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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1939 Maryvillian High School yearbook, Maryville Missouri

This is the index to this yearbook.  Each picture is for sale for $5.00 each or you can buy a whole copy of the year book for $50.00 each.  You can email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com to purchase.
Max Adams
Nadean Allen
Charles Appleby
Marie Arnett
Kathryn Auffert
Clarence Barnes
James Bennett
Norman C. Bliss
BIll Butherus
Betty Lou Butler
Betty Jo Canon
Esther Carmichael
Curtis Carr
Mildred Clardy
Catherine Cockayne
Charles K. Cockayne
James Cook
James Cornett
Kenneth Crawford
Garnet Cushman
Robert Davis
Robert Dawson
Eugene Dempsey
Joe Dobbins
Bernard Dougen
Irene Dowden
Marcelle Eickholt
Dorothy J. Fakes
Jack French
Berniece Frueh
Lester Frueh
Helen L. Fryar
Arthur Goodspeed
Mary L. Gregg
Margaret Hackman
Mary E. Hamilton
Jeanette Hanson
John Hartness
Mary L. Hartness
John Harvey
Ruth Hasty
Harold Heekin
Mary K. Hiatt
Dale Hooper
Melbourne Jenkins
Katherine Job
Connie Jones
Gerald Keever
Helen Keever
Curtis Kinsely
Barbara Leet
Gifford Lethem
Elizabeth Lippman
Robert Loch
Ben M. Louthan
Jack Lyle
James Montgomery
Richard Mowery
Donald Moyer
Mary E. Mutz
Phyllis McIntosh
Preston Nevins
Ray Newlon
James O'Connell
Emma E. Poston
Dorothy J. Quinn
Ellis Rosenquist
Robert L. Rosenquist
Loral Rouse
Elbert L. Rouse
Alice Smith
Ivan Spangler
Wayne Stafford
Betty L. Strauch
Charles Strong
Dorothy N. Swinford
Betty J. Todd
Beaulah Viles
Grace Walker
Morris Walton
Harriette Warnick
Boyd Watson
Winston Wells
Forrest White
Richard Wiles
William Wilmes
Jimmie Woodburn
Katherine Wray
Marjorie Wray

Rex Adams
Lou Ellen Ambrose
Eugene Applby
Ellis Bennett
Mary Bishop
Doris L. Bliss
Bill Booth
Ilah M. Busby
Bob Butherus
Betty Chaves
Robert Cook
Junior Cox
Robert Crockett
Murray Daniel
Betty Dawson
Mary DeWitt
Doris Dobbins
Dorothy Dunn
James Espey
Mary Ford
Juanita Geist
Jack Gregory
Isabel Hamersky
Alice Hansen
Mary Harmon
Allono Hawkins
Irene Heideman
Darlene Hurts
Raymond Hutchinson
Vivian Ingram
Joseph Juvenal
Emma R. Kendall
Kenneth King
Dorothy E. Masters
Dorothy L. Montgomery
Luther Moore
Alice Newlon
Alice Noland
Bill Phares
Betty Plymell
Joseph Plymell
Lois Rayhill
Bill Rybolt
Junior Samson
Betty Sanders
LeRoy Seipel
Mildred Shell
Edward Short
Bill Smith
Blanche Smith
Margaret Smith
Norma Sockler
J.H. Spencer
Richard Stophons
Muriel Sutton
Bill Tebow
Elmo Trimble
Earl Trueblood
Mary Wagner
Harry D. Wells
Merle White
Harry Whitney
Mildred Wray
John Yeaman
William Wendle

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