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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1924 Maryvillian Yearbook, Maryville Missouri

This is the index to this yearbook.  Each picture is for sale for $5.00 each or you can buy a whole copy of the year book for $50.00 each.  You can email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com to purchase.
Morris Chick
Marie Chandler
Mildred New
Eldon Dow
Stewart Tulloch
Katherine M. Gray
Lucile Sturm
Kathryn Lou Keplar
Joe M. Phipps
Opal Marie Thummel
Dorothy Dow
Laura M. Raines
Merea Williams
Homer Ogden
Mayme E. Grems
John Mountjoy
Mabel Geist
Dean Dorman
Opal Hantz
Faye Hornbuckle
Elizabeth Wilkerson
Frances Griffin
Wallace Hisabeck
Velma P. Hayden
Felix Brown
John Curfman
Pauline Eckert
Vodre Willoughby
Leonard Carstens
Neri G. Robertson
James Armstrong
Bernice Howard
Mildred I Wallace
Mary B. Fisher
Edward Tindall
Donald Bellows
Mary F. Bleuel
Ralph Dowden
Mariam Catterson
Beryl Blauvelt
Mary Oakerson
Hazel Frede
Carl Craig
Lulu B DeMott
Hattie Culver
Elmer Nichols
Pauline Mumma
Donald Herndon
William Gaugh
Genevieve Todd
Jarvis Bush
Rebecca Briggs
Fern Murray
Harold Holt
Esther Hull
Roxie Tarpley
Jesse Michaleson
Bernice Cliser
Thelma Penisten
George Seiler
Gladys Ross
Clement Rickman
Nellie Murphy
Leo J. Durbin
Harold Kemp

Ruth Hughes
Arthur Cain
Stella B. Pettigrew
John Sewell
Marvin Westfall
Lucile Gaugh
Raymond Garten
Elizabeth Jones
John Kurtz
Verlea James
Roy Fisher
Olive Ewing
Audrey Stiwalt
Alene Carter
Esther Roseberry
Harold Miller
Helen Holt
Marvin Epperson
Viola Green
Roland Evans
James Hepburn
Edith Howard
Erwin Foreman
Hyrtle Frazee
Doris Walker
Baublets Wright
Selma Smith
Viletta Miller
Lucile Qualls
Opal Taylor
Orville Pugsley
Virginia White
Laura Belt
Walter Allen
Arminta Collins
Russel Cline
Paul Diss
Estella Comer
Porterfield Cockayne
Irene Blagg
Katherine Lewis
Ray Eckles
Helen Dunkle
Thomas Eckert
Raymond England
Iola Dowden
Franklin Dowden
Leslie Dowden
Julius Lowry
Dorothy mcCord
Herman Miller
Blanche McMillen
Forrest Howland
Dawn McCombs
Roma McGinnis
Eugene Howard
Jay Caudell
Raymond Oakerson
Forrest Howard
Ruth Enland
Gerald Barker
Marguerite Caldwell
Lavelle Smith
Forrest Eckert
Mildred Ashford
Jack Hartness
Gertrude Curfman
Musette Helpley
Ralph Curfman
Mildred Fitz
Jessie Roach
Leslie Whitehead
Linda Sheridan
Leroy Woods
Robert Westfall
Marie Woods
Earl Dorman
Harry Giover
Bessie Murray
Donald Aley
Eva M. Frank
La Verne Robey
John Thompson
George Aley
Virginia Dean
Charles Stanfield
Alice Aley
Eva Honer Elizabeth Greeson

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