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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1908 Burlington Jct Post, Obits, Marriages, Births

I have indexed this years newspaper from the Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri.  To purchase a copy of an article please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com 

All articles are $5.00 each

Joseph Colvin       Obituary
Joseph Hobbs       Obituary
Haller-Bracken       Marriage Announcement
Joe Calvin       Obituary
John Sties       Obituary
Chiles F. Harwood       Obituary
C.H. Hutt       Obituary
A.W. Peden       Obituary
Frank Hendrick       Obituary
Phillip Richey       Obituary
Nancy Hann       Obituary
Infant Bush       Obituary
Mrs. John Hann       Obituary
Tommy Groves       Obituary
Hewitt-Trosper       Marriage Announcement
J.C. Ordnung       Obituary
Girl England       Birth  Announcement
W.M. Houston       Obituary
John C. Ordnung       Obituary
Johnston-DeArmond       Marriage Announcement
Abplanalp-McCleod       Marriage Announcement
Henry Huston       Obituary
Johnston-DeArmond       Marriage Announcement
Margaret Monk Spence       Obituary
Mrs. John Spence       Obituary
John Dalbey Crook       Obituary
Short-Miller       Marriage Announcement
Mary Rutledge Spence       Obituary
Blakesley-Greenlee       Marriage Announcement
Neva Inez Neff       Obituary
Chas. W. Leaverton       Obituary
Chas Wesley Leaverton       Obituary
Wm Clark       Obituary
Son Beck       Birth Announcement
Laney-McDonald       Marriage Announcement
Staple-Workman       Marriage Announcement
Child Jones       Obituary
Graves-Gates       Marriage Announcement
Mary Houston       Obituary
Hann-Crane       Marriage Announcement
Elvira Martin Hamilton       Obituary
Mary Houston       Obituary
Bever-Glen       Marriage Announcement
Hagey-Lamme       Marriage Announcement
Davis-Freemeyer       Marriage Announcement
Clayton-Ware       Marriage Announcement
Chas E. Butler       Obituary
Child Graham       Obituary
Chase E Butler       Obituary
Child Mendenhall       Birth
A.B. Matthew       Obituary
Warner Carden (2 parts)       Obituary
Edith Calhoun       Marriage Announcement
Calhoun-Schmierer       Marriage Announcement
Dr. Collins       Obituary
Kelly-Dragoo       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. Preston       Obituary
Mrs. Chas Mark       Obituary
Forbes-Hills       Marriage Announcement
Albert Leaverton       Obituary
A.B. Matheny       Resolutions of Respect
Wells-Logan       Marriage Announcement
Barr-Jones       Marriage Announcement
Girl Spangler       Birth Announcment
Ephriam Johnston       Obituary w/ Picture
Cole-Tucker       Marriage Announcement
Mary E. Bell Anderson       Obituary
McCorkle-Larabee       Marriage Announcement
Reavis-Jackson       Marriage Announcement
Mary Wood       Obituary
Herschel Brown       Obituary
Friend-Cossins       Marriage Announcement
Cora R. Staples       Obituary
David S. Wagner       Obituary
Boy Campbell       Birth Announcement
Boy Staples       Birth Announcement
Harriet E. Mericle       Obituary
George D. Hitchcock       Obituary
George M. Malvern       Obituary
Tarpley-Wolcott       Marriage Announcement
Girl Logan       Birth Announcement
Robertson-Zittle       Marriage Announcement
Arnold-Piveral       Marriage Announcement
West-Myers       Marriage Announcement
A.J. Selsor       Obituary
Skeed-Follinoar       Marriage Announcement
Johnson-Miller       Marriage Announcement
Maltby-Crane       Marriage Announcement
Plummer-Shelton       Marriage Announcement
Boy Boyer       Birth Announcement
J.B. Thomas       Obituary
Mrs. J.S. Westfall       Obituary
Jane Jordan Francis       Obituary
Catherine Hall       Obituary

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