Black
Samuel J. Black
John Blackburn
Lillie D. Blackburn
Charles D, James S & Julius G. Blacketer
Alice B. Blackford
Lee Blackford
Thomas B. Blackford
Nora Ellen Blackney
George W. Blagg
Wesley A. Blagg
Rolla D. Blain
Nina B. Blair aka Nina B. Council
Francis Blake
James M. Blakely
John C. Blakely
John C. Blakely
Mary Blakely
Elizabeth Blatter
Bertie, Jennie Beryl & Earl Blauvelt
Frank E, Blauvelt & James E. Moberly (part)
Clark C. Bledsoe
Emma L. Bledsore
Hugh R. Bledsoe
William Henry Bledsoe
Gary L Bleeker & Alvina Baer
Anna Mary Bleich
Andrew Bleyley
Mary E. Bleyley
Theresa Bliley
Daisy Bliss
Isaac Bliss
Mary Elizabeth Block
Nancy Ann Block
Charles, Mamie, Peter & John Bloom
Nicholas Bloom
Mary M. Bloomeke
Amy Bloomfield
Amy A., Thelma L & Warren E. Bloomfield
Daniel Bloomfield
Frank A. Bloomfield
Laura E. Bloomfield
Kate E. Lamar Blosser
Marie Bluel
Emil Henry Bluemel
Bertie M. Boatwright
Mary P. Boatwright
Richard Henry Boatwright
Richard J. Boatwright
William N. Boatwright
William T. Boatwright
Bodie Brothers Part - Earl Bodie - Deceased Brother
Cordelia Bodle
Earl Bodle
Hugh L. Bodle
Leta J. Bodle
Anna Boedeker
Anna Boedeker
Henry A. Boedeker
Henry August Boedeker
Henry J. Boedeker
Marcella Rose, Leo Anthony Boedeker
William F. Boedeker
Oliver Bogart
David M. Boggs
John M. Bohart
Peter H. Bohart
Ruel Peter Bohart
Vickie L. Bohart
Daniel Bolick
Jacob Bollin
Joseph C. Bollin
Daniel D. Bollinger
Alice Bomar
Charles H. Bonar
Chattie Bonar
Elizabeth A. Bonar
Franklin E. Bonar
Susie Bonar
Anna M. Bond
Irma F & Forest Bond
James H. Bond
John W. Bond
Mary M. Bond
Sarah C. Bond
Sara C. Bond heir of Brantley T. Bond
Uriah Bond
William M. Bond
George T. Bonnett
Abraham Booher
Artie E. Booher
Benjamin Booher
Christian Bookman
Nellie M. Bookman
Jacob Boone
Annie Booth
Edward C. Booth
Emma Booth
Goldie V. Booth
Harold K. Booth
Harriett Booth
James Booth
Pearl Lucile Booth
Albinus L. Booze
Anna Booze
Charley Booze
David Booze
Harvey Booze
Henry C. Booze
Inez R., Herman C, Lois E, and Virginia H. Booze
Henry E. Borger
Katherine J. Borger
Gloria Anne Borglum
John B. Borgman
Joseph Borgman
Cyrus E. Boring
Frank Ricahrd Boring
John Borrusch
Benjamin Bosch
Cora Effie Bosch
John C. Bosch
Marjean Larue & Benita Arlette Bosch
Mary Ellen Bosch
Mary G. Bosch
Mildred Bosch
Verna M. Bosch
William E. Bosch Sr.
Alzada Bosley
Elmer Bosley
Nancy C. Bosley
Rosa Lee Bosley
Sylvester Bosley Sr.
Zadie Fern Bosley
Eliza E. Bostick
Elmer Ellsworth Bostwick
Rose Bostwick
Rose Elizabeth Bostwick
Marvin L. Bote
Lena Rivers Botkin
Adele E. Bottcher
Viola B., Myrtle A, and Ivy M, minor heirs of Thompson Bouton
Thompson P. Bouton
Barbara Jane Bowman
Carah C Bowman, minor heirs John W, Susan J, Missouri A, & Sarah A
Daniel H. Bowman heir of Barbara F.
