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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1907 Burlington Junction Post, Births, Marriages and Obituaries

I have indexed this years newspaper from the Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri.  All articles are $5.00 each.  To purchase a copy of an article please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com 

Caldwell       Obituary
Allen Moore       Obituary
Messbarger-Tobin       Marriage Announcment
Daughter Webb       Birth Announcement
Staples-Rhoades       Marriage Announcement
Logan-Booher       Marriage Announcement
Jones-Robinson       Marriage Announcement
Bush-McLaughlin       Marriage Announcement
Son Potts       Birth Announcement
Samuel Francis       Obituary
Hendrick-Hagey       Marriage Announcement
Yates-Potts       Marriage Announcement
Charles Lundell       Obituary
Frank Mount       Obituary
Sewell-Myrick       Marriage Announcement
Garner-Asher       Marriage Announcement
Son McDowell       Birth Announcement
Child Dae (Doe?)       Birth Announcement
Yates-Jenkins       Marriage Announcement
Logan-Laughlin       Marriage Announcement
Jake Boone       Obituary
Son Monk       Birth Announcement
Monk-Pillard       Marriage Announcement
E.M. Crawford       Obituary
Carter-Mendenhall       Marriage Announcement
Wobbe-Tobin       Marriage Announcement
H.E. Robinson       Obituary
Wingate-Miller       Marriage Announcement
Albert Heller       Obituary
Booher Anniversary       Anniversary Announcement
Sarah Simpson       Obituary
Baby Gray       Birth Announcement
David Jones       Obituary
Anderson-Kester       Marriage Announcement
James McClaren       Obituary
Son Muller       Birth Announcement
William Graves       Obituary
Mrs. William Colby       Obituary
Armstrong-Hollenbeck       Marriage Announcement
Daughter Carter       Birth Announcement
John Houston       Obituary
Daughter Hutson       Birth Announcement
Smith-Alexander       Marriage Announcement
Athel Colwell Hindel       Obituary
Speed-Thomas       Marriage Announcement
Pearl Clouse       Obituary
Bevard-Frey       Marriage Announcement
Noakes-Lilley       Marriage Announcement
Elizabeth Vanderlinder       Obituary
A.A. Staples       Obituary
Williams-Harris       Marriage Announcement
Alma Ashford       Obituary
Bran-Welton       Marriage Announcement
Daughter Walter       Birth Announcement
Wallace-Huey       Marriage  Announcement
Martia Craiger       Obituary
Smith-Miller       Marriage announcement
Mrs. Eugene Pope       Obituary
Phillip Dragoo       Obituary
James Slayton       Obituary
William Long       Obituary
Smythe-Macumber       Marriage Announcement
L.T. Creek       Obituary
Mrs. Charles Saunders       Obituary
Bryan Owens       Obituary
Glen Marven Hackett       Obituary
Thomas Brew       Obituary
Cook-Inman       Marriage Announcement
Cox-Clayton       Marriage Announcement
Ada Puett       Obituary
Oscar Somers       Obituary
Daughter Jones       Birth Announcement
Anna Davis       Obituary
Carter-Miller       Marriage Announcement
Miriam Kester       Obituary
Evelyn Bartlett       Obituary
Eldora Cox Weaver       Obituary
Nancy Burke       Obituary
John H. Ware Jr.       Obituary
Wils Rickets       Obituary
Child Noakes       Birth Announcement
Thomas Harbisher       Obituary
Jennie Westfall       Obituary
William Walker       Obituary
Beightol-Neal       Marriage Announcement
Stirk-Noakes       Marriage Announcement
J.W. Danner       Obituary
John H. Ware       Obituary
Elizabeth Hoyt       Obituary
Joseph Banes       Obituary
J.B. Thomas       Obituary
Mrs. J.S. Westfall       Obituary
Jane Jordan Francis       Obituary
Catherine Hall       Obituary

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