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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1910 Burlington Jct Post, Obits, Marriages, Births

I have indexed this years newspaper from the Burlington Junction Post, Burlington Junction Missouri.  To purchase a copy of an article please email me at ancestorology@yahoo.com 

All articles are $5.00 each

W.H. Bell       Obituary
Christian Kendig       Obituary w/ partial picture
Dalbey-Staples       Marriage Announcement
J.W. Hendricks       Obituary
Mrs. WM Wiley       Obituary
Shelton-McClelland       Marriage Announcement
Donald Staples       Obituary
Asbell-Bears       Marriage Announcement
Elgin L. Pidcock       Obituary
Jason Maupin Carter       Obituary
Cecil Swaney       Obituary
Colwell-Welsh       Marriage Announcement
Booher-Mericle       Marriage Announcement
John Bosley       Obituary
Daughter Brown       Birth
Samuel Butcher       Obituary
John Bosley       Obituary
Thomas Humphrey       Obituary
Lemon-Stelter       Marriage Announcement
Mrs. J.O. Taylor       Obituary
Eva Wallace       Obituary
James E. Jones       Obituary
J.R. Reitzel       Obituary
Flora Banta       Obituary
Matilda Paine Woods       Obituary
Dot Howell       Obituary
Moore-Garrett       Marriage Announcment
Robert Keffer       Obituary
Huldah Beach Swan       Obituary
Crane-Stafford       Marriage Announcement
Dalbey-Banks       Marriage Announcement
Corken-Larabee       Marriage Announcement
James Gray       Obituary
Ben S. Little       Obituary
Engle-Thompson       Marriage Announcement
Sarah A. Miller       Obituary
Jasper Graves       Obituary
Barney Borgman       Obituary
Mary Cochran       Birthday Announcement
Mrs. Ringold       Obituary
Trusler-Shadduck       Marriage Announcement
Floyd Shell       Obituary
Messbarger-Berg       Marriage Announcement
King-Hacher       Marriage Announcement
Daughter Deneen       Birth
Messbarger-Berg       Marriage Announcement
Jane Maxwell Johnston       Obituary
Girl Staples       Birth Announcement
Nichols-Hardy       Marriage Announcement
George Aley       Birthday Announcement
Girl Alvis       Birth Announcement
Beulah M. Brown       Obituary
Jesse Smith       Obituary
Garrett-Lemon       Marriage Announcement
John Williams       Obituary
Child Jones       Obituary
Son Griffey       Obituary
Anna M. Harrington       Obituary
W.F. Mills       Obituary
Claude M. Jones       Obituary
Jasper West       Obituary
Samuel W. Ripley       Obituary
Isaac B. Young       Obituary
Chamberlin-Edington       Marriage Announcement
Alice Ward Bramblett       Obituary
Mollie Groves Fordyce       Obituary
John M. Evans       Obituary
Rebecca Ross Jones       Obituary
Nicholas-Riddiford       Marriage Announcement
Elizabeth Mandling Jones       Obituary
Child Wantington       Obituary
Mary Jeffrey Staples       Obituary
Blanche Malvern       Birthday Announcement
Young-Marshall       Marriage Announcement
Colwell-Burnett       Marriage Announcement
John & Susan Glen       Divorce Announcement
Lamar-Hamilton       Marriage Announcement
Calhoun-Bryant       Marriage Announcement
J.H. Dunlap       Obituary
Elizabeth Ranking       Obituary
Jacob Linebaugh       Obituary
Melvila Bartlett       Obituary
David Rankin       Obituary
Frank Estes       Obituary
Fullenwider-Drown       Marriage Announcement - partial
Fullenwider-Drown       Marriage Announcement - Full
James Friend       Obituary
Hatch-Livengood       Marriage Announcement
Hubbell Family Murdered       Obituary
Bowen-Callaway       Marriage Announcement
Charles Suttle       Birthday Announcement
Jake French       Birthday Announcement
Melvin I. Kinney       Obituary
Freytag-Fish       Marriage Announcement

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