David L. Bowman
Francis M. Bowman
Georgia A. Bowman
George D. Bowman
Helen Frances Bowman
Henry Bowman
Henry Bowman heirs, Sarah Catherine & Barbara
Henry Bowman
Henry Francis Bowman
James K. Polk Bowman
James Lewis Bowman
John Williams Bowman
Jonathan Bowman
Jonathan Bowman heirs, Andrew Jackson, George W, Louisa , Barbara and Catherine
Joseph Bowman
Maria Bowman
Nina A. Bowman
Susan Bowman
Viola Bowman
Viola Bowman
Thomas Boyd
David Boyer
Elma Boyer
Harry Boyer
Ida E. Miller Boyer
J.E. Boyer
John R. Boyer
Peter Boyer
Walter John and Mildred Boyer
Elizabeth, Effie Anna & Francis Boyle
Susan Boyle heirs, Charley F., Mathia E, Alzada, Richard E. & William Garrett
Alonzo E. Bracken
Cornelius L. Bracken
Grace M. Bracken
Kate D. Bradbury
William Bradbury
Cornelia Braden
Grace Braden
John E. Bradford
Clara L. Bradley
Clarissa Bradley
George W. Bradley
Glen J. Bradley
Leonard E. Bradley
Lucius Bradley
Mark B. Bradley
Ovie E. Bradley
Rueben Henry Bradley
Catherine & Mary Brady
Cornelius Brady
Dudley Brady
Ellen Brady
John Brady
John C. Brady
Kathleen Brady
Kathryn Brady
Leonard J. & Lorene M. Brady
Margaret Brady
Mary C. Brady
Rose A. Brady
William Brady
Lena Merle Staples Bragg
Andrea J. Brainard
Alvina Bram
William A. Bram
Louie Bramble
Robert Bramble, Thomas and Phoebe Bramble
Frank Brand
Frederick Brand
William Brand
Charles Brandt
Martha Ellen Brandt
Earl C. Braniger
Myrtle Branson
Estella Brash
Estella Brash
Marie Estella Brash
Marie Estella Brash
Thomas A. Brashear
Audrey H. Bratton
Joel Braumiller
Amelia Bredenbeck
Elise Bredenbeck
William Bredenbeck
John J. Breen
John J. Breen
Delores Kay, Julia Ann, Benjamin Allyn, Freddie Morrise & Mary Elaine Breit
Edward U. Breit
Frederick Breit
Kenneth J. Breit
Kenneth J. Breit
Margaret Ette & Rhonda Bess Breit
Mary E, John F. and Boneta K. Breit
Maude Breit
Maude Breit
Till Breit
Alphonso Bremer
Andrew Bremer
Clemens Bremer
Dessa E. Bremer
Ignatius Bremer
Rosa Bremer
Elizabeth D. Brennan
John T. Brennan
Larry J. Brennan
Mary Brennan
Maurice D. Brennan
Timothy E. Brennan
Charles H. & Frank W. Brett
John Brett
Ignatius Brewer
John Brewer, minor heirs, Edwin & Rosa
Lena E. Brewer
Sarah A. Brewer
Thomas A. Brewer
John W. Brwerink
Mabel E. Bridger
Thomas W. Bridger
James H. & William A. Bridges
James R. Bridges
James R. Bridges
Bessie Briggs
Eugene Briggs
Eugene & Silas W. Briggs
Lawrence Haddley Briggs
Lorenzo D. Briggs
Lucinda Briggs
Mary Rebecca, Beth Ilene & Francis Lorne Briggs
Pearl & Scott Briggs
Scott Ladell Briggs
Silas W. Briggs
Silas Wright Briggs
Wilburt F. Briggs
Albert Marion Bright
Charles B. Bright
Keith A. Bright
Vivian Nathman Bright
William H. Bright
John R. Brink
Henry Brinkman
Floyd Britt
Anna A. Brittain
Arthur L, John S.E. and Maggie A. Brittain
Caroline H. Brittain
L.C. Brittain
Mary C. Brittain
Wiley J. Brittain
Riley Brittingham
Joel D. Brogan
Ralph W. Brogan
James Brohan
Dick G. Brooks
Hazel J. Brooks
Mary S. Brooks
William Brooks
James Robert & Stella Broscheid
Peter William Broscheid
Emma B. Brothers
Josephine Brouillette
Alice Brown
Andrew Brown
Bonnie June Brown
Charles W. Brown
Connie Ann, Richard Wendell and Wayne Thomas Brown
Daniel Brown
Della Pearl Brown
E.D. Brown
Earl & Joseph Brown
Edna G. Brown
Edward R. Brown
Effie May Brown
Elmer Brown
Floyd Brown
Frank Brown
French P. Brown
George Brown
George M. Brown
Gladys A., Blanche B. & Ernest H. Brown
Glenn & Ida Guyer Brown
Grant Brown
Harold R. Brown
Helen Ann Brown
Irene Robertson Brown
Isaiah Brown
Jacob M. Brown
Jerry Lee Brown
John D. Brown
John H Brown, heirs of Nancy Bell, Eliza J, George, William H. Maryetta, Cora & Minnie
Jonas F. Brown
Julia E. Brown
Kate M, Floyd, William & Clara Brown
Katie Brown
Leslie Brown
Lewis, Margarita & Harry Brown
Lucille Hester Brown
Marie A. Brown
Martha C. Brown
Mary A.D. Brown
Mary E. Brown
Mary P, Martha E, Sarah E, and Jacob M. Brown
Nellie E, Brown - listed under Mutti & Brown partnership Estate
Nellie E. Brown
Norris W. Brown
Paul & Mildred Brown
Prince E. Brown
Sadie A. Brown
Samuel S. Brown
Sandra Brown
Stella M. Brown
Verdie Brown
Warren E. Brown
William A. Brown
William H. Brown
William T. Brown
Wilson G. Brown
Wilson G. Brown minor heirs Sarah A, Mary P and Martha W
Wilson W. Brown
Clayton A., Dallas C and William Robert Brownfield
Samuel C. Brownfield
Earl W. Browning
Edward O. Browning
Asa Broyles
Carl Elwyn Broyles
Grace G. Broyles
James C. Broyles
Samuel T. Broyles
William W. Broyles
Wilson Broyles
Charles E. Bruce
Edith E. Bruce
Margaret J. Bruce
Banner Brummett
Katherine E. Brummett
Catherine M. Brunk
George Brunk
Jacob Brunk
Joseph S. Brunk
Abner C. Brush
Abner C. Brush
William Brush
James Harvey Bryant
William G. Bryant
Thomas F. Bryn
Thomas F Bryne, minor heirs Perry W, Fannie B, & Camelier
Virginia E, Bubb & Earl C. Pickron
Ambrose Bucher
Clara E Buck
Elfrieda & Robert Buck
Frank C, Buck
Franklin P. Buck
Fred M. Buck
Fred M, Jackson and Joseph Jr. Bucki
Martha Bucklew minor heirs A.J. Bucklew , Andrew J, Jackson, Alice and Malissa, 
Charles Budeit
Mary E. Budeit
William Budeit
Eldon Lee, Richard Gene & Marlene Marie Buesing
Pamela Sue Buesing and Kevin Dee Reed
Orphice E. Bugbee
Henry Charles Buhler
Orville K. Busby
Orville K. Busby
Pearl E. Busby
Pearl E. Busby
Susie Busby
David Echel Bush
Herman Bush
Traci Ann & Jeffrey Brian Bush
William Bush
Butcher & Burdick Part
Joseph Butcher
Emma Agnes Butherus
Roy Butherus
C.F. Butler
Elenor Butler
La Ru Jean Butler
Ruby Butler
Wilbur Dean Butler
William & Leo Butler
Albert Butner
Albert Butner
Nancy Butner
John W. Butt
Christian Buttman
Henry C. Butts
Henry C Butts, minor heirs Charles A, Newton H, Timothy G, Della M, Kennie M & Grace A. Butts
Joseph Omer Butts
Kennie L. Butts
Lucina Butts
Charles Buzzard
Elma E. Buzzard
Levi Buzzard
Levi Buzzard
Martin E. Buzzard
Andrew Byergo
Andrew B. Byergo
George W. Byers and Susan E (both deceased)
Laura A. Byers
Mijamin & Eliza Byers
Myamin Byers
Sophinia r. Byers
William W. Byers
John Theodore Byland
Emily J. Byrn
Charles E. Cain
George Cain
Henry Cain
Lon Cain
Roy Cain
Virginia Cain
William S. Cain
John M. Calahan
Michael M. Calahan
Blanche Caldwell
Blanche Caldwell
Edla E. Caldwell, heirs Ada E and John S.
