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Friday, January 21, 2011

History of Quitman Missouri in the News 1881 - 2005

This is the index to this book or you can  buy the individual article for $5.00 each. You can email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

Albert Olds
Alta Withrow
Alvin C. Henderson
Anna Teffet
Arthur T. Graves
B.M Bright
Bates Huntsman
Bernice Kortz Pitcher
Bertha Lemon Groves
Bill Peve
Bryce Brunk
Carl Grahl
Cecil A. Rice
Cecil Hunt
Cecil Martin
Charles F. Porter
Charles Shafer
Charles T. Waits
Charles Wykoff
Charles Zarn
Clarence Cline
Con Franklin
D. Wilson Porter
Dalias Laughlin
David Burger
David Neal
Dessie Casteel
Don D. Patridge
Donald Fitcher
Dwight George
E.S. Johnson
Ed Chatterton
Ed Neal
Ehtel Wykoff
Elmer Evans
Ervin Stickles Sr.
Ethel G. Wright
Euphemia Thompson
Everet William Winslow
Fay Henderson
Fern Porter George
Forrest C. Donnell
Forrest Ralston
Fred Curtis
Fred Neal
George Gebbie
George Soderstrand
George William Soderstrand
Gertie Lemon Sampson
Gladys Soderstrand David
Goldy Lemon Purdy
H.I. Hicks
Harlan Ralston
Harold Lamar
Harrington Stone
Harrison Means
Harry Dell
Harry Hoyt
Harry Olds
Hartford Lemon
Harvey Harris
Hattie Olds
Hazel Kortz
Hazel Lemon Ledgerwood
Henry Damewood
Henry Porter
Henry Ralston
Henry Rohlfs
Homer Wohlford
Ivan Henderson
J.E. Bilby
Jennie Rodman
Jess Diver Jr.
John Damewood
John Dix
John Kennedy
John S. Bilby
Judy Ann Graham
Kenneth G. Kortz
Kenneth Marr
Laura G. Graham
Leander L. Neal
Lee Wykoff
Lela Prather
Leland Fisher
Lester Hall
Lillie Mae Banes Simpson
Linda Olds
Linnie Olds
Lizzie Olds
Lizzie Woods
Lola Mae Casteel Rice
Lon Casteel
Lonnie Hoyt
Lottie Lucas Holton
Madison Kortz
Mamie Neal
Maria Collins Porter
Marry Bohart
Mary Jo Palm
Mattie Withrow
Maurice Geist
Mildred Kortz Exline
Miss Harris
Nadine Rothenberger
Nancy Hicks
Nathan Gay
Nora Wood
Ora E. Keever
Oren Stanley
Quitman Bank One eyed man
Quitman Bank Robbery
Quitman Check
Quitman Land owners
Quitman Snow Storm
Quitman Train accident
Rachel E. Palm
Ralph Carroll
Ralph Coe
Ralph W. Holmes
Ralph Walter
Raymond Palm
Richard Strange
Richard Wykoff
Ronald McIntyre
Rosalie Hines
Roscoe Zook
Rosetta Lee Soderstrand
Ross Carson
Russell Young
Samuel C. Young
Samuel Scrivner
Sarah Putman
Sarah Yetter
Sileila Hoyt
T.C. Burson
Thelbert L. Ellsworth
Thelma Greenwood
Vernon Keever
Vivian Kortz Peterson
W.T. Lemon
Walter Olds
Wesley Mains
Wilbur Frankum
William Estes
William J. Springer
William T. Graham
Wood Bender
Wyatt Emory Cooper

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