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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ancestor Explorer - Hire me to Research your family history

Welcome to Ancestor Explorer, where you can Hire me to Explore your past.

Ancestor Explorer is a fee for service Genealogy website.  We are here to assist you in your research and offer various types of Genealogy research for our customers, depending on how much they want to know about their family history and how deep they wish to explore.

I will conduct a thorough and exhaustive search on your family history and provide you with a Family History Report and a Kinship report as well as all documents acquired during my research. 

I have been an active Genealogist for the last 9 years and have been very successful in researching my own family history back to 1727 in Germany.  I have built over 145 family histories off of my own family history and currently have these available for purchase.  I have located long lost cousins and my current database lists over 5000 living and deceased individuals.

The kind of information you will find in all of my research includes Birth dates, Marriage Dates, Death Dates, Divorce Dates, Occupations, where the person was born and died, Newspaper articles of everyday happenings, Birth Announcements, Marriage Announcements, Divorce Announcements, Obituaries, Naturalization announcements, Estate and Probate Listings.  I utilize historical newspaper research to really find more in-depth information about the family being researched.

You will also find several source documents that I utilize to research including some of the following: Census Records, Military Records, Birth records (When available), Marriage Records, Death Records (When available), Divorce documents, Wills, Probates, Land Records, Tax Records, Assessor Records, Plat books, Leavenworth Kansas Federal Prison Records, Native American records and NARA Records and other various types of records. 

NOTE: Not all Genealogies will contain all of the above source information or documents.

I conduct research at the following main Centers: Kansas State Historical Society, Missouri State Historical Society, Midwest Branch of the National Archives, Truman Library, Courthouses, County Genealogical Societies, County Historical Societies and the Midwest Genealogy Library as they have a vast collection of books and source materials that assist me in finding Genealogical information.  I will travel up to a 180 Mile Radius from the Kansas City Missouri area to research for you. 

The states that I will conduct research in are: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.  I am available to do research in other states if you are willing to provide compensation for overnight travel and lodging. 

My rate schedule is as follows:
My Fees are as follows:

Hourly Rate:  $30.00

Copy Fees: Usually .25 cents per page

Gas – Cost will depend on how far I have to travel

Records Purchases – Costs will vary by Records Center

Toll Booth – (Only in Kansas) $4.10

Parking – Will depend on municipality

Computer Access – Will depend on library / society

Special Collections Access – Will vary by Center

NOTE:  Fees that are payable up front are, Estimated Hourly Fee, Estimated Gas Fee and Toll Booth (Kansas Only).  All other fees will be payable upon completion of your project.

Please NOTE:  If you need Military records from St. Louis Missouri this is a same day trip and takes me approximately 10  hours to complete.  The cost for retrieving military records from St. Louis in a single day is $350.00 and will be requested under FOIA

If you’re ready to find out about your Family History then Hire Us today.  You can email me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com or call me at 913 827 2053

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