Elizabeth M. & Clark H. Caldwell
John H. Caldwell
Martha Lavern & Vera Caldwell
Sarah Caldwell
Evelyn Calek & John W. Johnston
Frank B. Calek Sr.
Flora Honaker Calfee
Henry F. Calfee
John William Calfee
Mary M. Calfee
Sarah Effie Calfee
Cassius C. Calhoun
Glenn S. Calhoun
Charles Calimese
John H. Callahn
Rebecca Fern Callahan
Jena Pearl Callaway
John Callaway
Mary E. Callaway
Bridget Calt
Martin Calt
Robert A. Campbell
Robert & Lewis Campbell
Robert F. Campbell
Robert T. Campbell
Ruth C. Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Walter H. Campbell
William Campbell
William E. Campbell
William R. Campbell
Bridget Cannon
Emma G. Canon
John W. Carden
Joseph Carden
Lulia M. Carden
Martin L. Carden
Martin L. Carden
Myrtle Carden
Anastasia Carey
John Carey
Joseph T. Carey
William C. Carey
Mary E. Carl
Marietta Carle
Donald K. Carlile
Edgar A. Carlson
Leona Mae Carlson
Mayo J. Carlson
Florence E. Carlton
Alice Carmichael
Archibald Carmichael
Archibald Carmichael
Augustine Carmichael
Charles T. Carmichael
Della E. Carmichael
Delma Carmichael
Delma E. Carmichael
Everett Carmichael
Everett Carmichael
Fannie H. Carmichael
Henry Thomas Carmichael
Homer Carmichael
J.R. Carmichael
Jonathan H. Carmichael
Joseph C. Carmichael
Leroy Carmichael
Lucetta Carmichael
Mahala Carmichael
Mamie Carmichael
Martin L. Carmichael
Marvin S. Carmichael
Newton W. Carmichael
Shirley Carmichael
Thurman Carmichael
William Carmichael
William A. Carmichael
Addie S. Carpenter
Addie S. Carpenter
Alma, Mary M, Addie and Vira Carpenter - Heirs of George Carpenter
Amanda Carpenter
America J. Carpenter
Anna Blanche Carpenter
Dana O. Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter
Edward M. Carpenter
Fleming Carpenter
George P. Carpenter
Herbert E. Carpenter
Mildred Carpenter
Nellie R. Carpenter
W.L. Carpenter
Wroe, Dora, and Leander Carpenter
Wroe L. Carpenter
Charles Clayton Carr
Charles E. Carr
Dora Carr
Ersel C. Carr
Lucy Carr
Mark Landis Carr & Mary Beth Steinhauser
Anna Carrel
Colleen J. Carrick
Roy Von Carrol
Roy V. Carroll
C.W. Carson, minor Mary Carson
Charles W. Carson
Linn C. Carson
Addison Carter
Anna M. Carter
Anna Mary Carter
Audrey L. Carter
Audrey L. Carter
Betty Lee Carter
Catherine L. Carter
Catherine Louellen Carter
Charles C. Carter
Dale Carter
Edna B. Carter
Effie L. Carter
Elva B. Carter
Emma May Carter
Esther Carter
Eugene R. Carter
Glen W. Carter
James Carter
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter
Logan Aareal Carter
Louise G. Carter
Lucile Mae Carter
Marcus Carter
Mary Ann Carter
Mary Josephine Carter
Mornin M. Carter
Robert L. Carter
Sarah A. Carter
Sarah F. Carter
Sarah M. Carter
William J. Carter
Anni's Carver
Franklin Carver
Henry M. Carver
Ida Jane Carver
James H. Carver
John Carver
Mamie Carver
Melon Carver
Niles Carver
Sarah E. Carver
Sarah J. Carver
Sumner Carver
Virgil L. Carver
Clifford Howard Cary
Clifford Howard Cary
Chester J. Case
Leonidas Case
Robert L. Case
William W. Case
Joseph Vincent Casey Jr.
