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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burlington Junction Missouri Centennial, 1879-1979

I have indexed the following pictures from the Burlington Junction Missouri Centennial, 1879-1979.  If you'd like to purchase a picture from this book or an article about the family the cost is $5.00 each.  You can purchase by emailing me at ancestorology@yahoo.com

Aerial View of Burlington Junction
Old Plat Map
Paving Main Street 1919
Picture Collage of Downtown
Methodist Church 1909
Christian Church, 1883 & 1911
Cat Huff - 1901
Addie Carpenter
Gus Miller
George Kegin
George Allen Martin
School Board of 1902 - C.I. Hann, Lon Monk, W.G.
Carpenter, Lester Staples, W.W. Jones, G.L. Yaple,
Charles Ferguson and Bert Monk
Class of 1901 BJ High School - Ethel Schroyer,
Bennah Mendenhall, Ed Caldwell, Pearl Walker, Glen
Carter, Mary Dollison, Ada Maltby, H.G. Davis, Lida
Corken, Fannie, Mark Bryant
1928 BJ High School Basketball Team - Marvin
Plummer, Harry Barr, Harlan Plummer, George
Maines, Nick Palmerton, Milford Plummer, Lane
Westfall, Harold Plummer
BJ High School Girls Basketball Team 1926/27 -
Lucille Howell, Iola Hankins, Hazel Rutherford, Alberta
Jones, Evelyn Asbell, Beatrice Boyer, Virginia
Carpenter, Emma Ware, Mabel Carmichael,
Katherine Fleming, Eleanor Ware, Pauline Walker,
Rachel Graves
Collage of Burlington Junction Business houses
Inside of Bert Colwell's Drug Store
Charles Williams barber shop
Long Monk Ice plant
John Cook Ice House
W.W. Jones Grocery Store, 1907 & 1940
Burlington Jct Brickyard 1916
W.G. Carpenter
Harry W. Lapsley
Rolla Rees
Merrill Cox & Leroy Lyle
Okie Schooler
Samuel & Clarence Ballenger
Zarn Mercantile Employees - Frank Reavis, Bud
Rhodes, Charley Zarn, Bill Hann, Frank Rhodes, ???
Kuth, Laura Pitcock, Lulu McNight, Mary Barber
Corken Mineral Springs
John Hansen Ware
Samuel Thompson Ware
Prudence Amrine
Dr. L.E. Wallace & Stella Hurst Wallace
Dr. C.E. Cossins
Dr. B.F. Byland
Dr. G.R. Wempe
GAR - Abraham Jones, John Finnel, William
Vulgamott, William Miller, John Hann, Albert Suman,
E.W. Oliver, William Hobbs, Austin Stitt, W.G. Fox,
William Lathrop, Henry Peck, C.J. Rees, John Brown,
John Robertson, Lee Staford, Payette Yates, Chris
Walker, Abe Hagey, Bill Davis, Harvey Lemon, Bill
Alma Miller Cole - dressed as lady liberty
Burlington Jct Band - 1906
Diane Lyle & Ricky Buckalew
Martin & Maggie Asbell
Stephen ASbell
Jennie Asbell
Clytie Asbell
Loren & Airy Asbell
Clarence & Ruth Webb Ballenger
Samuel P. Ballenger family picture
Alexander Ballenger & Wife
Clyde Shadduck & Lydia Ballinger
Albert Family Photo
John Barr & Delia Jones
Roy, Chris, Charley, Bert Harrison & Frank Bears
Clytie Asbell Bears
Robert H & Alice Forbes Black
Maria Hagey Bowman
John Boyer & Viletta Miller
John Bragg Family photo
George M Brown & Ettie Verena Wilds
George Brown family photo
Carpenter family photo
Eunice Goodson Carter
Wroe Carpenter
Everett Cochran & Ruby Short - Wedding photo
Cole Family Photograph
Aley Family photograph
Crane Children
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Fast - Wedding picture
Darious & Luticia Katherine Ferguson
Graves family portrait
Sheridan Graves family photograph
The John Graves Family
James & Sarah Pettiebone Hackett
Mr & Mrs. Lester Hackett
Will & Anna Smith Hackett - Wedding picture
Hackett Sisters- Jennie, Annie, and Nettie
Mr. & Mrs. John Hagey
John & Carl Hagey
Mr. & Mrs. William Spargur
William Egbert family photo
Mrs. Ellen Brown
Thomas Hart family photo
H.C. Hiles family photo
Leonard & Elithe Winemiller Houston
John Houston
Mary Houston
Jones Brothers - Jess, Arch & Bill
R.D. & David Irvin
4 Generations of Jones Brothers
Jones siblings
Harry Jones family
Guy & Oral E Jones Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Ora Kelley
Mr & Mrs. Thomas Lapsley
Hiram Logan Family
Mr. & Mrs. Arva Shadduck
Roy Lyle & Laura Messbarger
Messbarger Children
Mr & Mrs. Byron Martin 50th Anniversary
Mr & Mrs. John Martin
Mr & Mrs. Lawson McIntyre
McIntyre Childre
Mr & Mrs. John Meek
Jay Meek family portrait
William Messebarger family portrait
R.A. & Malinda Brush Messbarger
William & Margarett Sherr Messbarger
John & Mayme Berg Messbarger - Wedding picture
Joe & Daisy Miller Short
Mr & Mrs. Henry Miller family
Wesley & Addie Boyer Miller
Frank & Stella Jones Miller
Miller family Reunion photo
John Miller family portrait
Mr & Mrs. Long Monk
George & Winnie Humphrey Nicholas
Henry & Anna Hackett Nicholas
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Parshall
Guy & Misia Shelton Plummer - 2 Pictures
John Plummer family
Roy & Lavenia Fullenwider Plummer
Race Family portrait
Calvin Reavis
Savannah Georgia Reynolds Asher
Sloan Family photo
Gertrude Staples
Henry & Gertrude Rhodes Staples
James Smith family
Almond Staples family
Harold & Audrey Boyer Staples
Lester Staples & Edna Smith
Ernest Stalling Family
James Tobin Family photo
Walker Family photo
WIlliam Walker
Walker family in front of home
Mrs. Lula Rees
Charles & Eva Gaugh Walker
Anna Walker
Charles & Eva Walker with daughter, Pauline
Ammon & Ella Walter
Ad & Jennie Hackett Williams
Jared & Iowa Hiles Yates
Ralph & Erma Jones Yates
Hanna Amy Yates Walker
1950's Rolla Dicks baseball team
Collage of family homes, Walker, Cook, Wilson,
Caldwell, Yates, Yates

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