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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1911 Burlington Junction Post, Obits, Marraiges, Births

I have indexed this newspaper from Burlington Junction Missouri.  If you'd like to purchase an article from this newspaper it is $5.00 each or you can buy this entire volume for $65.00  Email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

Garnett - Wells       Marriage Announcement
Pidcock - Schroyer       Marriage Announcement
Robert Colwell       Obituary
Baby Girl Spangler       BIrth Announcement
Boone Hailey       Obituary
Mrs. Thomas Harbisher       Obituary
Earnest Early       Obituary
Luroney Charter Harbisher       Obituary
Short - Mericle       Marriage Announcement
Gray - Piveral       Marriage Announcement
White - Booth       Marriage Announcement
VanPelt - Bigley       Marriage Announcement
Eliza Wagner       Obituary
Edward King       Obituary
Walker - Yates       Marriage Announcement
Hez Rasco       Death Penalty Article
Eliza (Brown) Wagner       Obituary
Cookman - Maxwell       Marriage Announcement
F.K. Frazier       Obituary
Ruth Stewart       Obituary
Asbell - Engle       Marriage Announcement
James Whipple       Obituary
John Messbarger       Birth Announcement
Samuel Taylor       Obituary
Laura Crawford Brogen       Obituary
Abraham Welty       Obituary
Barber - Graves       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. Hiram Logan (Albright)       Obituary
Philena Green Rouse       Obituary
Catherine Hunt       Obituary
Hornbuckle - Graves       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. Jane Hunt       Obituary
Maltby - Still       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. Muloch       Obituary
Johnston - DeArmond       Marriage Announcement
Malcolm - Maltby       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. Jared Yates       Birthday Announcement
Hattie Gosney       Obituary
Mayme Manning Hurt       Obituary
Hainline - Thompson       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. M.J. Rust       Obituary
Margaret J. (Golden) Rust       Obituary
Hattie S. Gosney       Obituary
John Davis       Obituary
Logan - Hackett       Marriage Announcement
Elizabeth White Anderson       Obituary
Tom Glenn       Obituary
Jonathan Graves       Obituary
Mr & Mrs. Henry Piveral       Anniversary Announcement
Mary L. Atterbury Race       Obituary
James Lathrop       Obituary
Miller - Wallace       Marriage Announcemenet
Dragoo - Shiflett       Marriage Announcement
Fred Douglass       Death Announcement
Neveda Atkinson       Birthday Anniversary
Eliza Womack       Obituary
Boy Walters       Birth Announcement
Boy Farquhar       Birth Announcement
J.H. Sparks       Obituary
Sarah Wallace       Obituary
Ross - Pickell       Marriage Announcement
Greenelsh - Copeland       Marriage Announcement
Boy Severs       Birth Announcement
Dragoo - Shiflett       Marriage Announcement
Harris - Dolbey       Marriage Announcement
Null Family       Reunion
Carrie Nation       Obituary
Albert J. Imel       Obituary
Sankey Miller       Obituary
George Fullerton       Obituary
William F. Sternberg       Birth Announcement
Glen M. Severs       Birth Announcement
James Hagey       Birthday Anniversary
Mrs. Floyd Miller       Obituary
J.C. Mitchell       Obituary
Mrs. Floyd Miller (Johnson)       Obituary
Elias J. Williams       Obituary
Mrs. Kizah Lamar       Obituary
Baby Girl Kingery       Birth Announcement
Frank Todd       Obituary
Starley Miller       Obituary
Logan - Cook       Marriage Announcement
Cal Suttle       Birthday Anniversary
John T. Wlech       Obituary
Miles - Yaple       Marriage Announcement
Hester Sunderland Burk       Marriage Announcement
Louis Hutchison       Obituary
J.T. Welch       Funeral Notice
Mrs. Wm H. Walker (Maines)       Obituary
S.S. Todd       Obituary
Reece - Weddle       Marriage Announcement
Blackford - Weddle       Marriage Announcement
Charles Kennell Hankins       Obituary
Mary Maines Walker       Obituary
Lon Spargur       Obituary
Boy Adkins       Birth Announcement
Mrs. William Dalrymple       Obituary
Harrison Myers       Obituary
Pearl Wachtel       Obituary
J.A. Calhoun       Obituary
Mrs. John Severs       Obituary
Montgomery - Brummett       Marriage Announcement
Bigley - Whittington       Marriage Announcement
Phillip Weller       Obituary
Mrs. W.W. Hood       Obituary
S.F. Hudson       Obituary
Kennedy - Pike       Marriage Announcement
Daughter Greenelsh       Birth Announcement
Jessie James Hood       Obituary
McGinnis - Parker       Marriage Announcement
Son Drain       Birth Announcement
Mrs. J.F. Kellogg       Obituary
Rankin - Griffin       Marriage Announcement
Leslie Gelvin       Obituary
Howard Reynolds       Obituary
Gelvin Funeral Notice       Funeral Notice
Lillie Carpenter       Obituary
Girl Adkins       Birth Announcement
Jesse Crain       Obituary
Samuel Praisewater       Obituary
Allen Shipley       Obituary
Reavis - Wright       Marriage Announcement
John Nicholas       Obituary
H.A. Smith       Birthday Announcement
Gates - Ferguson       Marriage Announcement
Jabe Dean       Obituary
Harry Turner       Obituary
Mr & Mrs. Samuel Corken - 50yrs       Anniversary
Gebbeken - O'Connor       Marriage Announcement
Thomas Braselton       Obituary
Ida (Howard) Walter       Obituary
Frank Debord       Obituary
Rees - Gaugh       Marriage Announcement
Margaret Wood       Obituary
Mr & Mrs. Ed Bever       Anniversary
Young - Ordnung       Marriage Announcement
Boy Brown       Birth Announcement
William Finley       Obituary
Girl Young       Birth Announcement
Clifton Carden       Birthday Anniversary
Carmichael - Murphy       Marriage Announcement

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