Robert R. Casey and Wendy A. Wilson
Diar Cash
Benjamin Lee Caskey
Anna P. and Velma A. Cassel
Deborah L. Casteel
Fay H. Casteel
James H. Casteel
Lloyd Edgar Casteel
M.S. Casteel
Patsy Fay and Verlie Casteel
Florence Caster
Florence Caster
Alfred Castillo
Amos G. Castillo
Charles L. Castillo
Cleda Castillo
Hugh N. Castillo
Hugh N. Castillo
Isabella Castillo
Malinda G. Castillo
Mary Castillo
Paul E. Caswell
Ed Caton
Philip Catt
Ellen G. Catterson
Ellen Catterson
Halbert R. Catterson
Louisa Catterson
Omer Catterson
Dorothy Jean Caudle
Fred Caudle
Gine Caudle
Hiram Caudle
Jessie Caudle
Arthur J. Cauffield
Jessie M. Cauffield
Jesse Mae Cauffiled
Patrick Cavanaugh
Alexander Caywood
Myra Caywood
O.B. Caywood
Orval F. Caywood
George B. Chadduck
John T., Goerge M. Charles W. and Mary L. Chadrick
David Chamberlain
James K, Cahmberlain
Jennie M. Chamberlain
Ada Chamberlin
Norman Chamberlin
Irvin Chambers
Loren V. Chambers
Loren V. Chambers
Perry L. Chambers
W.H. Chambers
William Chambers
Lillie Chance
John M. Chandler
Beulah Mae Chaney
Elizabeth Chaney
Frank A. Chaney
Ruby Devers Chaney and Irene Devers Chaney
Michael Chapasko
Sarah F. Champman
Inez Chappell, Harlan Keedy
William H. Chapple
Albert L. Charles
Clarence M. Charles
Elmer M. Charles
Harry W. Charles
Jacob L. Charles
Lucy E. Charles
Mary A. Charles
Mary Ann Charles
Nealy Charles
Nettie E. Charles
Oliver P. Charles
James M. Chastain
Arthur L. Chenoweth
Charles M. Chenoweth
Herbert O. Cheshire
J.B. Cheshire
Maggie O. Cheshire
Edmond R. Chesnut
John Chesnut
James F. Chestnut
Henry P. Childress
Irene O'Neal Childress & Reva O'Neal Davis minors of Coy O'Neal
Lester Childress
Lois H. Chislom
Alma Linda Christensen
Elva W. Christain
Jessie I. Christian
Andrew Christy
Samuel P. Christy
Andrew H. Churchill
Levi H. Churchill
Marion E. Churchill
Nancy J. Churchill
Lloyd M. Clapham
Eva Rebecca Clardy
John W. Clardy
Leota Elizabeth Clardy and Mildred Mamie Clardy
Mary L. Clardy
Robert L. Clardy
A.G. Clark
Allen G. Cloark
Allen Oren Clark
Callie J. Clark
Cedona Clark
Charles Edward and Nellie Clark
Chester Arthur, Mattie Mae & Edgar A. Clark
Edward T. Clark
Edwin S. Clark
Ellener Clark
Garry E. & Darwin A. Clark
George Clark
Horace E. Clark
John Clark
John & Wesley Clark
Mabel C, and Frampton, Roberta M. Clark
Mary A. Clark
Ruth Clark and Verline Wright
Sheila Kay Clark
Solomon Clark
William H. Clark
Zelda E. Clark
Zoa B. Clark
Annie Clary
Cora Bell Clary
George Robinson Clary
George W. Clary
George W. & Guy C Clary (Partnership)
John H. Clardy
John H. Clardy
Sarah E. Clauser
James H. Claver
Barbara Jane Clawson
Maurice L. Clawson
Samuel E. Clawson
Byron Claypool
Elizabeth Claypool
Joseph, James, Wilson Ruth and Emma Claypool
Amos K. Clayton
Benjamin Calvin Clayton
Daniel H. Clayton
Elizabeth Clayton
Frank L. Clayton
Harry Tu. Clayton
J. Russell Clayton
Jacob C. Clayton
Matie Clayton
Phoebe A. Clayton
Alexander Clelland
John Clelland
Jacob Clemens
Garland F. Clements
Leo Clements
Myrtle Leona Clements
Sarah B. Clements
Sara E. & William S. Clemmens
Anna Clemmons
Anna Clemmons
Charles Walter Clemmons
Cleata Leon Clemmons
George W. Clemmons and Chester W. Kimler
Jacob A. Clemmons
Samuel Clemmons
Sarah A. Clemmons
George W. Clemons
Joseph Clester
William H. Clester
James Cline
Jennie Sue Cline
Russell A. Cline
David M. Cliser
James H. Cliser
Lottie A. Cliser
Mary Jane Cliser
Thomas E. & Mattie N. Cliser
Thomas Ed Cliser
Forrest H. Clouse
Mary Verna Clouse
Alfred A. Clutter
Doris P. Clutter
Edward C. Clutter
Gertrude P. Clutter
Halburt S. Clutter
Harry C. Clutter
Mary Clutter
Rhoda Clutter
Sarah C. Clutter
A. Washington Clymens
Amos Clymens
Amos M. Clymens
Amos M.Clymens
Benjamin F. Clymens
Eva M. Clymens
Helen Ruth Clymens
James Eugene Clymens
John Clymens
Josiah Clymens
Dora Louise Coates
Emma B. Cobb
George B. Cobb
George O. Cobb
William M. Cobb
Jessie M. Coburn
A. Carl Cochran
A. Carl Cochran
Alfred S. Cochran
Alfred S. Cochran Jr.
Bessie F & Nellie R. Cochran
James Wsalter Cochran
Mary E. Cochran
Solomon L. Cochran
Jessie O. Cockayne
Netttie Cockayne
Beulah C. Coe
Henry Coffelt
John Coffman
Newton Coffman
Richard Austin Cogdill
Jacqueline Cohen
Callie L. Coil
Frances Belle Coil
Howard Lee Coil
James Alva Coil
Mae L. Coil
Thomas C. Coil
Wilbur LeRoy Coil
Charles Coker
George H. Colbert
Mary A. Colbert
Herbert O. Colburn
James F. Colby
Lola J. Colby
John W. Colden
Edward Manning Cole
Frank W. Cole Sr.
