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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1904 Burlington Junction Post, Obituaries, Marriages, Births

I have indexed this years newspaper from the Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri.  All articles are $5.00 each.  To purchase a copy of an article please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

H. Rice       Obituary
Frank Dunigan       Obituary
Mrs. J.A. Linneman       Obituary
King-Merrill       Marriage Announcement
Clinton-Kent       Marriage Announcement
Lyons-Powell       Marriage Announcement
Moore-Gertrude       Marriage Announcement
Guyett-Barr (2 parts)       Marriage Announcement
Nicholas-Chamberline       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. Stinson       Obituary
Aesdale-Gillis       Marriage Announcement
Burdick-Burdick       Marriage Announcement
Son Barber       Birth Announcement
Perry Perkins       Obituary
Mary Smith Warner       Obituary
Jack Holt       Obituary
Joab Nicholas       Obituary
Eva Hiles       Obituary
Nancy White Jones       Obituary
Son Ralston       Birth
R.F. Deeds       Obituary
J.W. Grooms       Obituary
Burdick-Casey       Marriage Announcements
Albert Bever       Obituary
John Horton       Obituary
Mrs. R.P. Tuten       Obituary
Sarah Tuten       Obituary
Staples-Smith       Marriage Announcement
Mr. & Mrs. Wm Houston       Anniversary Announcement

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