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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri Birth Index, 1901 – 1911

This is a partial list to the Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri Birth Index, 1901 – 1911  If you'd like to purchase a birth announcement the cost is $5.00 each.  You can purchase by contacting me at genealogy@ancestorexplorer.com 

Girl Strawn
Daughter Bower
Daughter Barber
Son Richey
Boy Gillihan
Son Barber
Son Ralston
Girl Pierce
Girl Brown
Girl Lamar
Boy Schroyer
Son Pidcock
Daughter Hall
Daughter Carter
Daughter Webb
Son Potts
Son McDowell
Child Dae (Doe?)
Son Monk
Baby Gray
Son Muller
Daughter Carter
Daughter Hutson
Daughter Walter
Daughter Jones
Child Noakes
Girl England
Son Beck
Child Mendenhall
Girl Spangler
Boy Campbell
Boy Staples
Girl Logan
Boy Boyer
Dumont Murphy
Silas D. Boyer
Girl Tudder
Daughter Harhison
Homer Samuel Nicholas
Daughter Brown
Mary Cochran
Daughter Deneen
Girl Staples
George Aley
Girl Alvis
Blanche Malvern
Charles Suttle
Jake French
Baby Girl Spangler
John Messbarger
Mrs. Jared Yates
Neveda Atkinson – Birthday Anniversary
Boy Walters
Boy Farquhar
Boy Severs
William F. Sternberg
Glen M. Severs
James Hagey – Birthday Anniversary
Baby Girl Kingery
Cal Suttle – Birthday Anniversary
Boy Adkins
Daughter Greenelsh
Son Drain
Girl Adkins
H.A. Smith – Birthday Anniversary
Boy Brown
Clifton Carden – Birthday Anniversary
Girl Young

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