James H. Cole
Maggie May Cole
Michael Cole
Perita Pearl Cole
Robert M, William C, Carrol D and Charles H. Cole
Samson Cole
Shadraick Cole
Shadrick Cole
William H. & Sarah L. Cole
William M. Cole
Alice Coleman
Allie Coleman
Betsey Coleman
Ed Coleman
John W. Coleman
Lydia M. Coleman
Mary R. Coleman
Max William Coleman
Mervin L. Coleman
Nora Coleman
Nora Coleman
Oliver Coleman
Robinson Coleman
George J. Coler
Henry Coler
Ida B. Coler
Lewis A. Coler
Crystal & Bertha Colwes or Colives
William H. Collier
James L. Collin
Spencer Collings
Addie Collins
Addie Collins
Arthur Collins
Charles E. Collins
Charles W Collins, heirs Mary Elizabeth, Anna Rebecca, Martha Mellissa and Charles Henry Collins
Dennis Collins
Eber D. Collins
Edith A. Collins
Ernest H. Collins
F. Albert Collins
George Allen Collins
George W. Collins
George W. Collins
George W. Collins Sr.
Jeptha C. Collins
John Collins
John Oliver Collins
Lee O. Collins
Leo O. Collins
Nora Collins
Rhoda Collins
Samuel Wilson Collins
Sidney F. Collins
Velma Ruth Collins
William H. Collins
Jane Collinsworth
John T. Collinsworth
Leona J. Collinsworth
George W. Colter
William Colter
Ambrose Colvin
Benjamin Colvin
Enos E. Colvin
George Colvin
James Colvin
Jeremiah Colvin
John Colvin
Luke P. Colvin
Myrtle Colvin
Thomas Jefferson Colvin
Amanda Colwell
Clara Alice Colwell
Fraulein L. Colwell
Harry C. Colwell
Jennie Colwell
John C. Colwell
Merrill O. colwell
Presley Colwell
Alice Rosina Combs
James P. Combs
James Walter Combs
Mary Combs
Perry Combs
Tabitha, Martha, Lizze, Laota & Charles, Minor Heris of John G.
Vera Emily Combs
W.B. Combs
Margaret Comegys
Samuel Comegys
Alzada Comer
Annie E. Comer
David Comer
James Comer
Maria Comer, minor heirs Ulyssus G., Almira, Clara, Laura & Arthur
Mariah comer
Perry B. Comer
Nancy M. Commer
Mary E. Compton
Rocky Comstock
Scott Conaway
Byron E. Condon
Edward V. Condon
E.W. Cone
Edmund W. Cone
James Conklin
Ruben Conklin
Ermil Conley
Fred E. Conley
James H. Conley
Leonard F. Conley
Louisa M. Conley
Samuel Conley
Walter V. Floyd D., Mahoney, Ruth C, May and Alma Conley
Francis Conlin
Francis M. Conlin
John Floyd Conlin
Sam H. Conlin
Dorsey & Ogla Conn
Grace Conn
William H. Conn
Francis M. Connelly
Anna B. Conner
Maria A. Conner
Caroline Conrad
Minnie F. Conrad
Owen Conroy
Bernard J, Matthew B., John F., George L. Conway
Charles Conway
Richard Conway
Susanne, Bernard, Rosalie, Michael and Patrick Conway
William Conway
Earl H. Conz
Ralph S., Kenneth W., Velma E., and Abavilla B. Conz
Annie E. Cook
Chester E. Cook
Clarence E. Cook
David Cook
Earl W. Cook
Edith Mildred Cook
Ellis G. Cook
Emma Cook
Fayette Cook
George T. Cook
Hildred Cook
James Ray Cook
J.L. Cook
James F. Cook
James H. Cook
John Cook
L.D. Cook
L. Cory Cook
Louella C.E. Cook
Margaret cook
Mark A. Cook 
Mildred Cook
Miles Cook
Nancy A. Cook
Nancy F. Cook
Nancy J. Cook
Nannie Isbella Cook
Nettie Cook
Pardon Cook
Rachel cook
Rose E. Cook
Rosellen F. Cook
Roy Edward Cook
Ruby Maxine Cook
Thomas E. Cook
Turley H. Cook
William P. Cook
Crystal V. Cooper
Emily D. Cooper
John Cooper
John H. Cooper
John H. Cooper
Thomas C. James W. Cooper, Casabianca, Preston W, Annetta E. &
Elyphus M. Minor heirs of Jesse Cooper
John W. Cooper
Johnny M. Cooper
Lena Mattson Cooper
Nancy Ann Cooper
Phillip R. Cooper
Roland Cooper
C.M. Copeland
Celia J. & William H. Copple
John Lemnel Copple
Nancy Ann Copple
Samuel Copple
John Corbett
Nellie & Teresa Corbett
John Corcoran
Mary Corcoran
Aaron Sherman Cordell
Eldon Ray Cordell
Elizabeth Cordell
Ella Cordell
George W. Cordell
Nellie M. Cordell
Sallie A. Cordill
Annice Corken
Samuel Corken
Sandra Sue Corken
Thomas M. Corken
Alice Corley
Guy W. Cornelison
Grant Corner
H.C. Cornett
Mabel A. Cornett
Mabel Angeline Cornett
Lawrence, Frances Mack and Lewis Albert Corrigan
Anna Grace Corrough
Donald Craig Corrough
Fay M. Corrough
H. Ret Corrough
Edna E. Corum
Charles C. Corwin
Rayjmond Edward Corwin
Viola May Corwin
Sofia Cossins
Joseph H. Cost
John G. Costello
Mary Costello
Costlow & Dubois (Part)
George R. Costlow
Mabel A. Coston
George H. Cotter
Michael Cotter
Julia Ann, Joseph, Louie Charles - Minor heirs of Solomon Cotton
Delphis E. Cottrell
Edith M. Cottrell
Frances Katherine Cottrell
Lenna M. Cottrell
Otto Cottrell
Otto E. Cottrell
Charles Cottril
Cora Bess Cottril
Lottie A. Cottril
Louis V, Ande E Cottril
Roy E. Cottril
May Cottrill
Charles E. Coulter
Henry T. Coulter
John P. Coulter - minor heirs Stephan A. and Joseph P. Coulter
M.M. Coulter
Rebecca Coulter
Thomas Kent Coulter
Thomas W. Coulter and Earlene (Both Deceased)
Victor, Stephen, Shirley and Monica Coulter
William A. Coulter
George A. Council
Lucy P. Council
Vernon O. Couts
George S. Covey
Henry D. Covey
Harry Cowan
William Y. and Nell Cowden
William Cowen
David C. Cowger
Benoni S. Cox
Bessie Wilson Cox
Charles Cox
Charles E. Cox
Elmer J. & Luella Cox
Emma C. Cox
George Cox
H.A. Cox
Henry A. Cox
Henry D. Cox
Jennie L. Cox
Jesse A. Cox
John Archer & George W. Cox
John B. Cox
John F. Cox
John F. Cox
John F. Cox, minor Heirs: Fairy Bell, William A. Emma F and John T.
John W. Cox
Joseph Cox
Luther C. Cox
Mabel E. Cox
Mary C. Cox
Nellie J. Cox
Ruth Cox
Samantha Cox
Thomas M. Cox
Wilbur Martin Cox
Wilhelmina Cox
William A. Cox
John H. Crawford, Charles A, Elizabeth E, Mary A, Sarah, Josie and Florence Crawford
Joseph A. Crawford
Joseph E. Crawford
Marion T. Crawford
Myrtle A. Crawford
Opha M. Crawford
Rebecca A. Crawford
William Craybill
Amy M. Creek
John Creek
Sarah Crenshaw
Virgil E. Crenshaw
John P. Crew
Mary C. Crickett
Nicholas Crider
Albert and Charles S. Criger
Albert M. Criger
William Criger
Charles S. Crigger
Etta Crigger
John Crigger
Lillian L and Robert A. Crigger
Sarah Crigger
Orville E., Howard H, Opal P. Viola M. and Helen B. Criss
William Eugene and Nellie M. Crist
Elizabeth Crizer
Robert Arthur Crocker
Frank J. Crockett
Ursle C. Crockett Jr.
Arthur Cronk
Daniel H. Crosby
Hester, Harold, Vera and Carry L. Crosby
Sarah Crosby
Edwin C. Crossan
Isaac J. Crossan
Isaac J. Crossan
Rebecca Crossan
Rebecca J. Crossan
Ruth C. Crossan
Lottie A. Crouch
Martha B. Crow
Francis W. Crowdes
Thomas Cunningham
Christian Curfman
Della Curfman
Edwin C. Curfman
Frederick L. Curfman
Fredrick L. Curfman
John C. Curfman
Katherine M. Curfman
Leonora A. Curfman
Roy J. Curfman
Eldon Curnutt
Fields C. Curnutt
Harvey Roland Curnutt
J.C. Curnutt and James W. Heath Partnership
Jessie E. curnutt
John C. Curnutt
Margaret A. Curnutt
Marjorie H. and Carolyn Curnutt
Mary Curnutt
Harve M. Curnutt
Roland T. Curnutt
William Curnutt
William R. Curnutt
William R. and Samuel P. Curnutt
L.C. Curren
Mary J. Currey
Peter C. Currey
Peter Currie
Eliza A. Curry
Francis M. Curry
John M. Curry
Jeremiah Curtin
Jeremiah W. Curtin
Adell, Ione and George Curtis, minor heirs of Lizzie Curtis
Edward Cushing
Alta F.Dack
Clarence E. Dack
J. William Dack
James W. Dack
James William Dack
Myrtle A. Dack
Rebecca S. Dagley
Harry H. Dailey
Louise Daily
Bessie Clare Daise
L.C. Daise
Lewis J. Daise
Robert L. Daise
Editha Ann Dakan
Ernest Dakan
Ethel L. Dakan
Maria E. Dakan
Merlin G. Dakan
Riley Dakan
Wayne E. Dakan
Fletcher J. Dalbey
Minnie Yates Dalbey
Eddie T. Dale
Nellie A. Dale
Chancy Dalrymple
Ezra L. Dalrymple
Martha Dalrymple
John M. Dalton
Asbury A. Damewood
Harley H. Damewood
John H. Damewood
Peter Damgar
Frank E. Damon
Charles D'Andrea
Thomas N. Dane
Susan E. Danger
Beatric H, Ira E, Edward B and Herman F. Daniels
Bicy Neel Daniels
Edward B. Daniels
George Daniels
Henrietta Daniels
John Francis Daniels
Mary E. Daniels
James M. Danner
Putnam Danner, minor heirs Joe W. Gamble D, Maurice P. and Ralph H.
Joe W. Darling and Elnora Harris
Perry V. Darnall
Frank A. Darrow
Charles W. Daugherty
Eva Daugherty
Arzetta Jane DeVault
Cassius C. DaVault
Isaac DaVault
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth F. Davis
Elva Davis
Eva M. Davis
Eva M. Davis
Francis M. Davis
Fred Davis and Eliza Riffe
George W. Davis
Giles R. Davis
Harry R Davis & Nancy Lee Ruth
James F. Davis
James H. Davis
Jared J. Davis
Jesse H. Davis
John C. Davis hers: Mary Ellen and John Allen
Joshua Davis
Julia E. Burns Davis
Kathryn Davis
Laura Belle Davis
Laura Ellen Davis
Lewis F. Davis
Mabel Nola Davis
Martha & Samuel Davis
Mary A. Davis
Michael Paul Davis
Minnie Davis
Orren S. Davis
Reva O'Neal Davis and Irene O'Neal Childress, minors of Coy O'Neal
Samuel A. Davis
Samuel W. Davis
Simon Peter Davis
Stephen F. Davis
Thomas Davis
Thomas J. Davis
Vernon Davis
William Davis
William A. Davis
William E. Davis
William F. Davis and Samual A Davis, minor heirs of Jesse M. Davis
William H. Davis
William P. Davis
Allen Davison
Betty Jane Davison
Frank Davison
Fred O. Davison
Hanna M. Deavison
Isabella Davison
Margaret Whyte Davison
Robert H. Davison
William Davison
Zachariah Davison
Florence L. Dawes
John B. Dawes
Kittie Ann Dawes
Anna Dawson
Bessie A. Dawson
Charles D. Dawson
Douglas Edwin, Opal Verlene and Betty Lou Dawson
Ella Dawson
Ellis David Dawson
Elvira B. Dawson
Eva N. Dawson
Floyd N. Dawson
Icie I. Dawson
Israel J. Dawson
John Leslie Dawson
Mary T. Dawson
Noah E. Dawson
Adam Daxtater
Fannie Virginia Day
Hiram Day
Lawrence B. Day
Mable and John L. Day
Richard Lee Day
Doris Dean
John Dean
John W. Dean
llewellyn P. Dean
Ralph Dean
Cynthia Nora Deaton
Allie, Nellie and Lillie DeBord
Cora J. DeBord
Florence DeBord
John DeBord
Leroy A. DeBord
Harly Debout
Gregory Vincent Deckier and Elaine Marie Wilmes
James B. Decker
James W. Decker
Sarah F, Olive M, James M and Abonijah Decker, minor heirs of James B. Decker
Dale Orville Deen
Elma A. Hatford E, Ruby A and J.H. Deen
Henry A. DeFreece
Selma Ann DeFreece
Allen Degase
Timmy Degase
Elise J. DeHart
Charles R. DeLong
C. Myrtle DeLong
Jefferson DeLong
Olive S. DeLuce
David Deming
Elizabeth DeMoss
Bertha O. DeMott
George Walter DeMott
Henry DeMott
Jacob V. DeMott
Anna Della Dempsey
Charles Dempsey
Emily J. Dempsey
Hugh Dempsey
John Dempsey
John Dempsey
W. Douglas Dempsey
Charles P. DeNeen
Elizabeht DeNeen
John C. Denham
Whitfield F. Denham
Whitfield F. Denham
Joe Roger Denney
John Denney
David L. Denney
James T. Denning
Leland Denning
William Denning
Charles P. Denny
Jennie G, Julia, Paul E and Martha T. Denny
Jacob G. DePrist
Connie Sue Derks
Erving C. and Harold W. Deschauer
Margaret Deschauer
Rudolph H. Elmer F, Frederick E, Florina A, Irving C, and Harold W Deschauer
George H. DeShazer
Luke DeShazer
Roy, Goldie, George and James DeShazer
Henry G. Deters
Solomon L. Detwiller
Floyd E. Deurfeldt
Michael Deutschel
Leroy A. DeVault
Sophia Devecumon
George W. Devers
Irene, Chaney and Ruby Devers
James Devoir
Adeline DeVooght
Adeline E. DeVooght
Alice C. DeVore
Leslie E and William O. DeVore
Leslie Ernest Devore, William Oakla Devore and Ernest Garfield Grimes
Anne Dew
Edward B. Dew
Eva Dew
Ida E Dew
James Edward Dew and Jill D. Harrington
Roger Dew
Thursey Jane Dew
Mary Ann Dewhirst
Alfred Dewitt
Edna E. DeWitt
Ross A. DeWitt
Ann E. Dewolf
Francena A. DeWolf
Titus R. DeWolf
Marcella Loraine Dewyre
Edward J, Dick
Lucretia Dick
Margaret Leone Dick
Willis Dick
Clifford H. Dicken
Abraham A. Dickenson
Granville Dickerson
Isaac S. Dickerson
James D, Dickerson
Helen Dickey
Byrl Weston Dickie
Rolla A. Dicks
J.J. Dickson
William L. Dickson
Lottie Mary and Gregory Diedrich
Henry Diem
Dale George Dietrich
Mamie Dietrich
Peter H. Dietz
Claire Diggs
Craig & David Diggs
Emma J. Diggs
Emma J. Diggs
William Henry Diggs
Nicholas Dilk
Cyrus and Deborah Dillison
Ellen Dillon
Eliza A. Dilts
Gaylord Dilts
Paul K. Dilts
George Dimas
A.H. Dimon
Albert James Dinsdale Sr.
Rdell Dinsdale
Bessie Jane Dinsmore
Elizabeth C. Dinsmore
F.B. Dinsmore
Louisa Dinsmore
Amelia L. Diss
Catherine Diss
John S. Diss
Joseph Diss
Peter L. Diss
Henry Ditamore
William Ditamore
Barbara Ellen Ditto
John W. Ditto
Samuel Duncan Ditto
Elisha Dixon
Gertie & Walter Dixon
Oletha Dixon
Orron W. Dixon
Raphael Dixon
Walter Dixon
William Dixon
William D. Dixon
Sidney O. Dixon
Willis Doan
George Dobbins
Joseph Dobbins
Rebecca Dobbins
Samuel R.W. Dobbins
Thomas A. Dobbins
William Dobbins
Franklin Dobson
Louisa Dobson
Fred Dodd
Harl Rolland Dodd
Hugh Dodd
Mary A. Dodd
Thomas Dodde
Andrew Cunningham Dodd
David and Franklin Dodds
Margaret I. Dodds
Daniel J. Dodge
Mark J Doll and Julia Christiane Scott
Mary Dollison
Mary B. Dollison
Carol C. Donahoe
Everett Kae Donahue
John C. Donahue
Margaret H. Donahue
William Francis Donahue
Eliza Donaldson
Eliza Donaldson
John E. Donaldson
Richardson Donaldson
Alta Donlin
Charles B. Donlin
Charles E. Donlin
James C. Donlin
John Donlin
Margaret Donnigan
Elizabeth A. Dooley
Hannah Dooley
John Dooley
Reuben W. Dooley
Bernard Doran
Jesse B. Doran
John Doran
Lawrence Doran
Mae L. Doran
Mary A. Doran
May Doran
Robert Doran
William Doran
Earl Hadley Dorman
Vera M, Dean F. and Dale D. Dorman
Walter W. Dorman
Samuel Dorr
William T. Dorsey
Berrnard T. Dougan
Bridget Dougan
Charles D. Dougan
Charles T. Dougan
Don C. Dougan
Eliza A. Dougan
Florence Dougan
James Dougan
John Dougan
John L, Michael J, Jr., Catherine, Mary, Patrick & Bernard Dougan
Patrick Dougan
William Francis Dougan
A.E. Dougherty
Alta May Dougherty
Grace Mae Dougherty
James R. Dougherty
John W. Dougherty
Joshua Dougherty
Susie Dougherty
Sylvester S. Dougherty
William W. Dougherty
Thomas J. Doughton
Francis Marry & Mildred Lucile Doughty
Estella A. Douglas
James M. Douglas
John Douglas
John A. Douglas (Minor)
John L. Douglas
Joseph F. Douglas
William S. Douglas
David Dovenspike
Ruth E. Dovenspike
C. Delbert Dowden
Elizabeth Dowden
John F. Dowden
John Wesley Dowden
Matilda Dowden
Amelia J. Dowell
Jane K. Dowell
Thomas F. Dowell
Charles Newton Dowis
Effie J. Dowis
Hampton Dowis
Isaac Dowis
Isaac Dowis - also spelled Davis
Jean M. Dowis
Judith Hope Dowis
Ora D. Dowis
Donald & Virginia Rose Dowling
Raymond L. Dowling
Rolfe Raymond Dowling
William H. Dowling
Ira C. Downer
John L. Downer
Walter A. Downey
James Riley Downing
John W. Downing
Lydia P. Downing
Martha A. Downing
Noah W. Downing
Washington Downing
Elizabeth A. Doyle
John P. Doyle
William T. Doyle
Cyntha A. Dragoo
Jacob O. Dragoo
Phillip Dragoo
Ruth C. Dragoo
Chloe Belle Drain, Nancy Ellen Drain, Vida Maria Drain
James T. Drain
John A. Drain
Levina Drain
Vida Drain
Joseph O. Drake
Della Inis Dredge
Donald Dean Dredge, Paul Leory Dredge and David Eugene Dredge
Pearl L. Dredge
Mary L. Dreher
Ralph and Inez Drennan
Sarah E. Drennan
Nina Deloris Drennen
Patricia Louise Drennen
Joseph A. Dreps
Nellie Drumm
John T. Drummond
P.A. Drummond
Adah Drydale
Anna B. Drydale
George Drydale
Henry Edward (Harry) Drydale
Leon Drydale
Paul Norman Drydale and Vadah Drydale Wooten
Selvina Drydale
John A. Dryden
Sarah Dryden
Casper Duchman
Doris Amelia Duckworth
Floine & Sharion Dudley
Edna M. Duerfeldt
Sarah J. Duff
John W. Duffy
Loretta Duffy
Pearl Marie Duffy
John Dugan
Charles H. Dukes
Jane Dukes
Joseph A. Dukes
Ralph and Ethel Dumm
Charles E. Duncan
Earl S. Duncan
Maude Ella Duncan
Noah Duncan
Robert Harvey Duncan
Rosa Duncan
William Duncan
Isaac J. Dugan
Robert M. Dugan
Isaac H. Dunham
Robert William Dunlap
William S. Dunlap
William S. Dunlap
Anthony Dunleavy
Frank Dunleavy
James Dunleavy
Kate Dunleavy
Mary A. Dunleavy
Michael Dunleavy
Thomas Dunleavy
Alvin Marion Dunn
Carl Dunn
Sylvester S. Dunn
Matelda Durant
Benedict P. Durbin
Louisa J. Durbin
Mary Margaret Estella, Mary Angelina Bernadette, Mary Pauline, Peter Anthony, Mary Clara, Paul Michael Durbin, minor heirs of Benedict P. Durbin
Orville F. Durbin
Peter Anthony Durbin
Rachel A., Martha B., William A and Benjamin F. Durham
Isaac Durling
August Ferdinand Durr
Albert Dyche
Albert Dyche
Albert Dyche & Son (Part)
Charles E. Dyche
Charles E. Dyche
Fannie & Nellie Dyche
Harry E and Pearl E. Dyche
Hazel Dyche
John H. Dyche
Elijah C. Dyer
Judson Dyer
Dorothy L Dyke
Mattie M. Dykes
Mabel M. Dysart
Ovie & Guy Dysart
Fred H. Dyson
James D. Dyson
Thomas Dyson
Dewey Eads
Wayne L. Earhart
Alvis H. East
Annie Eastman
Gustavus Eastman
Charles H. Eaton
Daniel M. Eaton
Thiebolt Eberlin
Raymond C. Ebert
George William Ebrecht
Lewis Joseph Ebrecht
Virgil Leroy Ebrecht
August Echterling
Emma Echterling
Eugene J. Echterling
Fred Echterling
Edna M. Ecker
Elsie Ecker
Elsie G. Ecker
Ethel B. Ecker
Harry P. Ecker
John M. Ecker
William C. Ecker
George Eckert
Henry Eckert

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